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My Cafe: Recipes and Stories Cheats, Tips, and Tricks In 2024

My Café: Recipes and Stories is a mobile restaurant simulation game that allows you to help your servers in tending to the customers. This wonderful cast of characters comes into your café not only to sate their appetite but also to talk. You will learn more about their lives and even help them decide on certain important matters like who to marry or what to do. In turn they can help you learn about new recipes and lead you to rewarding quests. It adds a fun new twist to the genre without having to rely too much on fast reflexes or hacks in 2017 to appease demanding customers.

If you are on the quest to become the next greatest cafe owner in 2017 then our My Café: Recipes and Stories tips and tricks might be of help to you.

The Best Tips and Tricks for My Cafe In 2024

1. Help Your Employees

Ann and the other employees in the restaurant will do their best to fulfill all the orders but you can always help them out. To do that, you want to tap on one of the customers. From there, hit the “What would you like to order” button. They’ll tell you what they want so that you can start preparing the items yourself.

Don’t worry if you’ve forgotten one of the recipes, you can always access the list by hitting the teacup icon on the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. Once you’re finished with the order, select the customer that it’s for and press the “Here’s your order” button.

As for drinks, all you have to do is tap on the machines to make them. Remember, employees will have to wait for one of the machines to become available to make a beverage. Considering that, you may want to tap on the customers first so that you can serve them faster.

And when the employees are busy serving food to the customers, you can make drinks for the future by tapping on the empty machines; it’ll only take a few seconds.

Note: We suggest helping out your employees when the cafe is crowded with customers. That way, you’ll be able to speed everything up.

2. Upgrade Your Employees’ Skills

Don’t forget to upgrade your employees’ skills. If anything, it’ll make things a lot easier. To check on their stats, tap on the arrow icon above their heads (it’ll appear when they level up). From there, tap on the “Tell me about your skills” button. That’ll let you see their current level as well as any skills that are available.

Take Ann, for example, she has three main types of skills: Speed, All Items Prices, and Daily Simply Gift.

Whenever an employee levels up, you’ll be able to level up one of their three skills. For Ann, we recommend upgrading her “All Items Prices” skill first as that’ll raise all of the prices by a certain percentage. For example, at level ten, the prices will be increased by 30%. If anything, that can significantly impact your earnings.

Next, you want to upgrade her “Daily Simply Gift” skill. That’ll allow you to get more free gifts (level 10 will give you three gifts), which may contain spices that you can add to drinks (that’ll also drive up the price of the item)

3. Hire More Staff

Hiring more employees will help speed things up. That way, you’ll be able to earn more profit. Even when you’re not playing the game, the servers will help Ann serve the customers in the restaurant.

Keep in mind, however, that not all servers are the same. For example, some will be faster than others and those are exactly the kind of employees that you want to hire (the faster you serve customers, the more money you’ll earn).

In terms of how to hire a new server, Ann will let you know as soon as the option is available. Before you do that, though, you’ll need to get a service table. You can do so by selling the Furniture tab in the catalog.

Once you’ve done that, you’ll be able to hire new employees. Simply tap on the menu icon at the top right-hand corner of the screen when it’s available and select the server icon (it’s under the trophy). A new screen will come up; tap on the “hire” button to see the different candidates.

Take a look at their skill-set and if you can, choose the one that has upgraded skills. You also want to pay attention to their price tag. Try not to hire someone that you can’t afford.

If none of the candidates interest you, you can wait an hour or so for the list to refresh.

4. Getting and Using Special Spices

Certain recipes can fetch you more than a hundred bucks. To make them, however, you’ll need special spices. As it is, there are a few ways to get them.

For example, you can get them as rewards for logging into the game every day. You may also get them via daily gifts (which is why it’s so important to upgrade the “Daily Gift” skill). Another option is to order them via the phone. To do that, however, you’ll need to buy a phone that can only be unlocked at level six. Once you’ve got it, you’ll also be able to accept takeout orders, which will increase your earnings.

Some of your customers may also give you spices. Take Koffsky, for example, he may give you a rare spice if you chat with him. You can also purchase them from Fernando if you have gems.

To serve a special recipe, ask a customer whether or not they’d like “something special”. They’ll usually suggest a special dish with a certain spice of their choice; they’ll also let you know how much they’ll pay you for it. If you have the specified ingredients, you can prepare it for them in exchange for higher pay.

Note: You’ll need to get a Spice Box to access different types of rare spices.

5. Decorate Your Cafe

Decorating your cafe with fancy decorations and furniture is a great way to earn bonus tips from customers. For maximum earnings, pay attention to their conversations; they’ll drop hints on various decorations and furniture.

