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Six Point Inn Update 2024 – What Happened After Bar Rescue

Six Point Inn before Bar Rescue

bar rescue updates six point inn owners
Oleg and Sunny

Six Point Inn opened its doors in St. Johns, Portland, in 2009. Businessman Oleg Pilipenko manned the watering hole with his stepdaughter Sunny Karkoshkina, who also worked as a bartender. The first few years of the bar was met with much success as it was the only one of its kind in the neighborhood, with not even a single trace of competition. As Six Point Inn raked in cash, Pilipenko decided to focus on starting several other businesses to supplement his income.

With her father’s attention diverted, Karkoshkina was left to oversee the bar’s daily operations. However, she lacked necessary experience in such a role as she heavily relied on her father before, and the mounting pressure caused her to treat her employees like children. The work environment became increasingly toxic which demoralized the staff from working cohesively, and repelled clientele.

Instead of accumulating profits, Six Point Inn was buried in a million dollars’ worth of debt, and the father and stepdaughter duo blamed each other for the sorry state of the bar. Before the pressure tears apart their bar and their relationship, Pilipenko and Karkoshkina decided to call for Jon Taffer and Bar Rescue for help.

Six Point Inn on Bar Rescue

Pilipenko met with Taffer who noted that the place’s name made it more of a hotel than a bar. The owner revealed that Six Point Inn was profitable during breakfast hours especially towards people who wanted to eat their first meal of the day with a cocktail. He also described Karoshkina’s attitude as intolerable and that she was a power-tripper, yet he refused to axe her despite her behavior which negatively affected the bar.

bar rescue updates six point inn old exterior
The old exterior

For the recon, Taffer deployed three prominent local bloggers to check out the bar’s food and drink. From their observation, they noticed that the place did not look very Portland-like. The drinks were prepared with a blender and tasted too sweet, and their specialty plate was drowning in gravy. The spies gave Six Point Inn a thumbs down, and Taffer told them to come back after the rescue to give the bar another evaluation. The Bar Rescue host then talked to the two owners where he learned that Karkoshkina was made this way because of Pilipenko’s lack of support and not being a father to his daughter. Pilipenko defended his ways by saying that he was a “stepfather”, and that he was pressured by his other businesses. The cruel things Taffer heard from the owner changed his perspective towards Karkoshkina.

The next day Taffer returned with his experts namely mixologist Phil Wills and chef Pink. Wills taught the bartenders how to properly muddle drinks without ice on the glass, and how to make the cocktails look visually appealing in order to draw customers into spending. The bar’s misogynistic chef Sal clashed with Chef Pink as the employee was not willing to part with his ways, but the expert still returned and the two ended up working together. She showed the chef how to make delicious gravy, and how to whip out burger.

For the stress test, Taffer had Karkoshkina on the managerial role with Pilipenko providing support. The breakfast crowd came in droves, and Bar Rescue provided them with a piece of paper shaped like a thumb to gauge the service of Six Point Inn. The bar’s sole workstation ensured that orders came in atrociously slow, the kitchen was also buried in tickets, and eventually they ran out of ice and glassware. Sal cooked burnt patties and still insisted that they were to be served to customers which earned him Taffer’s wrath. Karkoshkina was ordered to talk to the arrogant chef who then began to create decent food, and the customers gave his burgers a lot of thumbs-ups.

Taffer sat with the owners the next day in an effort to mend things between them. For the new concept, Wills introduced The Java Rum which mixed hot coffee with rum and liqueur. Chef Pink added chicken sticks to the bar’s biscuit and gravy combo to give it some meat.

bar rescue updates six point inn new exterior
The new exterior

After the renovation, Six Point Inn was transformed into Over Easy Bar & Breakfast. The obnoxious green paint of the bar was replaced with a brown finish that made it look more homely. The interior features a cozy breakfast spot during the morning that takes advantage of daylight in making it more comfortable, and natural light that fills the place when the sun goes down. The two owners were now equipped with the right tools and the right attitude that will surely set them for success.

Six Point Inn Now in 2024 – The After Bar Rescue Update

Six Point Inn/Over Easy Bar & Breakfast is still open as of 2024. Most of their recent reviews have also been positive so it seems like they’re doing quite well.

Their current breakfast and burger menu consists of pulled pork quesadillas, pulled pork sandwiches, chicken breast sandwiches, chicken fried steaks, pulled pork hash browns, and breakfast burgers. They also offer various types of appetizers including nachos, chicken strip and fries, chicken rolls, and cheesy corn fritters.

They don’t have much of a social media presence, however. While they have a Facebook page, it hasn’t been updated even once (even the URL listed for their website is outdated). Their website is also on the minimalistic side. Their hours and menus (including their draft list) are posted on there but there’s no way to make an order online.

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