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The Bang Shack After Shark Tank – 2024 Update

The Bang Shack Before Shark Tank

Jason Hadley had a tough life. He grew up with his mother relying on food stamps and welfare just to make ends meet.  They even lost their house when he was 8 years old. However, his mother still did the best that she could to make ends meet. His girlfriend also got pregnant when he was 15 years old.

Jason wanted to raise his son and show him that he was going to be a great father. He then had a career as a salesman and afterward started selling chicken dip which grew in popularity. Jason then started The Bang Shack which is a shack that sells chicken dip which can be put on anything and is often put on rice, pasta, vegetables, burrito, and even omelet.

At the Bang Shack, people can get his tasty dip with chicken which contains chicken, cheese, and spinach.  The Bang Shack also serves a vegan version of the chicken dip. It is made with cashew nuts and Zucchini.

Jason Hadley’s Bang Shack had grown into a thriving single store. However, Jason wanted to grow his bang shack to fulfill more orders and to also open other branches. For this reason, he went on to Shark Tank to see if he could get a partner who could help him grow. He was featured on the 21st episode of the 10th season.

The Bang Shack on Shark Tank

BangShack 2 Jason Hadley went into Shark Tank seeking $80,000 for 20% of his business, The Bang Shack, giving it a valuation of $400,000. He started his presentation by explaining to the sharks what chicken bang dip is and where it could be used. He then showed the sharks a vegetarian version of his chicken bang dip where he used zucchini instead of chicken. He also had a vegan version where they used cashews.  He then gave the sharks some samples to taste.

The sharks thought that the dip tasted great. Lori asked where it was sold and she was told that it was sold at the farmers’ market in Florida. Robert asked if that was all that they were doing with it. Jason said that he was building up the name in the farmers’ markets. It was a fresh product and he thought that his approach would get it the name and brand recognition that it needed.

Daymond and Mark Cuban praised Jason’s presentation and said it was one of the best ever seen on Shark Tank. They then wanted to know where he had come from. Jason said that he came from a large family and was raised by his mother. His father was not present.

Jason always felt that it was his job to take care of the family. He did a lot of odd jobs before he got a job as a salesperson. He had a son when he was 15 years old. Some might have thought his son was a burden but to him, it was a blessing.  He was motivated to work very hard to provide for his son and he excelled as a salesperson.

Jason worked in sales for a long time and as he did his sales, he developed a dipping sauce that he served at any event. The dip was very popular and was nicknamed bang. Jason started making and selling his bang at the farmer’s market.

Robert asked if he made the dip right there and he was told that it was made in a larger separate booth that had about 12 pots. Robert then asked him for his sales figures. Jason said that he made $50,000 in 2017 and all this was from a single farmers market.

BangShack 3 Robert then asked Jason if he sold it online. Jason said that it was not yet sold online. However, he did have a website that was up and running. It was, however, difficult to run the website and also operate the kitchen and that was why he had come to the sharks for assistance.

Lori asked him what he did with his time and he said that he did a lot of search engine optimization and marketing. Daymond then asked him why his website was not yet up and running. Jason said that it was because selling them online would require being able to ship the dip and he couldn’t do that, he could only sell them from his shop.

Jason said that they opened a second shop at a farmers’ market. Kevin then asked Jason what his long-term plan was. Jason said that he wanted to open a commercial kitchen where he made it in bulk and also get it in commercial stores. Kevin told Jason that he did not have the infrastructure to do what he wants to do. He would have to create it.

Kevin was also not certain if he was the one to meet with all the potential buyers or if it would be Jason’s work. Jason said that he would do it because he was very good at sales. Mark Cuban then asked him why he hadn’t done it yet.

Mark Cuban concluded that Jason had a great product but he was looking for someone who would do work such as packaging and marketing. He thought that it was a lot of work. Jason then said that he at least had the packaging and Mark pointed out that he had not brought it to the shark tank. Mark then pointed out that he had not brought the products there and so he was out.

Daymond then left. Daymond said that he didn’t think it was possible to mass produce the dip because it would require Jason to be everywhere at the same time and he just couldn’t be there. Lori then left. She said that she liked the dip and Jason was very charismatic but she was out.

Kevin then left. He said that it was too early for him to invest in the business. Robert then left. However, he thought that Jason could do it on his own. As he left, Jason said that the Bang Shack train would not stop and he would keep going.

The Bang Shack Now in 2024 – The After Shark Tank Update

BangShack 4 Although he did not get a deal, Jason’s Bang Shack has continued to operate. His website is also up and running and he now sells the chicken bag dip on his website. The Bang Shack now offers a wider variety of dishes including Bang Quasedilla, Breakfast Bang Bowl, Shrimp Bang Pasta, Bang Loaded Potato, and more.

The Bang Shack dishes are now easier because they are now also available on Uber Eats, Grub House, and Postmates.  The Bang Shack opened its own social media pages and on Instagram, it has over 3,400 followers. On Facebook, it has over 2,700 followers. It still has one stand at Yellow Green Farmer’s Market.

The sales have also increased from $55,000 to $88,000. There was a time that the website had to stop selling online in 2019 but it is back in service and the people of Florida get to taste a great dip at an affordable price.

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