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Spergo After Shark Tank – 2024 Update

Spergo Before Shark Tank

Spergo is a brand that sells luxury clothing for everyone. The name is a combination of three words; sports, heroes, and go due to the creator being a big fan of sports. Each piece of Spergo clothing is made from high quality materials, making them not only comfortable, but also strong enough to last years. Spergo started out with only selling designer t-shirts; however, that quickly change when the creator became popular and had the opportunity to expand further into success. With that being said, let’s take a look into who created Spergo luxury clothing.

Spergo was founded in 2018 by, 15-year-old, Trey Brown. His mother, Sherell Brown, is her son’s biggest fan and has been incorporated in the brand sort of like a co-founder, though, for the most part, Trey is a solo entrepreneur. When Trey was just 12 years old, he began to notice how often violence was seen to occur around his neighborhood. Unfortunately, it was a belligerent neighborhood. Trey understood this and made sure he never got into the issues that arose around him, but he wanted to encourage others to do the same. In hopes of decreasing the violence and give the others a real chance to build the life they dreamt of having.

Later that year, for his 12th birthday, Trey got $178 as a gift. He ended up deciding to use the money to start a small line of production; he was able to buy 16 t-shirts to start out with. Within just a week, his friends and family had bought all the t-shirts, leaving him with more money to repeat his process. Trey officially launched his Spergo clothing line on Martin Luther King Jr. day and, after just a few months, he made a profit of $40,000. Shortly after, he decided to take a short break and focus on school and his activities, outside of Spergo. During which time, he would donate food to the homeless, volunteer at churches, work with school drives, and pay visits to children whom are struggling with illnesses. Spergo

His break concluded when he met P. Diddy. A local owner of a barbershop had introduced them, and Trey had the opportunity to have P. Diddy as is mentor. Given that, the rapper put $25,000 towards Spergo, putting the brand on its path to making $745,000 in sales by 2020. Trey used this investment to open his first Spergo store, which, after just a year and a half, got him to over $200,000 in sales. At this time, he had already successfully sold 30,000 pieces of clothing. At this time, the young entrepreneur became more determined than ever to expand his brand and opening more physical stores.

Continuing on with his passion to encourage the younger generations, Trey became a popular spokesperson on an array of schools. Just a few of those schools were Banneker High School, Holland Elementary School. Rowan University, and Mastery Charter School. He was introduced to Kenyatta Johnson, the Philadelphia Councilman, who praised him for him hard work and gave him a key to the city. Later on, Trey was featured in Times Square and aired on CNN’s Invesco’s investment campaign video. Not to mention, the $200,000 grant he was rewarded with by the 76ers, which brought him more benefits as well.

To no one’s surprise, Spergo expanded into selling socks, hoodies, sweatpants, sweatshirts, and shorts. And celebrities such as Charles Barkley, Shaquille O’Neil, Grant Hill, and many more were seen walking around dressed in this brand. Already, this is quite the successful stage for such a young entrepreneur to be at; however, Trey would like for a shark to help him expand even further. Given his success thus far, it’s probably safe to say that a shark will want to invest. Diddy Grants 25K To Trey Brown Company SPERGO min

Spergo on Shark Tank

In 2021, Trey Brown and, his mother, Sherrell Brown, got overwhelmed with the success of Spergo and needed some assistance with managing the brand. They got the opportunity to go on Shark Tank in hopes of a shark being willing to help them market and increase their capital. The two appeared on the show seeking a $300,000 investment in exchange for a 10% equity in Spergo. To begin, Trey and Sherrell present an introduction that must’ve been rehearsed. Trey then went on to tell the sharks about his story and about his determination to become successful since he was 12 years old. He mentions that he created Spergo, so he could make an impact on children whom are struggling with violence, drugs, or lack of a role model.

Before concluding his pitch, Trey explains his mother’s retirement and how she became his first hired employee, while telling the sharks the story of how Spergo came to be a reality. So far, the sharks are very impressed with the clothing items and how good of quality they are. Not to mention, Trey’s story made an impact on them as well. When they begin to talk numbers, Sherrell is asked about the cost. She responds by saying that, for instance, the Spergo Leo Sweatsuit costs about $21.50 to make and is then sold for $170 each. This leads them to converse about the overall sales. In 2018, the sales were at $40,000. In 2019, the sales were at 170,000. 2020 had $745,000 in sales. And, in 2021, his sales were up to $939,000 up until the Shark Tank episode.

Trey explains that only 30% of his overall sales are from online orders, while the other 70% is from his three physical store locations. Before the sharks make their statements and potential offers, Sherrell chimes back in to explain one of Trey’s biggest accomplishments. Meeting with P. Diddy. She tells the sharks the story about someone who had connected Trey to the rapper. She then went on to tell them that P. Diddy generously granted Spergo $25,000 to help the startup reach some success. download 4

Lori Greiner quickly goes out on the deal, as she feels that she isn’t the best investor for Spergo. Kevin O’Leary follows closely behind. He goes out because he doesn’t usually invest in clothing brands; however, he is inspired by Trey’s story.

Robert Herjavec, on the other hand, has invested in multiple clothing brands. Though, they have all been online businesses, whereas Trey’s is mostly in stores. He goes out. At this point, Mark Cuban and Daymond John are the only remaining sharks. With that, Mark speaks up first. He states that he doesn’t typically invest in clothing brands either, although he sees Trey as a superstar and would like to invest in him. Mark goes on to offer Trey $300,000 for a 25% equity in Spergo.

Before responding to Mark’s offer, Trey asks Daymond if he would like to get in on the deal, but he declines. This comes as a bit of a surprise considering how similar Trey’s story is to Daymond’s story. Daymond, too, started his success off with a clothing business. He asks Trey what he was planning on doing with any investment he’d receive today, in which Trey answers saying he would put it towards his website, new designers, online sales, and towards growing his brand further. Daymond must have liked his response because he jumped back in and offered to mirror Mark’s offer. Trey asks him if he would consider $300,000 for a 20% equity, and Daymond accepts. 106972107 1636382144735 160065 7994

Spergo Now in 2024 – The After Shark Tank Update

Trey Brown’s luxury clothing brand, Spergo, sure saw a drastic increase in success after his appearance on Shark Tank. That is, more success than he had already reached prior. After just a week following the Shark Tank episode, Spergo had received more than 1,000 new orders on the website. This was a huge increase in his online sales, considering only 30% of his sales were online at the time of the episode airing. In addition to that, Trey’s time on the show actually got him featured on Fox Business and Ellen.

Spergo has begun receiving support from NBA communities and has been able to expand and open more physical stores in Pennsylvania, Arlington, and Virginia. Additionally, Trey is working on launching a Spergo shoe line as well. With all of this newfound success, Spergo has gained more than 100,000 new followers on the Instagram account. As of 2024, the deal with Daymond John has still not closed and the Spergo brand has a net worth of $2 million.

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