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Prince Harry Net Worth 2018

The British royal family enjoy a life of luxury, yet all agree to be bound by the traditions that come with the role. It’s not unusual for many British people to criticize their position and insist that the monarchy should be scrapped, but as one historian noted, the Royals are paid to be royal, and are therefore confined in what they can do, what they can say and how they are seen to behave. Most of us would happily trade places with them for a day to experience their privileged lifestyle, but how many of us would be able to deal with the constant scrutiny and attention for our entire lives?

Prince Harry is unlikely to ever be the king, yet as a senior member of the royal family he enjoys a generous income through the Sovereign Grant act, formerly known as the civil list, the mechanism through which the royal family are paid, he has also been bequeathed considerable sums during his life and he enjoy other benefits that his position brings, but exactly how much is Prince Harry worth now in 2018? Read on to find out.

Prince Harry Net Worth 2018 – $40 Million

How Did Prince Harry Make His Money & Wealth?

If you had to pick one member of the British royal family to label a rebel then Prince Harry would probably be your first choice, his troubled childhood and turbulent teenage years left him with many issues. His troubled state at times resulted in the sort of actions that the tabloid press across the World lapped up with unquenchable enthusiasm, but Harry is now aged 32, and he’s matured to become one of the most popular and respectable royals now in 2018 after a successful military career and a considerable commitment to charitable causes.

Prince Harry was born as Henry Charles Albert David Windsor on September 15th 1984 in London, England. He was the second son of Prince Charles and Lady Diana, the Prince and Princess of Wales, and when born he was third in line to the British throne, after his father and older brother William. Princess Diana was keen to make sure that her sons had a broader range of experiences than traditionally had been the case in the royal family, and that resulted in William and Harry often accompanying her on visits to AIDS clinics and homeless shelters, but she also ensured that they experienced ‘normal’ life to some degree, and treated them to trip to Disney World or even a visit to McDonalds occasionally too.

Prince Harry Net Worth
Diana’s death caused a deep-seated resentment of the media in Prince Harry

Unfortunately Charles and Diana were not a happy couple, by the early 1990’s serious cracks were beginning to show in their marriage and in August 1996 the couple’s somewhat acrimonious divorce was finalized. The effect on William and Harry, still very young must have been traumatic, but far worse was to come for them. The events of twenty years ago, when Diana’s limousine crashed in a tunnel in Paris surely need no introduction. On August 31th 1997 she died alongside her boyfriend, Dodi Al Fayed after a huge high-speed collision with a supporting pillar in the tunnel after being pursued by paparazzi on mopeds. Diana was just 36 when she died, and her sons were only 15 and 12 respectively.

Losing their mother at such a young age was devastating, but the involvement of the media in Diana’s death resulted in an obvious discomfort at events where the media was present in both Princes as they got older. William, as second in line to the throne as well as being slightly older than Harry when Diana died, dealt with the situation better as time went on, but Harry took longer to adjust to the attention.

In 2002 the tabloid press cheerfully reported on Prince Harry being sent to a drugs clinic for one day by his father, after he had been caught smoking marijuana when Charles and William had left him alone for a weekend at his Highgrove home, but of course 17 year old Harry was not really alone, and soon news of his smoking a joint in the gardens of Highgrove house, as well as his late night (And underage) drinking session in a local pub reached the ears of Charles through one of the many royal staff who had witnessed the events. Harry spent the day talking to heroin and crack addicts in the ‘Short, sharp shock’ that Charles had prescribed and Harry learned his lesson, but he received negative publicity again in 2005 when he unwisely wore a Nazi Uniform to a fancy dress party. Senior royals, who have strong German lineage, were furious, and Harry was forced to publicly apologize.

It would be unfair to comdemn Harry for these youthful shenanigans under the circumstances, not only had he missed growing up with a mother, but he had also had every moment of his life scrutinized by the same media that he partly blamed for his mothers death, and his sometimes irreverent humor was not that unusual for a young man out enjoying himself with his friends.

