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Naf Naf Coupon & Invite Code 2024 – Get Free Sides!

So as I’m writing this article, I’m thinking about what I should make for dinner, in a kitchen only about 10 feet from my desk. And you know what? I’m not really feeling it. But what I could feel is some great falafel or some Shawarma. If I was in a location that had a Naf Naf, there’s little guessing in where I’d be heading tonight. That being said, my budget is a little tight. So what if you’re like me, except you are in a location with a Naf Naf grill? Well, then I’ve got good news for you. We currently have a deal for a free side listed below. Be sure to follow the instructions below and get yourself some middle eastern grilled goodness.

Naf Naf Promo & Coupon Codes (May 2024 Update)

Free Side With Purchase Coupon Code: Steven57

Right now, the best deal for Naf Naf Grills is through their Naf Naf Grill app, which will give you a free side with your purchase to try out.

To get a free side you need to download the naf naf grill app and then when signing up for the app Use promo code Steven57 for a free side! You can use it right away so download the app and get started!

About Naf Naf Grill

Founded in 2009 by Sahar Sander in the greater Chicago area, Naf Naf is a fast casual style restaurant that takes its name (“Fan the Flame” or in more colloquial terms “coming together”) very seriously. Built on high quality ingredients and authentic recipes, Naf Naf prides itself on being an affordable culinary ambassador from far away lands. Starting off with a choice of Pita bread or a bowl of rice, hummus or lettuce, you’re then given the choice of slow roasted chicken shawarma, delicious steak, or the classic, in-house made falafel. You can then end out the dish with salads, pickles, or cabbage, and a nice selection of sauces, from the well-known Tahini to the Amba, a sauce made of pickled mangoes (definitely worth a try). As you would expect, everything is made to be as fresh as possible in-house, so you never have to worry about quality, only what to try next. And with this coupon code, that next entrée is only a download and drive away.

Also make sure to sign up for email updates on the app for extra bonus’s and coupons throughout the year!

Update: Naf Naf no longer is offering the free entree coupon code however if they re-activate it we will add it to the list above! 

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