There are also different styles that you can go for in terms of decorating. For example, you can go for a French, Chinese, English, or Classic theme. Make sure that all of the furniture and decorations match the style and you’ll receive more bonus tips. For example, you’ll earn more if you decorate your cafe with Chinese-style decorations and furniture as opposed to using both Chinese and Italian decorative pieces.

To check which style a decoration or furniture belongs to, simply tap on the cash register icon on the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. Select the furniture tab on the left and tap on the tiny “i” icon on the top-right corner of the item. That’ll tell you which style it belongs its.

Note: You can always discard decorative items if you want to change styles. To do that, a long press on a piece of furniture or decorative item. An icon of a cardboard box will appear. Tap on it and the selected item will be moved to the storehouse. You can access them at any time by selecting the cash register from the main screen.

Tip: Be careful with floor and wallpapers. If you replace an existing design with a different one, the previous one will disappear. You’ll have to purchase it again from the store.

6. Pay Attention to the Conversations

Make sure to pay attention to the chats you have with customers. Some of them may be quests that may reward special items such as gems or spices.

Don’t worry if you’ve missed a chat; you can access both old and new conversations by clicking on the book icon on the top left-hand corner of the screen. A window will come up with small portraits of your customers. Tap on the portrait and you’ll be able to see what they’ve previously said. Not only that, but you’ll also be able to see his recipe/decoration tips and requirements. Customers with quests will have a tiny diamond icon at the end.

You’ll also see tiny numbers above their heads. Ones with a blue background indicate new or unread conversations while green numbers mean that all of the chats have already been read.

7. Pricing Your Items

The game allows you to set your own menu prices. Don’t be afraid to raise it until it’s yellow (see the picture below). Sure, it might be a little more expensive, but chances are, people will still order it and that’ll increase your overall earnings. Once you’ve expanded your cafe and you have a lot of regular customers, you can tone it down to the ‘dark green level.’


Note: How much you can raise the prices will depend on Ann’s “All Item Prices” skill. The higher it is, the higher you’ll be able to set the prices.

8. Knowing Different Recipe Combinations

Some recipes will be very straightforward. For example, Americans Milk is simply Americano plus Milk. Other recipes will be more tricky; you’ll need to guess or look around in the conversations for hints.

Or you can just take a look at this recipe list that we’ve compiled:

American With Cinnamon: Americano, Milk, Cinnamon

Bavarian Coffee: Americano, Chocolate Syrup, Chocolate Shavings, Lemon

English Tea: Tea, Milk

Frappe: Espresso, Whipped Cream, Ice (Add Chocolate Shavings, Caramel Syrup, or Vanilla Syrup for the different flavors)

Mocha: Espresso, Chocolate Syrup, Milk

Paradise Glace: Espresso, Chocolate Syrup, Vanilla Ice Cream, Vanilla Syrup, Whipped Cream

White Cafe Glace: Espresso, Vanilla Ice Cream, Milk

Strawberry Croissant: Croissant, Strawberry Ice Cream, Whipped Cream, Vanilla Syrup

9. Familiarize Yourself With Your Customers

All of the characters in the game have their own personalities and characteristics—and you can take advantage of that. For instance, you can get some decoration tips from Margaret or Fernando, the Restaurant Society chairman. If you’re lucky, you might even get some VIP points, which will increase your VIP level.

(In total, there are seven levels; the higher level you are, the more perks you’ll get. For example, at level one, you’ll get one pink gift, the ability to ask customers to change their orders five times a day, the ability to create townships, and a 5% bonus when buying diamonds.

At level seven (you’ll need 50,000 VIP points), you’ll get one gold gift, the ability to hire a fifth employee, the ability to unlock slots in the second spice box, the ability to ask customers to change their orders 70 times a day, a 30% discount on spice box slots, and a 15% discount in the spice stores, among other perks.)

10. Watching Ads For Diamonds

Diamonds are one of the main currencies in the game. You can use them to buy furniture, new outfits for your servers, as well as drink machines.

One easy way to get them is by watching ads. To do that, you’ll need to first place a TV in your cafe. Once you’ve done that, you can watch an ad (they usually last around 15 to 30 seconds) for a diamond.

Keep in mind, however, that there is a limit as to how many you can watch. You’ll know you’ve hit your limit if the TV is switched off in your cafe. If that’s the case, simply wait a little bit before trying again.

In addition to that, you can also obtain diamonds by completing township quests and completing stories. They’re also given out as daily gifts.

11. Be Careful About Expanding Your Cafe

Avoid expanding your cafe at the beginning. Not only is it expensive, but it won’t give you any experience. Given that, it’s best to do so later on in the game, once you’ve saved a bit more money.

12. Gaining Experience

You’ll gain experience every time you buy something from the store. You can see exactly how much by tapping on the (!) icon on the item.

Not only that, but you’ll also gain experience when you upgrade equipment. The exact amount will depend on the specific item and upgrade.

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