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The Cereal Killerz Kitchen After Shark Tank Update 2024 – Where Are They Now

The Cereal Killerz Kitchen Before Shark Tank

The Cereal Killerz Kitchen is a company where unique alternatives to the basic bowl of cereal are made. The company has a cereal bar of over one hundred different types of cereal, as well as an array of different milkshakes to choose from. By using their popular ice cream and cereal flavors, a long with cookies, candies, and other toppings, The Cereal Killerz Kitchen can make nearly any variety of happiness in a bowl. Just choose the base of the desired treat, choose some toppings, and enjoy. These custom treats come with the option of non-dairy and dairy milk, making them suitable for anyone.

Husband and wife entrepreneurs, Christopher and Jessica Burns, founded The Cereal Killerz Kitchen in 2018, with their first location opening just a year later, in 2019. Their first location was opened in Galleria At Sunset in Nevada, and it was featured in LA Times magazine as well as on a list of Las Vegas most important restaurant openings. Before opening their business, Christopher worked for the city of Las Vegas, while Jessica worked at an Insurance company. They decided to start their own business shortly after Jessica had lost her job. Their idea was to incorporate something they both loved; Jessica loves cooking and Christopher loves cereal. Thus creating The Cereal Killerz Kitchen.

The Burns’ daughter was part of their inspiration as well. While Christopher could eat cereal at any time of the day, his daughter was a fan of having Cinnamon Toasties as a nighttime snack. However, eating cereal the same way daily can become a bit boring, so Christopher would always switch it up and create a new variety of Cinnamon Toasties each night. Not only to keep those late night snack times fun and fresh, but to also keep her happy. Given that, their business motto became “to create happiness one bowl at a time.” Their next step towards success is to appear on Shark Tank. Their hoping a shark can help them with their growth funding. The Cereal Killerz.0 The Cereal Killerz Kitchen on Shark Tank.

Christopher and Jessica Burns appear on Shark Tank in search of a $125,000 deal in exchange for 10% of their business, The Cereal Killerz Kitchen. The couple walks in dressed in hockey goalie costumes and begins to tell the sharks about their business. The couple mentions their inspiration in building this brand, and Christopher tells the sharks about their daughter’s nightly cereal routine. During their pitch, they show the sharks their assortment of cereals, as well as their different options for toppings. The sharks have a chance to choose a cereal and taste the creations for themselves.

After trying a bowl of their modified childhood favorite cereals, the sharks are impressed, and they appear to love the treats. At this time, Christopher and Jessica begin talking about their locations and how they’re planning to open one near a mall due to their initial location struggling. More specifically, they’ve noticed that they’re losing about $8,000 each month with their first location. Nonetheless, they will need nearly $50,000 in order to open their second location, hence why they need the help of a shark.

Although The Cereal Killerz Kitchen has blown the sharks away with their tasty treats, this is when the sharks begin to drop out of the deal. Kevin O’Leary speaks first, telling the couple that he believes they’re too early on in the business and that there is nothing exclusive about their brand at this time. Due to this, he goes out. Lori Greiner is next. She drops out as well; however, she cannot offer them a deal anyway, considering she is already invested in another breakfast company. Robert Herjavec follows Lori out. He thinks that it will be too much of a challenge to get The Cereal Killerz Kitchen into retail.

Last but not least, the last two sharks, Mark Cuban and Daymond John, make their statements before stating that they’re dropping out as well. Mark believes that the Burns’ aren’t in a position to gain an investor yet. Instead, his advice to them is to look into getting an accountant’s help. Finally, Daymond chimes in, telling Christopher and Jessica that their brand isn’t for him; however, he does love the concept. With that, The Cereal Killerz Kitchen leaves the Shark Tank without a deal. Cereal Killerz Kitchen On Shark Tank

The Cereal Killerz Kitchen Now in 2024 – The After Shark Tank Update

While Christopher and Jessica Burns didn’t leave the Shark Tank with a deal, that didn’t stop them from succeeding within their business. Granted, it did take a bit longer than it would have with an investment, but they were able to do it. Since the airing of the Shark Tank episode, The Cereal Killerz Kitchen has become the first, and best, breakfast-related bar in Las Vegas, Nevada. The entrepreneurs were able to close their first location, which was struggling and causing them to losing money monthly. Following that, they opened a new location in the Planet Hollywood Miracle Mile Mall. Additional locations have been successfully opened in Goodyear, Arizona and the Las Vegas Centennial Hills.

Aside from the founder’s plans to further expand the brand and open more locations, they’re also working franchises, and they plan on filling most areas around Las Vegas with their stores. When the Covid-19 pandemic hit, one would assume that the brand may have been affected; however, it wasn’t. The stores survived throughout the pandemic and were actually successfully making the couple profits within just seven weeks. As of 2024, the brand has an annual revenue of $4 million. The Cereal Killerz Kitchen now sells cereal tacos, coffee, tea, and further ice cream options. All of these treats can be found in their newfound stores around Arizona and Las Vegas. They even launched t-shirts.

The final update regarding The Cereal Killerz Kitchen is quite interesting and fun. As a newfound tactic for marketing their brand, the founders have started the Cereal Killerz Cereal Challenge. The challenge consists of what is essentially a kitchen tub filled with a variety of cereals and a full gallon of milk. To win the challenge, the consumer must eat the entire bowl in less than 45 minutes. The Cereal Killerz Kitchen has received an incredible amount of attention on Instagram, where supporters are sharing their opinions and appreciation. Furthermore, Christopher and Jessica have begun a YouTube channel where they rate unique cereals. Anything from Jolly Ranchers cereal to candy bar cereals. Their channel is called “Kill It or Drill It”. TheCerealChallenge 720x

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