Prince Harry Net Worth
Harry threatened to leave the army if he wasn’t allowed to go to Afghanistan

Prince William was interviewed by The Daily Telegraph in early 2017 and he admitted seeking counselling in his late twenties to help him come to terms with Diana’s death, after struggling with the trauma of it all his life. The support, combined with his military service helped round the edges off of Harry, who is now reliable and steady with a new found maturity. He began training at Sandhurst military academy in May 2005 and in 2007 he was due to be deployed to Afghanistan, but he was considered to be too much at risk as he was such a high-value target to the taliban. Harry threatened to leave the army if he wasn’t allowed to fight in Afghanistan but it was reported that the decision had been made to keep him away from the war.

Secretly however, in order to avoid the press reporting on his whereabouts, Harry was deployed to Helmland Province as a Forward Air Controller. The media blackout on his active service duty was eventually broken by a German magazine and Harry was forced to come home. He later trained as a helicopter pilot and returned to Southern Afghanistan in September 2012, but once again the taliban considered him a prime target that must by killed or kidnapped at all costs, yet despite the danger Harry served as an Apache co-pilot in Afghanistan until January 2013.

Now retired from the British armed forces, Prince Harry performs a variety of official roles and his popularity remains high due to his informality and his well-rounded personality. Harry has turned from the Royal wild-child to become the third most popular member of the royal family after the Queen and Prince William, but lets get back to his personal fortune of $40 million, and exactly how he came by it. Both he and his brother were left approximately $15 million in investments in their late mothers estate, which earns them half a million dollars a year in return, and they also received an undisclosed legacy upon the death of the Queen mother in 2002.

Harry received a salary during his military service, which culminated in an income of $80,0000 a year after he had passed his helicopter training, but he also receives an income due to his position in the royal family. The Sovereign grants paid to the royal family are funded by a crown estate, a huge amount of land and property that is owned by the family. The running of, and the profits from the crown estate are handled by the government, who in turn pay a percentage of it back to the royals as an income. This arrangement pays for about 90% of the cost of the royal family, and leaves about $30 million annually to be met by the taxpayers.

Prince Harry receives a sovereign grant, but he also benefits as the son of the Duke of Cornwall, Prince Charles. Charles receives income from the Duchy of Cornwall, yet more royal family owned properties and lands, and that covers the expenses of Charles and his heirs, which mean Harry, William, and the youngest royals, George and Charlotte who have now pushed Prince Harry back to fifth in line to the throne, all receive a slice of the $30 million annually that the Duchy of Cornwall generates.

Prince Harry Personal Life & FAQ’s

Is Prince Harry married?

Prince Harry’s rebelliousness, and the informality of his personality is probably the biggest reason for his high popularity among the royals, as an ordinary Englishman I have frequently heard friends, who are often no fan of the royal family in general, describe Prince Harry as ‘One of us’, and it’s his everyday and down to earth characteristics that sets him apart from many of his lineage. When he was photographed in a Las Vegas hotel in 2012, in the middle of a friendly game of strip billiards with an unknown but undoubtably attractive young lady, the press leaped on it. Royal officials tried to quash the story in the UK, but we’ve got an internet these days, and of course that didn’t work. But Harry’s public image didn’t suffer at all from the publicity, most of us thought a young soldier enjoying himself on vacation in such a way was perfectly fine, and most of the fake-outrage came from the press.

Prince Harry Net Worth
Prince Harry and girlfriend Meghan at a Wedding in Jamaica in May 2017.

Prince Harry is now in 2018 a far more mature figure, he’s had a few relationships over the years, always under intense media scrutiny to his obvious displeasure, but since 2016 he was been steadily dating American actress Meghan Markle, famous for playing Rachel Zane in the legal drame ‘Suits’, as well as known for her role as Amy Jessup in the Sci-fi TV show ‘Fringe’. Their relationship has continued to become more serious since then, and the press are as eager as ever to sensationalize Harry’s life. In November 2016 Buckingham Palace officially requested that the media end their constant ‘abuse and harassment’ of Meghan and her family.

