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Tush Baby After Shark Tank – 2024 Update

Tush Baby Before Shark Tank

Babies require constant care and attention from their parents. However, it could be difficult when a parent has to do chores or tasks and carry their child along; it could even be unsafe for both child and parent. Parents often struggle to keep their baby company while doing chores around the house. Tammy Rant, a mother of two kids, came up with a simple solution, the Tush Baby.

Tush Baby Before Shark Tank 1 The Tush Baby is attached to the parent’s waist like a belt. A small seat-like platform allows the baby to fit snugly on the parent’s hip while they move around. The seat allows parents to do chores and walk around with their baby sitting comfortably at their hips. The Tush Baby is an ergonomic seat that provides support for both child and parent. The product is both comfortable and healthy, allowing parents to spend time with their children while doing other tasks at the same time.

The Tush Baby has additional features such as a phone pocket, toy ring, and storage space for diapers, wet wipes, or anything a parent would want to be stored. The baby seat is made from memory foam with anti-slip fabric in the center, which ensures the baby’s comfort and safety while seated. The weight of the Tush Baby is distributed evenly along the hips to prevent muscle pains and aches while carrying the child. It also straightens the child’s body to a healthy position while being carried. The Tush Baby supports children of up to 44 pounds.

Tammy first started the product by launching two campaigns with a goal of $10,000, one on Kickstarter and the other on IndieGoGo. Both campaigns proved very successful; the Kickstarter campaign raised $124,212, and IndieGoGo raised $127,498. Both funding campaigns raised an astounding total of $251,710, more than 25 times the original goal she hoped to raise.

With overwhelming success from both campaigns, Tammy decided to grow her company even further by going on Shark Tank. Tush Baby was struggling with an inventory shortage, so she wanted to raise money for her company. She believed a business partner with experience in the field could help Tush Baby quickly become a multi-million dollar company.

Tush Baby on Shark Tank

Tush Baby On Shark Tank Robert Tammy Rant entered the Shark Tank with her family in season 10, seeking $200,000 for 10% of Tush Baby. She demonstrated the product to the sharks, stating that it is pediatrician-approved for babies and parents. Robert Herjavec tried the product on stage and thought it was comfortable. Tammy handed each shark a sample before talking numbers.

Each Tush Baby costs $21.81 landed and retails for $79 with free shipping in the US. The company sells the product DTC (Direct to Consumer) through its website. Tammy stated that she sold 2,500 Tush Babies, and the company had only recently launched five weeks earlier. She claimed Tush Baby went viral after a few media outlets, including BuzzFeed Parents and Daily Mail, posted the product on their platforms.

Mark Cuban was concerned about the risk factors in the product and if it was common for children to fall off the product. Tammy said the product hadn’t shipped yet, but they had done product tests to ensure safety. The sharks didn’t like that the product wasn’t in customers’ hands yet. The company had raised $75,000 for 5% from a family friend early on before it officially launched. She stated the company came on shark tank to raise enough money to solve its inventory shortage problem.

Tammy told the sharks her background: she works as an enterprise sales representative at LinkedIn, but she plans to leave the company in a few months to work on Tush Baby full time.

Daymond John was impressed by her resolve to work two jobs and take care of two kids with one more on the way. He offered her $200,000 for 10% equity.

Tush Baby Before Shark Tank 2

Robert Herjavec was also impressed by Tammy, but he believed it would be too risky to invest in a company with only one product, so he was out.

Kevin O’Leary offered $200,000 for 15% of the company. Daymond started getting irritated because she was hesitating to take his offer.

Mark Cuban wouldn’t invest in a company in the kid’s industry, so he was out.

Lori Greiner believed it was too risky to invest in a product that hasn’t yet been delivered to customers. Tammy replied that the product had gone through hundreds of tests during its prototype.

Daymond didn’t like how Tammy didn’t respond to his offer, so he changed it to $200,000 for 15% to match Kevin’s offer. Tammy continued trying to persuade Lori to invest in her company, so Daymond completely withdrew his offer and was out.

Tammy continued to sell the product to Lori after Daymond dropped out. Kevin quickly became irritated, withdrew his offer, and was out.

Lori finally made an offer, but she thought it was risky. She offered $200,000 for 20% of Tush Baby. Tammy eagerly accepted her deal. She believed Lori was the best shark for her company, so she made the right choice even if it was at a lower valuation.

Tush Baby Now in 2024 – The After Shark Tank Update

Tush Baby After Shark Tank Reviews

Tush Baby’s deal with Lori Greiner never closed, and the company had to solve its inventory shortage on its own. Fortunately, Tammy was able to get the funds she needed to solve her inventory issues from her Kickstarter and IndieGoGo campaigns. She resolved her inventory problems and worked hard to improve the company.

To help combat cerebral palsy, the company donated Tush Babies to children through the LENN foundation. Tush Baby also provided a 25% discount to families with special needs children. The company seems to be doing what it can to support the community with its product.

Soon after the episode aired in January 2019, Tush Baby knock-offs made their way to the market, and the company had to defend its brand. The knock-offs didn’t stop Tush Baby from receiving thousands of five-star reviews and repeat customers. The company gained exposure from social media as influencers used and posted the product. The Tush Baby continued to gain exposure as the company grew.

Tush Baby After Shark Tank 1 Tammy worked hard to capitalize on Tush Baby’s success. The company introduced new products such as the Tote Baby, Paci Pod, Changing Pads, Clutch, and accessories for the Tush Baby like waistband extenders and stroller hooks.

Tush Baby seems to be doing well in 2024 and has been continuously updating its product line. The company will likely continue to grow as it gains more exposure online. Tush Baby reported $4 million in annual revenue in August 2024. For more information and updates on the company, visit Tush Baby’s website here.

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