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Top 10 Games like Episode In 2024 – The Best Alternatives

Episode is a storytelling game that allows users to experience love, drama, adventure, and romance. Developed by Pocket Gems, it features interactive stories with different outcomes, all of which depend on the choices that you make. Players can also customize their character, choosing their facial features, makeup, and hair.

Currently, there are three types of stories: in-house originals, IP licensed, and user generated. Some popular IP stories include “Pitch Perfect: In Deep Treble”, “Demi Lovato: Path to Fame”, “Mean Girls: Senior Year”, “Pretty Little Liars”, and “Cameron Dallas: It Started With a Lie.” There’s also a creation platform that allows users to publish their own stories with ease.

Available for Android and iOS devices, the game provides a set number of free chapters that a player can progress through each day, after which they must pay to access additional stories. Certain stories also have premium choices that must be unlocked with in-game currency.

Top 10 Free to Play Games That Are Similar to Episode

Here are some visual novel games that you may enjoy if you like Episode.

1. Choices: Stories You Play


Choices is very similar to Episode in that it offers immersive stories, all of which have a variety of paths that you can take. For example, you can solve crimes, fall in love, or embark on an epic fantasy adventure. At the end of the day, the outcome depends on the decisions that you make in the game.

Currently, there are four featured stories to choose from: The Royal Romance, Open Heart, Blood Bound, and High School Story.

The Royal Romance: A story that takes place in the beautiful kingdom of Cordonia. Will you accept the crown prince’s royal proposal or will you choose one of the other suitors?

Blood Bound: An urban fantasy story that feature vampires. You play as a young woman who applies for a job with the billionaire CEO Adrian Raines but there’s more to him that meets the eye.

Open Heart: A story that takes place in the fictional Edenbrook Hospital. You play as a medical resident who works under the demanding Dr. Ethan Ramsey.

High School Story: You play as a high school freshman who can choose between the cheerleading team, football team, or the band. There’s also homecoming around the corner.

2. Romance Club

Romance Club is another visual storytelling game that allows you to go on different adventures, all of which depend on the decisions that you make. There’s also a heavy emphasis on romance (thus the name of the game) for those who are looking for a love story.

There are a number of ongoing books including Dracula: A Love Story, Path of the Valkyrie, Love From Outer Space, Kali: Call of Darkness, Heart of Trespia, The Flower from Tiamat’s Fire, Hell and High Water, Theodora, and Vying for Versailles, all of which have multiple endings. If anything, you can replay a book numerous times and get a different experience every time.

One thing that sets Romance Club apart from the other games is that many of their stories feature LGBTQ+ elements. Not only that but many stories touch on serious and dramatic topics.

Originally launched in March 2018, the game is currently available in 8 different langauges, including English and Russian. While the app itself is free, there are microtransactions that allow you to progress more quickly through the game.

3. Spotlight


Spotlight is an interactive story game that allows you to build friendships and fall in love; the ending ultimately depends on the choices that you make. Each of the characters from the stories are also animated so you’ll be able to see them sing, dance, and run, on your screen.

The app also features an assortment of stories from vampire thrillers to intense romance dramas. You can also dress up and customize your character the way you want from their hairstyle to clothing. There are even mini games that you can play within the game.

And if you want, you can join the Author’s Community, where you can publish and share your own stories with the other millions of players on the app. Every now and then, there are also events and contests, where you can get a chance to win cash rewards.

Currently, some of the most popular stories include Behind Closed Doors, My Stepbrother’s Rival, The Alpha’s Kiss, Influencer Mansion, Singles on Deck, All That is Gold, and Waking Up Pregnant.

4. Scripts: Romance Episode

Scripts: Romance Chapters is an interactive storytelling game that allows you to meet and begin a relationship with your destined partner. Like Episode, it features a number of choices, all of which determine the course of the story. Depending on what you choose, you might even find out some secrets about the characters.

Like the other games on our list, Scripts: Romance Chapters comes with a wide array of stories, including those with horror, fantasy, LGBTQ+, paranormal, mystery, and romance themes. You can also customize your character’s appearance by selecting hairstyles and outfits. You can even choose the gender and ethnicity of your potential love interest.

Keep in mind, however, that some options are only available by spending diamonds, which you can get as an in-app purchase.

Some of the app’s most popular stories include Forbidden Love, Three’s Company, Fix Me, and My Nanny’s Love. New stories and chapters are also added every week so there’s always something new in store for users. Each story is separated into episodes, and like most novel games, you must wait a certain period before viewing the next chapter.

5. Dreams: Let’s Play Story Games


Dreams is another interactive story game—one where you can make choices that will affect the ending of the story. The plots are also immersive in that you can develop relationships with the various characters in the story. You can also design your own character by customizing your outfit and hairstyle.

Currently, some of the most popular stories include My Vampire Husband, Tornado Love, Two Killers and Me, and Don’t Leave Me, Mister.

