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The Cheese Chopper After Shark Tank Update 2024

The Cheese Chopper Before Shark Tank

The Cheese Chopper is a three-in-one kitchen gadget that is used for grating, slicing, and storing blocks of cheese. This device can store a 2-pound block of cheese and is guaranteed to keep the cheese fresh for two times as long as a standard storage container or even a plastic wrap can. This is because of its airtight seal around the opening of the container. Additionally, the Cheese Chopper comes with a slicer attachment and a grater attachment. These additions are safe to use and easy-to-clean without the consumer having to worry about them being scraped by them. Furthermore, The Cheese Chopper is a great kitchen device to use when trying to get those perfect, neatly sliced pieces of cheese.

Tate Koenig is the founder and CEO of The Cheese Chopper business. Prior to inventing The Cheese Chopper, Tate studied to gain his bachelor’s degree in Science in Business Administration from Oregon State University. He also gained his minor in Entrepreneurship. Even before The Cheese Chopper, Tate was no stranger to the world of business. His first personally owned company was a non-profit organization called Citizens of the World, which he created with the objective of matching volunteering students to projects regarding sustainability. Following that venture, Tate went on to get a job at Idaho Pacific Lumber Company, where he worked as the lumber broker. Based on the founders background here, you may be wondering how he went from lumber work to being a CEO of a kitchen gadget.

Aside from his other work, Tate is a lover of cheese. So much so that he considers himself to be Mr. Cheese. But being a fan of cheese means he must have often dealt with the struggles of cutting cheese neatly or not getting a cut or scratch when shredding it. And he did. Unfortunately, he knew of those struggles all too well. Nonetheless, that wasn’t going to stop him from eating cheese. Instead, Tate set out to find a solution to these problems, as well as a better way of storing cheese. As he began thinking of designs, he already had a basic idea of what he wanted; a contraption that could store the cheese and keep it fresh, while also having a slicing attachment. The attachment would have an adjustable wheel that could be used to customize the thickness of the slices. Ultimately, what the founder came up with is what we know of as The Cheese Chopper today. The Cheese Chopper 1

The Cheese Chopper business began in June of 2020 with a Kickstarter campaign. This campaign successfully raised Tate $100,436. Shortly after that campaign concluded, Tate decided to launch an IndieGoGo campaign. With this campaign, the founder raised another $111,826. By February of 2021, he was able to start fulfilling his first orders. This was just a couple weeks before he decided to appear on Shark Tank. Launching these campaigns did seem to help Tate get The Cheese Chopper business off the ground; however, when the covid pandemic hit, the business started struggling and he experienced shutdowns with his production. Given that, Tate wants to see if a shark can help him save his manufacturing and expand The Cheese Chopper further. Will a shark want to invest, or will they think it’s too cheesy of an idea?

The Cheese Chopper on Shark Tank

Tate Koenig entered Shark Tank season 12 episode 20 in hopes of landing a deal for $75,000 in exchange for a 10% equity in his business, The Cheese Chopper. His business has a valuation of $750,000 currently. Unfortunately, this pitch went quicker than the founder had anticipated. Tate begins his pitch by telling the investors about himself and his story. He then segways into speaking about the business and how he came up with the idea for the container. The sharks receive their samples of the chopper, admiring it while they listen to Tate’s pitch. He shows the sharks a demonstration of how to use The Cheese Chopper; however, once he mentions his Kickstarter campaign, things take a turn. The sharks are concerned about how the campaign went for Tate, and they think it’s too soon for an investment in his business. This is mostly due to the lack of feedback Tate’s heard from consumers. The Cheese Chopper 2

On the bright side, the sharks do like the idea of The Cheese Chopper, and they praise Tate for creating what they see as a brilliant kitchen gadget. Nonetheless, the business doesn’t have much as far as sales go thus far. And that worries the sharks. The guest shark, Kendra Scott, chimes in to encourage Tate to spend more time focusing on his product. She believes he hasn’t spent much time perfecting it yet. The remaining sharks agree with Kendra’s statement. Due to this, all the sharks announce their departure from this deal and Tate unfortunately leaves the tank without a deal for The Cheese Chopper.

The Cheese Chopper Now in 2024 – The After Shark Tank Update

Unfortunately, Tate Koenig didn’t receive a deal with a shark during his time on Shark Tank. Despite that, he has managed to keep The Cheese Chopper in business as of December 2024. We don’t have too much to update as far as the company’s sales go, but considering he’s still in business, it can be assumed that they’re decent. The Cheese Chopper gadget is currently being sold only on the company’s website, and it is priced at $39.99 regularly. However, at the time of writing, it is on sale for $34.99. In addition to that, Tate has seemingly launched a few new products on his website as of recently. For instance, consumers can now purchase The Simple Slice & Dicer gadget, a set of collapsible storage containers for food (these are available in two sizes), t-shirts with cheesy puns on them, and even “punny” coasters that are handmade from walnut wood. Furthermore, it doesn’t appear that The Cheese Chopper business will shut down anytime soon, which is great news for Tate, and anyone interested in trying The Cheese Chopper. The Cheese Chopper 5

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