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Valore Books Coupon Code January 2020 – Updated & Working Promo Codes

As a previous undergraduate student, nothing got me more riled up than the prices of textbooks at my campus bookstore, or the even more insane prices found around the city. Bad news for all those looking into grad school, it gets worse. This semester alone, I paid over $200 for a textbook. And they didn’t even have the courtesy to bind it or include a 3 ring binder. But I digress, you’re here for cheaper textbooks, right? Maybe so that the expenses of a few classes worth of books and supplies doesn’t end up costing you more than food or rent for the semester? If so, you’re in the right place. Here, we’ll take a look at Valore Books, and some coupon codes to make these next few weeks less expensive. And if I recall anything from my college days, even $2 can make a big difference in surviving finals week. So let’s get to it.

Now, back in my day, we used to have a couple options for textbook “purchases”. First, the aforementioned on-site bookstores. You could feasibly get a deal from online, show them, and they might drop the price. Then there’s the secondhand locations which rented small spaces to sell books near the start and end of semesters, which sometimes had great deals, but sometimes didn’t. Then of course, there was the private market (think subreddits for the University) where people could meet up and exchange books for between the purchase and trade in value. Lastly, we had retailers like Amazon which could be anywhere in price and availability depending on the text, or (as some of my professors would recommend) we could, under cover of night and VPN, visit a particular Norwegian nautical vessel which would give the texts for free. Now, with said ship having sailed some years ago (though at least one of their crew ala Sci-Hub still exists), there’s a gap in the market for close to free books found online. And this is where Valore books comes in. Claiming to have textbooks at up to 90% off their normal values, and offering to take on bookstore liquidations, which definitely helps prices, Valore books also allows for free return shipping for rentals. In case that isn’t enough, they also price match over 18,000 retailers. If this isn’t enough of a reason to check them out, consider this: I tallied up the current values of books that I would have needed for the first two years of my college coursework on Valore (about 16 books, at retail price of $1800) and in total, they all were about the cost of 2 and a half books at the prices I bought them at. But, can we get a better deal? Let’s take a look at some Valore Coupon codes.

Valore Books Promo & Coupon Codes July 2018

To use the coupon and promo codes listed below you need to follow the guide below:

Step 1) Click here to visit the website and automatically activate the codes.

Step 2) If you haven’t already filled your cart then obviously select which books you want to buy or rent, and enter the promo codes before checking out to get the deals.

The current deals for Valore books are listed below:

VDV1111 – Save 5% off your order
PSUBERKS – Get 5% off your order
VAL233 – Get 5% off your order or an extra 5% back with a buyback of a textbook
WSAVE5 – Save 5% on every book purchase and gain 5% on buybacks.
CHEAPCB – Save 5% on every book purchase and gain 5% on buybacks.
HOORAY – Get $10 off any $100 purchase
10BONUS- Get $10 off any $100 purchase

These are all the current offers available from Valore Books at this time. You can click here for all current discounts and offers. Do keep in mind that despite these savings being quite small, the off the top savings can net some extreme savings as mentioned before.

Cody Carmichael
Cody Carmichael
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