Prince Harry’s Relationship With The Media

The request from Buckingham Palace, as usual, has generally fallen on mainly deaf ears, in March 2017 one British tabloid gleefully reported on Harry and Meghan being present at a wedding in Jamaica where Bob Marley tunes were played and some guests smoked marijuana, which is legal in Jamaica. They noted at the end of the story that there was no suggestion that Harry or Meghan had smoked anything, and the photos from the event that were released later showed a happy young couple who were far from wasted, but the article clearly shows the media’s willingness to sensationalize Harry’s personal life. Harry is guarded with the press but has showed his maturity in recent years, coming out about the counselling he received and the traumatic effect on his childhood after the death of Diana, and despite the tabloid papers many attempts to damage his reputation, he is still considered by many ordinary British people to be ‘One of us’.

Where Does Prince Harry Live?

Prince Harry Net Worth
The Sprawling Kensington Palace Estate, where Harry currently lives in a modest cottage on the grounds

Prince Harry has lived for several years in a modest cottage within the Kensington Palace estate, a royal residence often used by his father Charles and his wife Camilla, but there are rumors that Megan may be moving to the UK after filming on the latest series of ‘Suits’ has wrapped up later this year. Some sources within the royal family have hinted that Harry and his girlfriend may move into a much larger apartment within the Kensington Palace estate, which is almost indentical to and next door to the apartment of Prince William and Kate.

Prince Harry’s Charity Work and philanthropy

Prince William’s military service has seen him develop a strong affinity with injured servicemen and women. In 2014 he launched the Invictus Games, a sporting event similar to the Paralympics that involved injured military personnel and many of his fellow Afghanistan veterans. In 2015 he took on a role supporting wounded military veterans alongside the Help for Heroes organization and the Royal British Legion, an organization for all currently serving and ex servicemen and women. As part of this role he often visits hospitals and specialist medical facilities, in both the UK and the United States to visit injured veterans.

Prince Harry’s charitable activities extend into many other areas too. He clearly shares his mother’s love of children, as shown by his committed work in Africa with children affected by HIV and AIDS, and he also partakes in many sporting events to raise money for charity, most notably rugby and polo matches, both of which he plays regularly. Alongside his older brother William he has founded The Foundation of Prince William and Prince Harry in order to further their charitable work in the future, and in 2012 the American think tank, The Atlantic Council awarded Harry their Distinguished Humanitarian Leadership Award.

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  1. This is a very informative and insightful article here, Steve. I’m a real anglophile here in Michigan, and appreciate reading really good works about the Royal Family. Well done!

  2. Prince Harry does not receive a portion of the Sovereign Grant. The Civil List was abolished in 2012, only The Queen, the Duke of Edinburgh and the Queen Mother ever received direct funding from it. The Sovereign Grant replaced and now funds all of the official expenditure of the monarchy, but still only The Queen and Prince Philip receive income from it.

    Prince Harry (or any Royal) only receives funds from the Sovereign Grant if they perform Official duties on behalf of The State. Then it funds travel, wardrobe, room and board while away. No income.

    Prince Harry does have his own wealth inherited from his Mother Diana, Princess of Wales’ Estate. He is likely also the recipient of Private Trust income from ancestors on both sides (Fermoy and Royal Families etc…), which are not public record.

    The Prince of Wales receives income from the Duchy of Cornwall Estate, which he shares with his immediate family (Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, and Prince Harry). Prince Charles funds their official expanses related to office staff, wardrobe, and travel for Official Royal duties and charitable endeavors, but they must fund their own private life.

    All you have to do is google “civil list” to find reputable sources for this info. I don’t think your net worth for Prince Harry is correct, I don’t think it’s possible for anyone to provide an exact estimate of what he is worth.


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