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Twist It Up Comb After Shark Tank – 2024 Update

Twist It Up Comb Before Shark Tank

For his whole life, Noel Durity had been trying to embrace his natural look. Unfortunately, with afro-textured hair, he could not find many options in the market that could help. Of the options available, most required he either consistently changes his sleeping position to not distort the hairstyle, or he uses chemicals.

Dissatisfied with his lot, Noel went about making for himself a device that would style his hair naturally and it would be in styles that were durable guaranteeing him long nights with easy sleep. Noel called his invention the twist it up comb. It consisted of a wire frame that styles afro-textured hair. The afro twist comb is slowly circled over afro-textured hair and it twists the hair forming locks that are durable and can be worn anywhere.

Noel’s product was a success and he couldn’t keep up with the sales. He had also experienced problems in production as his manufacturer got into some legal trouble. For this reason, he turned to Shark Tank to get help in getting a consistent production line and purchasing more inventory. The show approved his request, and he was invited to be on the 12th episode of the 10th season.

Twist It Up Comb On Shark Tank

twist it up 2 Noel Durity went onto the show seeking $225,000 for 15% of the company giving it a valuation of $1,500,000. He gave the sharks a presentation explaining the problems he experienced with Afro-textured hair and then gave them some samples to review.  Noel and his group showed how convenient it was to use the twist-it-up comb even dancing as they did it.

Lori asked for some explanation on why the twist-it-up comb was needed and Noel explained that afro-textured hair grew upwards and he did not have a device that let him embrace his natural look and so he set out to build it for himself. Other solutions required chemical treatment or sleeping in a certain way not to distort it.

Kevin then asked why the pick was so popular and Noel told him that it had the problem of being so hurtful. Robert sought confirmation on how it worked and Noel gave it to him. Daymond also sought clarification on how it worked. Noel confirmed that it did the opposite of what a pick did.

Robert then asked what its cost of sales was and he was told that its sales price was 29.95. Mark Cuban asked what it cost to make one and he was told that it cost $3.50. Robert then asked for his sales numbers.

Noel said that in his first year he got sales of $95,000. In 2017, he did $101,000 in sales from January to April. Lori asked where it was made and Noel said that it was made overseas which is why he had a manufacturing problem.  The factory that was making the comb had been shut down for the past 30-45 days because of pollution violations. Robert then asked him what his sales for that year were going to be.

Noel said that he could easily realize $500,000 but that was if the factory was re-open. Robert then asked him if everything was being done online and he was told that 70% was being done online and 30% of sales was from wholesale.

Noel then said that he had done 20 shows in the previous year. Kevin asked him if he had copycats. Noel said that it was patent pending. Lori then asked if a woman would use it. Noel said that there were many women who used it.

twist it up 3 Mark Cuban then asked him how he got consumers to visit his website. Noel said that he used Facebook advertising and had spent $18,000 on it. Matt Daymond then asked him what he needed the money for. Noel said that he needed to buy inventory. Noel had become a victim of his own success and had sold out around 7 times being unprepared for the demand.

Mark Cuban asked him what sales he had realized in his last month and Noel said that it was $41,000. Mark Cuban then asked how much he had made and Noel said that he didn’t know because it was prepaid. The person who did his books had also been hired about a month before so he did not have that information with him. Cuban did not like his lack of information.

Robert then left. He said that he knew nothing about the product and that for him to invest he would need to at least have a sense of what the product is about. Noel then said that before anyone else leaves they should know that he had started negotiations with Sally’s and CVS to have the comb placed there.

Matt Daymond said that he wants to license it out. He then offered $225,000 but for 25% of the company. However, the amount was contingent on them licensing out the product. Lori was going to make an offer but Cuban then made his offer.

Cuban said that he would partner with Daymond. If they got a licensing deal then Daymond would be part of the deal and if not, Daymond would not be part of the deal. Either way, Noel would get $225,000 for 25% and it only depended on whether he got it from Daymond and Mark or from Mark only.  Mark said that he could help with the Chinese business and online business.

Noel accepted the offer. He said that one of the happiest moments of an entrepreneur’s life was doing a deal with other successful people.

Twist It Up Comb Now in 2024 – The After Shark Update

twist it up 4 Twist it up benefited tremendously from the deal with Mark Cuban and Daymond John.  Noel did get into a licensing deal and now only has one worker under him and an accountant. The product is still sold on its website but it is also available in other stores now.

The list of stores that stock it is available on its website. It is available on Amazon and has a 4.6 out of 5-star rating with more than 8,600 reviews showing how popular it is. The company also now offers gels that complement the comb. New varieties of the comb have also been released.

The twist it up comb has had counterfeiters but Noel’s patent was granted and he has fought them all with the sharks’ help. He has even gone to shops stocking them and demanded that they give up the counterfeit products. On social media, Twist It Up Comb has over 45,000 followers on Instagram and more than 6,900 followers on Facebook.

The comb has been used by many celebrities including Kevin Hart, London Brown, Donovan Mitchell, Devin Fuller, and many more. The company’s annual revenue now stands at $5,900,000 making it a success story. It just goes to show that sometimes the biggest revenues come when you turn to solve your own small problems.

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