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Suds2Go After Shark Tank Update 2024 – Where Are They Now

Suds2Go Before Shark Tank

Suds2Go was created by husband and wife, Gabe Trevizo and Cindy Trevizo, with the purpose of making clean hands throughout the day a more attainable task. The couple became self-employed and created the product after the pandemic took a toll on their lives. Prior to their creation, Cindy was a teacher and a waitress, while Gabe picked up odd jobs that he was interested in after losing his job. When the pandemic hit, the Trevizo’s faced financial problems due to losing their jobs. This eventually led them to create their startup, Suds2Go.
But what led them to create Suds2Go? The Trevizo’s are the parents to four children, all young in age. Their family has always loved being outdoors, from camping trips to baseball and soccer practices, they practically live outdoors at times. Due to this, keeping their hands washed, especially the childrens, had become a more in demand task for the family; however, you cannot bring the whole sink home, so they created the next best thing. Their creation was actually thought up when they were having a great time at an amusement park. Needing to wash her hands, their daughter tried to do so in a bathroom there; however, the water was not running. This led Gabe to design Suds2Go.
Suds2Go is a 3-in-1 reusable water bottle with a soap dispenser that can be used to wash your hands when you’re out and about. Not to mention it can be drank from as well. This convenient bottle is equipped with a smaller pump bottle that can be filled with a foaming soap. The bottle is made up of stainless steels and is super simple to use. To wash your hands, just pump 2 or 3 pumps of the hand soap onto the palm of your hands and lather it. When you’re ready to rinse, just open the water bottle and pour a little water on your hands. Suds2Go Picture 3
Like any other startup, Suds2Go started from scratch and had to work its way up. When launching the product, Gabe started a Kickstarter campaign, in hopes of raising some money for the company. He ended up raising $12,500. Aside from that, Gabe ended up having to use whatever money he had saved in his bank account towards the marketing and manufacturing of the product. When that wasn’t enough, he got a loan for $150,000, giving him a total of $242,500 invested into Suds2Go.
From then on, Suds2Go started to become more and more successful, especially when they officially launched their company’s website. In fact, after just a few months after their launch, the couple explained that they had made $392,000 in sales. Nonetheless, the Trevizo’s felt like they needed some help with logistics and further distribution. And who better to guide them than a shark; can the couple blow the sharks away and walk away with a deal?

Suds2Go on Shark Tank

Gabe and Cindy Trevizo introduced Suds2Go to the sharks on Shark Tank, seeking an offer of $200,000 for a 10% equity in the company. Gabe starts his pitch, a pitch in which ended up being highly motivational. He explains the concept of Suds2Go to the sharks and how other methods of cleansing such as hand sanitizer and wipes are not entirely practical. The couple then explains how to use the Suds2Go bottle, while Gabe demonstrates it himself before they conclude their pitch with their motto, “no sink, no problem”.
Before any offers are presented, the sharks ask how much soap the small dispenser can hold, to which Gabe responds, saying it can hold up to 30 pumps. Following this, Gabe begins to tell the sharks a little bit more about the product, while starting to talk numbers. He tells the sharks that within the first six weeks of their company opening, they sold 4,000 Suds2Go bottles. Within that time, the couple had made $392,000 in sales from those 4,000 bottles. Suds2Go Picture 2
Kevin O’Leary states that he is out first because he has already invested in a similar company; therefore, he cannot invest in another. The next shark to speak up is Mark Cuban. He tells the entrepreneurs that he’s noticed a good amount of people trying to get into similar spaces; however, he is unsure how he could further guide them. He’s out. At this time, Robert Herjavec goes out as well.
The first shark to present the Trevizo’s with an offer is Daymond John. He tells the couple that he is interested in helping them with their distribution. Before stating his offer, he explains that he usually goes for offers where everyone would get a third; however, because Cindy was a former teacher, he was willing to make an adjustment. He offers Gabe and Cindy $200,000 for a 22.5% equity in Suds2Go. This offer leads Lori Greiner to go out.
Gabe asks Daymond if he would be willing to do the deal for a 20% equity. This is wehn Robert chimes in to explain how he believes that Daymond’s offer in equity is crazy and that they should not have to give that much up. Due to this, Robert offers the Trevizo’s $200,000 for a 15% equity in Suds2Go. Robert is highly certain that he can sell their product easily. The Trevizo’s accepted Robert’s offer.

Suds2Go Now in 2024 – The After Shark Tank Update

After Gabe and Cindy Trevizo made their appearance on Shark Tank and received a deal with Robert Herjavec, the company appears to be doing well. The deal made with Robert has yet to close and he continues to guide them through their manufacturing, technology, and marketing needs in order for their company to continue to thrive. He is also helping Suds2Go to become a global company. Since the airing of the Shark Tank episode, the Trevizo’s have gained much positive feedback about their company from people on Instagram, Facebook, and even Youtube. Suds2Go Picture 1

As Gabe had stated on their Shark Tank appearance, prior to the show, the company had made $392,000 within just six months of sales. After the show concluded, the couple saw quite the increase in their overall sales. In fact, their Suds2Go bottles have been featured by Better Homes and Gardens, Gearhungry, GMA, and more. That’s quite the achievement for a fairly new startup.
As for any updates on the company’s inventory, Suds2Go has introduced two new products to their line. One is a replacement pump, while the other is their own name brand Suds2Go foaming hand soap. All of their products can be found on their official company website or on online retailers such as Amazon, Ebay, and a few others.
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