My Vampire Husband: To save your ill brother, you devote yourself to a man, who you later find out to be a vampire.

Don’t Leave Me, Mister: You play as a homeless high school student to marries a rich and handsome husband.

Two Killers and Me: You play as a young woman whose family was murdered 16 years ago. Years later, while trying to solve the murder, you stumble upon the killers.

Like most storytelling games, however, there are ads and in-game purchases. For those who’d like to skip the former, you can subscribe to their VIP membership, which will give you VIP books, premium choice discounts, and double rewards.

6. Chapters: Interactive Stories

Chapters: Interactive Stories is a choose-your-own story game that’s designed for mobile and tablet devices. Like the other apps on our list, it features dozens of stories, from suspense to romance, all of which have multiple endings. Whether you’ll fall in love or unravel deep mysteries, it all depends on the choices that you make. Not only that but you can also customize your character’s name and style to reflect your own personality.

Not only are characters brought to life with animation, but the app also features music as well as sound effects for an immersive interactive experience.

For aspiring authors, there’s also a creative platform where you can make and publish your own interactive story through the app.

7. Hollywood Story

hollywood story

Hollywood Story is unique in that you get to play as a movie star and live the glamorous Hollywood lifestyle. Not only will you be able to build your career but you’ll also be able to film movies, meet your fans, and hang out with fellow celebrities. And like a true celebrity, you’ll have to be prepared for the paparazzi, who will be waiting in front of your home.

In addition to personalizing your character, you’ll also be able to design your own perfume and fashion collection, with the goal of earning loyal fans. As you progress through the game, you’ll also unlock new and exciting locations such as Las Vegas, Manhattan, Beverly Hills, and more.

Another great thing about Hollywood Story is that you can meet, connect, and play with your friends. For example, you can check out their movies or visit their homes. There’s also a Star Club subscription, which will give you exclusive accessive to certain clothing, makeup, hairstyles, as well as special events. There’s even a monthly stipend.

8. Midnight Cinderella

Midnight Cinderella is a beautifully illustrated love simulation game in which you play as the princess of your country. The plot? The king’s health is failing and it’s up to you to select the next ruler and there are a number of dazzling candidates from sassy knights to seductive palace tutors. And as always, your choices will determine your destiny.

Free to play, the game will provide you with 5 free chapter tickets every day so that you can progress through your love story. Not only are there gowns and horse-drawn carriages, but you’ll also be able to attend balls with your love interest. There are even mini games that you can play to level up yourself and your prince.

Free story events also take place in the game, where you can experience immersive stories outside of the main story. If you want, you can also team up with your friends to get every event ending.

If anything, it’s a great game for anime fans with it’s Japanese anime aesthetics.

9. City of Love: Paris

city of love paris

City of Love: Paris, as its name implies, takes place in the romantic city of Paris, where you can make choices that will influence and shape your relationships. You play as a young woman who interviews for a job at the city’s most prestigious lifestyle magazine, which also happens to be owned by the handsome entrepreneur Raphael Laurent. However, you soon find out that there may be another reason why he invited you to Paris.

Not only does the game feature lifelike animations but each chapter also includes beautiful backgrounds, many of which feature iconic locations such as Le Louvre and the Champs-Elysee.

The game is available for iOS and Android devices and is available in three different languages: English, French, and Spanish.

10. Journeys: Romance Stories

Journeys: Romance Stories is an interactive series collection where you get to choose the ending of your own story. Developed by Gameloft, the game features stunning visuals from backgrounds to characters and is updated with new episodes on a weekly basis, all of which are written by award-winning television writers.

There are a variety of genres to choose from as well including mystery, drama, romance, and adventure, all of which will have you travelling across different worlds. Keep in mind, however, that additional parts of game experiences require in-game purchases with real money.

Some of the current series include Linda Brown, Zoe: Africa’s Heart, A Summer in Tuscany, Journals of the Unknown, and Roomates.

Linda Brown: You play as Linda, a promising singer from New York, who travels to Rio to attend a friend’s wedding.

A Summer In Tuscany: You play as Alex Sinclair, a renowned travel influencer who vacations at her godfather’s house in Tuscany. While there, she finds herself entangled in a hot love triangle.

Journals of the Unknown: You play as Jane Goodhard, who travels to Salem to investigate her father’s mysterious death.

Roomates: A story that features six young men, one women, and one apartment.

Honorary Mention: My Candy Love

My Candy Love is a dating simulator game where every choice you make influences the ending of your love story. How can you tell if you’re making the right decision? There’s a love gauge on the screen that allows you to track your love progress.

And in addition to customizing your avatar with hairstyles and outfits, you can also collect illustrations in the game. Several times a year, there are also events that will allow you to unlock new outfits.

Currently, there are two stories available: In Campu Life, where you juggle between your part-time job and classes, and High School Life, where you get to live the life of a high school student who has just arrived at a new school.

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