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Pinch Me Therapy Dough After Shark Tank – 2024 Update

Pinch Me Therapy Dough Before Shark Tank

Pinch Me Therapy Dough was founded by Nancy Rothner in 2014. Prior to creating Pinch Me Therapy Dough, Nancy was a professional Clinical Hypnotherapist at her firm, Coastal Hypnotherapy. As a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Nancy gained extensive knowledge in stress reduction and she worked with many people, helping them tackle their daily stress and anxiety in many ways. Shortly after, Nancy spent her time volunteering at a domestic abuse shelter. At this shelter, she was helping abuse victims learn to manage their stress and anxiety daily.
Nancy’s time volunteering at the domestic abuse shelter had shown her exactly how much the mind and body are affected by the tension of stress and anxiety. And it was that realization that brought her to want to create a means of stress reduction. One that people could have at their reach anytime and anywhere. Given that, she began brainstorming ideas.
She knew she wanted the tool to be simple, fun, and relaxing for its consumers. Having worked with clients suffering from stress and anxiety, Nancy was aware of fidget toys and how effective they were at relieving the tension of stress and anxiety. After much thought and planning, Nancy ended up combining the idea of a fidget toy with sensory techniques such as color, texture, and scent, creating Pinch Me Therapy Dough.
Pinch Me Therapy Dough is essentially a putty-like dough that has been created with different colors, textures, and scents to calm the mind. It’s also great for keeping one’s hands busy, which has been proven to relieve muscle tension as well as relax the mind. Pinch Me Therapy Dough is available on the company website and comes in a wide variety of different colors and scents. Just a few of those varieties are Ocean, Melon, Citrus, Bumbleberry, and Bliss, as well as many, many more. PinchMeDough Picture 1
After launching Pinch Me Therapy Dough, Nancy struggled quite a bit to get the business going; however, that didn’t stop her; it only made her more determined. Fortunately for Nancy, her hard work paid off. She began introducing the therapy dough at multiple retail trade shows, where she had the opportunity to draw attention to the product and tell interested customers all about it. This drastically helped the business start-up. In fact, Pinch Me Therapy Dough won the American Music Awards and, in 2019, reached a profit of $584,000 and $1.95 million in sales. Although Nancy’s business is doing well, she wants to take her chances on Shark Tank.

Pinch Me Therapy Dough on Shark Tank

Nancy Rothner introduced Pinch Me Therapy Dough on Shark Tank in search of $300,000 for a 70% equity in the company. During her pitch, Nancy introduced the product to the sharks and explained to them that each jar of the dough costs $4.50 to make and sells for $14.99 each. Nancy went on to explain her background in hypnotherapy, as well as her time volunteering at the domestic abuse shelter. She mentioned that, given how effective a calming method as such brings to a client, she thought creating this company was a no-brainer.
PinchMeDough Picture 3 As far as the marketing side of Pinch Me Therapy Dough goes, Nancy told the sharks that the company has gained $5.3 million in overall sales; a number in which she expects to continue growing larger. So far, the sharks liked what she was saying, as well as the product and the scents available. But do they like the product enough to invest? Let’s see.
Right away, Lori chimes in to say that she believes that Nancy has done a great job with the business; however, she does think that Nancy needs someone to handle the marketing aspect for her. Given that, Lori would not be the one to invest in the company. Robert and Kevin, on the other hand, jump right in and present their offers. In fact, they both offered Nancy $300,000 for a 25% equity in Pinch Me Therapy Dough. While that offer is fairly good and could help her business, Nancy tries to counter the offer.
Interrupting Nancy, Daymond chimes in to offer her $300,000 for a 20% equity in her company. This led Robert to lower his equity offer down to 20% as well. Not long after that, Nancy seemed to jump at that offer pretty quickly as she was hoping that she would get a deal with Robert. Overall, Nancy accepted Robert’s deal for $300,000 for a 20% equity in Pinch Me Therapy Dough.

Pinch Me Therapy Dough Now in 2024 – The After Shark Tank Update

Following her successful appearance on Shark Tank and getting a deal with the shark she had hoped for, Robert Herjavec, Nancy and her Pinch Me Therapy Dough business seems to be up and running successfully. After the episode aired, Nancy and Robert started working together to get the therapy dough onto more shelves in stores, as well as expanding the company online. With many amazing 5-star reviews and positive feedback from customers, the company has become more popular.
PinchMeDough Picture 4 Pinch Me Therapy Dough actually ended up launching a new product, scented mist sprays, which can be found on the Pinch Me Therapy Dough website, along with many other items. Also, Nancy decided to include an option for free returns and a $100 gift on first orders. In addition to that, the company was featured in Forbes, The Guardian, and Good Morning America gift guide articles.
Although there have been a few times where sales started to drop or they weren’t increasing as Nancy had hoped; however, she came up with a great solution for that. Nancy would include a jar of her Pinch Me Therapy Dough in gift bags that were then given to celebrities at the American Music Awards. Turns out, her idea to include the dough in gift bags really worked out well; shortly after, a representative from the retail website, The Gourmet, had met up with her. The representative ended up featuring her product on their website, which in turn gave Nancy’s company a great deal of attention. Based on these successes, it’s safe to say that Nancy really has created a successful, popular product for others.
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