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Sandbar Sports Grill 2024 Update – What Happened After Bar Rescue

Sandbar Sports Grill Before Bar Rescue

In 2007 Albert Borrero, a longtime customer of Sandbar Sports Grill, bought his favorite watering hole despite having zero experience in running a bar. The place reveled in success during its early years as the rowdy college crowd flocked in the University of Miami’s hot nightlife spot. Three years later a legislation established by the local city council drove away most of the bar’s young clientele.

bar rescue sandbar sports grill owner
Albert Borrero

Business crawled at a snail’s pace which forced restaurateur Matt Gentile, also Borrero’s close friend, to invest in Sandbar Sports Grill to try and save it from sinking. His efforts however proved to be futile and the bar was nowhere near being profitable. Borrero himself then became part of the problem as he was too focused on other things instead of helping out in the bar.

With the stakes getting higher along with the debts, Gentile has decided to call for Jon Taffer and Bar Rescue for help.

Sandbar Sports Grill on Bar Rescue

The new demographic and regulations in Coconut Grove effectively killed off its nightlife scene and made dinnertime and happy hour more important. Sandbar Sports Grill failed to attract the affluent demographic thanks to its façade that lacked class and its interior that was packed with outdated equipment. The bartenders served cocktails mixed with juice that was squirted out of a gun, an act that made the drink too sweet, and their beer was flat due to the improper storage of kegs. The food items they served were still cold due to undercooking, not to mention being processed fare.

bar rescue sandbar sports grill old outside
The old facade

Gentile personally worked on the floor with the employees while Borrero kept himself busy playing fantasy football at the back office. Taffer entered the bar and talked to the two owners, and Borrero was quick to defend his lazy ways. In the bar area cocktail expert Mia Mastroianni found bugs inside liquor bottles and mold beneath canned drinks. In the kitchen expert chef Gavin Murphy scraped bacteria off the cutting board and exposed the inedible items inside the refrigerator. Taffer and the experts walked out of Sandbar Sports Grill and threatened not to return unless the bar was cleaned up.

The next day Taffer was surprised to see how squeaky clean things were compared to last night. During the staff meeting the employees admitted problems in management and Borrero’s refusal of acknowledging the ideas of his people. Gentile was willing to leave Sandbar Sports Grill as he was tired of his co-owner’s uncooperative habits but Borrero eventually apologized and seemed to show a bit of improvement. Afterwards, to prepare for the stress test, Mastroianni taught the bartenders how to whip out a glass of hurricane using fresh ingredients while Murphy reinvigorated the kitchen with crisp seafood options.

During the stress test Borrero worked behind the counter and he was slow as molasses and couldn’t even mix one cocktail properly. The kitchen personnel led by Gentile were not used to cooking with the new ingredients hence their service times were down to a crawl. Taffer relieved Borrero of his bartending duties and the owner took it personally. After the test Taffer branded Borrero as the “cancer” of the bar but the latter still stood defiant towards the frustrated Bar Rescue host’s words.

bar rescue sandbar sports grill new outside
The new facade

The following day Taffer sat with the two owners and finally had them see eye to eye. For the new concept Mastroianni introduced cocktails that made use of ice spheres. These frozen globes melt slower which maintains the cocktail’s tasty temperature and doesn’t dilute it too fast as well. Gavan’s contribution to the concept was to have customers personally cook raw fish and meat on a hot slab of rock.

After the renovation Sandbar Sports Grill was renamed to The Hot Rock Bar & Grille. The exterior was now given new and sophisticated life with splashes of black and maroon. Inside the bar the furniture were replaced with classier counterparts. Multiple layers of wallpaper, walnut finishes on the walls, and stone columns drove perception to the bar and attracted profit. The bar top was given a leather finish, the beer kegs now wrapped in keg skins, and four POS systems now ensured fast service.

Sandbar Sports Grill Now in 2024  – The After Bar Rescue Update

The Sandbar Sports Grill, which struggled with operational issues and a lack of customers, was thrown a lifeline when the team from Bar Rescue decided to intervene. One of the most significant changes was their appearance – their interior received a complete makeover.

The once drab and uninspiring bar was revitalized into a vibrant, modern, and inviting space. The goal was to create an environment that would appeal to a broader demographic while still retaining its sports bar identity.

Another vital update involved the menu. Prior to the intervention, the Sandbar Sports Grill had a fairly standard and uninspiring food offering.

After being on the show, the establishment boasted a revamped menu, one that incorporated fresh, locally sourced ingredients and innovative dishes. This shift not only elevated the overall dining experience but also set the Sandbar Sports Grill apart from its competitors.

If anything, the changes breathed new life into Sandbar Sports Grill. Customer reviews and feedback have been overwhelmingly positive, with many praising the improved ambience, superior food quality, and exceptional service.  As of 2024, they’re still in business.

At the end of the day, Taffer’s intervention, which consisted of aesthetic improvements, menu revamp, and better management strategies enabled the bar to overcome previous challenges and thrive in a competitive industry.

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