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McDonald’s Launches New Beverage Chain Called CosMc’s

McDonald’s will be launching a new chain called CosMc’s, which will focus on beverages such as coffee, in an attempt to boost their afternoon sales.

The first CosMc’s location opened on Thursday, Dec. 7th. The company will also be opening several additional locations in 2024.

The first CosMc’s opened in the suburbs of Illinois on Wednesday

According to Chris Kempczinski, the CEO of McDonald’s, the decision for the new chain came with the growing demand for an ‘afternoon pick-me-up drink’ – a $100 billion market that’s currently dominated by chains such as Dunkin’ and Starbucks.

At the investor presentation, which took place on Wednesday, he explained that the new chain will allow McDonald’s to create customized drinks that their current restaurants are unable to produce, including those made with flavor syrups, vitamin C shots, and popping boba.

He added that CosMc’s concept is ‘what would happen if one of the original McDonald’s characters from the ’80s that was part surfer, part robot, and part alien launched a restaurant chain in 2023’.

What Kind of Drinks Will They Offer?

CosMc’s menu will include several favorites from McDonald’s such as the Egg McMuffin, along with new fully customizable drinks.

cosmc menu
CosMc’s will be offering a variety of sweet and savory items on their menu, including several coffee drinks and sandwiches

Some of the coffee beverages that will be on the menu include a s’mores cold brew, churro frappe, and turmeric-flavored latte. The new chain will also sell non-caffeinated drinks, including a popping pear slush, a blackberry mint green tea, and a sour cherry energy burst.

The new chain will also be serving other menu items, including a creamy avocado tomatillo sandwich, a spicy queso sandwich, caramel fudge brownies, and pretzel bites.

Where Is the New Chain?

The first CosMc’s location opened in Bolingbrook, Illinois, off Weber Road, on Dec. 7th. The grand opening drew a long line of customers, including vehicles, which were waiting to place their orders through the drive-thru window. One customer told media outlets that he waited in line for close to three hours for his frappe.

According to Kempczinski, ten additional locations will be opening in Texas next year. As for whether or not the brand will expand beyond Texas and Illinois, the company has said they will decide after studying the numbers for at least a year.

Will They Be Opening More McDonald’s Restaurants?

The company plans on opening 10,000 new additional stores across the world by 2027, in what they believe will be the ‘quickest period of growth” in its six-decade-long history.

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