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Tania Speaks Organic Skincare After Shark Tank Update 2024 – Where Are They Now

Tania Speaks Organic Skincare Before Shark Tank

Tania Speaks Organic Skincare is a line of organic skincare products, such as eyebrow gel, beard oil, facial moisturizer and cleanser, and facial toner. Each product is made up of natural, organic ingredients, making them perfect for consumers with sensitive or delicate skin types. The company kicked off with their first product, brow gel, which is made up of aloe. The brow gel is gentle enough to easily remove unwanted brow hair while keeping the skin around the brow moisturized.
In 2017, a young entrepreneur from Baltimore, Maryland, by the name of Tania Speaks founded her brand, Tania Speaks Organic Skincare. Prior to creating her impressive brand, Tania was studying at Hofstra University; she actually graduated this year. The idea for this organic skincare company came to Tania after she recalled her days in elementary school. She remembers being bullied during recess about her eyebrows because the other children thought they were too thick. While these comments did hurt her feelings, they also inspired her to want to create her successful business today.
Some standard brands of skincare products tend to be quite harsh on the skin and can lead to rashes and breakouts. Tania understood these struggles for herself and, after conducting much research, discovered that it may be best to create her products with Vitamin E and Aloe Vera to avoid rashes. Being such a young entrepreneur, she worked hard to build her business from the ground up, while demonstrating to her past bullies how powerful and determined she was.
Tania Speaks Organic Skincare Picture 1 Tania started out by selling her skincare products at school for $3 per container, which is when the kids who bullied her became interested in trying it out. Following that, she began selling the products at farmer’s markets, on Instagram, at trade shows, and even on her Tania Speaks Organic Skincare website once it was up and running. Between all of these marketing tactics, Tania’s company started selling quite well. In fact, before her time on Shark Tank, Tania Speaks Organic Skincare was able to reach $1 million in sales, with a prediction to sell about $1.4 million following that.
In addition to her successful sales numbers, before appearing on Shark Tank, Tania had already been featured in Time Magazine, Forbes Magazine, Cosmopolitan, and Access Hollywood. And it was around this time that she was named one of Time Magazine’s Most Influential Teens. Although Tania has seen quite a bit of success thus far, she would like to take her chances on Shark Tank. She is most likely interested in getting a shark’s help with her marketing. Will the young entrepreneur be able to blow the sharks away and get a deal?

Tania Speaks Organic Skincare on Shark Tank

Tania Speaks appearance on Shark Tank was nothing less than moving, inspiring, and a little bit emotional. She enters the Shark Tank hoping that a shark will take a chance and offer her $400,000 for a 10% equity in her brand, Tania Speaks Organic Skincare. She begins her pitch by handing out samples and telling the sharks about her past experiences with bullying and how it led her to create her brand. This part of her pitch seemed to have sent a wave of emotion over Mark Cuban as he started choking up while speaking to the entrepreneur.
Tania proceeds to explain to the sharks about her brow gel and how it works. She starts talking numbers and brings up that each jar of the product only costs $1.10 and is sold for $29 each. She had made $700,000 in just a year. Daymond John was impressed by this number and told her that she may end up sitting with the sharks at some point. At this point, all of the sharks appear to be impressed by her product; however, some of them grow concerned once she mentions that she had yet to participate in an investment with third-parties. This is something that worries Mark, which led him to drop out. Tania Speaks Organic Skincare Picture 4
Next up, Kevin O’Leary goes out explaining that this brand isn’t for him and it isn’t something he could see himself promoting; however, he is impressed and quite humbled by Tania’s story. Following Kevin, Barbara Corcoran drops out as well, but her reason is due to her feeling like Tania doesn’t need guidance from a shark. Lastly, Daymond John and Lori Greiner drop out. Daymond, although he is proud of her success, does not believe that he would be able to add anything valuable to the brand. And Lori goes out due to Tania not having gotten any clinical tests done for the products.
Unfortunately, at this point, all of the sharks had dropped out and it seemed as if Tania would be leaving the stage without an investment in place. Or so she thought. As she begins her exit, Mark Cuban speaks up, telling her to wait. He goes back in, explaining that he can provide some guidance for her, and he offers $400,000 for a 20% equity in her brand. Though he makes it clear that this offer comes with a condition – he wants Tania to meet his daughters. With a little bit of hope regaining, Tania counteroffers Mark with a 15% equity. Mark agrees and Tania gets a deal for $400,000 and a 15% equity in Tania Speaks Organic Skincare.

Tania Speaks Organic Skincare Now in 2024 – The After Shark Tank Update

Tania Speaks Organic Skincare Picture 3 Following Tania Speaks’ incredible appearance on Shark Tank, her brand, Tania Speaks Organic Skincare, appears to be doing great. In fact, as of 2024, Mark Cuban remains in a partnership with Tania and her company. After the episode aired, Tania started seeing an increase in sales. Mark has helped guide Tania into successfully expanding her brand to be global and has highly improved marketing. This led to an increase in positive feedback from customers, as well as an increase in people searching for her products online.

As for Tania Speaks herself, she has not been active on any social media platforms since the beginning of this year. Though her website remains stocked up and successful. Which is where her product can be found for purchase, as it has yet to reach Amazon. In addition to the magazines she was featured in prior to her Shark Tank appearance, she has now been featured on NBC and popsugar as well. As of 2024, Tania Speaks has a net worth of $3 million.

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