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What Happened to Arnie States from The Rob, Anybody, and Dawn Show? 2024 Updates

arnie-states-young Many of you probably listen to the popular radio show The Rob, Anybody, and Dawn Show. Many of you have also probably listened to the show when it was called The Rob, Arnie, and Dawn Show and The Rob, Nobody, and Dawn Show. The catalyst behind these name changes was one man: Arnie States. Arnie was the heart and soul behind the radio show, and when he left, the fans went crazy. The question now, however, is, what happened to Arnie States? He’s no longer on the show, as you can infer from its latest title, so where is he now?

Born on September 17th, 1971, in Garland, Texas, Arnie States was one of the hosts of the popular radio show. He first met co-host Rob Williams in a bar in Reno, Nevada, where Williams offered States an internship at his station. Arnie waited his turn, and eventually the women who did the morning show left the station, and Arnie took her place as the other co-host. This is where Arnie’s career took off, and the radio show started to gain popularity.

Soon, however, Arnie’s life and career took a tragic turn. Life behind the antennae, radio life, is very different than many think. Arnie is a clear example of this. Rob Williams, fellow co-host of The Rob, Arnie, and Dawn Show, told a story that shocked everyone. He said that one day, Arnie didn’t come to work on time, which was unusual, since he was always there not just on time, but before he would have needed to be there. Rob went over to his home after calling Arnie multiple times and getting no responses. He had no idea what to expect. This was his on and off air partner, someone who he had become very close with over the years of the incredibly popular radio show. Rob realized that something terrible, something huge, had happened, and he decided that it was appropriate to dial 911, and that’s exactly what he did. When the police arrived, they couldn’t get inside Arnie’s home, as he had locked the doors, so they had to force their way in through his doggie door. When they got inside, they searched for Arnie, and then they saw something horrific: Arnie was lying in his bedroom with blood seeping from his wrists.

He was still alive, but it turned out that Arnie had tried to end his life by slicing gashes into his arms and letting the blood pour out. He wasn’t trying to be heard, make a statement, or be a burden. He didn’t call anyone, he didn’t write out a final note like many suicide victims do. He just wanted to end his life.

Three weeks after this traumatic event, Arnie returned to the show. Rob said that the rest of the cast from The Rob, Arnie, and Dawn Show were very supportive and professional.

“I’ve never seen such an amazing team, which doesn’t surprise me in the least. When the show members were told by me that morning what Arnie had done, there were some tears and then everyone sprung into action doing everything from communicating with affiliates, planning to do Best of Morning Shows, taking care of Arnie’s dog, cleaning up his house, etc. Because of privacy issues and HIPPA laws, we had to keep everyone in the dark, which meant a lot of leaps of faith on the parts of radio partners, clients, and sponsors. Everyone was amazing.”

The day Arnie came back and reclaimed his position on the morning radio show, he did the brave, difficult task of explain to the world what had happened, in his own words. Rob Williams said that there was sadness, shock, and many other different emotions during the broadcast. None of the show’s fans, sponsors, or clients could have expected the story Arnie told. It was a kick in the gut, a blindside hit from a linebacker. Most had assumed the reasoning behind Arnie’s absence was that a member of his family had died, or that Arnie overdosed on drugs. However, hearing, in his own words, the story of how he couldn’t handle his own life, how his demons overtook him, how he had been battling depression for many years, was powerful to them. It was a moving story.

Most of the time, when you hear of some celebrity death, you sit down and think, “Wow, that’s terrible.” You may give your condolences and spend a moment thinking about the person, but then you forget about them, because you had no real attachment to them. However, with Arnie, this was someone who the listeners of the radio show had almost known personally. They woke up every morning to his voice, him going on and on about his political opinions, or having a friendly argument with one of the other members of the show. His voice become routine, and after a while, necessary. During those three weeks of hearing nothing, many fans had to have been feeling nostalgic.

Once they heard the full story from Arnie, however, it hit them hard. Many fans wrote letters and mailed arnie-states-prime them to the location of the studio, mostly letters of sadness and wishing Arnie the best. There were, however, angry letters from listeners who were not only disappointed in Arnie, but they called him a “loser” and “desperate”. All of these letters were aired on the show, with Arnie sitting right there. While there was some hurtful letters, most of them were compassionate and helped Arnie.

The show started to sell special edition shirts during this time, with the words “Support Arnie” across them. After Arnie had left the show, members of the show started to design the shirts. Their design was an elephant behind held up by a group of people. Arnie was an overweight man, which was thought to be one of the root reasons for his depression. The elephant symbolized him, and everyone holding him up symbolized his support. The shirts sold well while he was absent, and after he told his story the orders increased significantly. The show is known to talk about controversial subjects, and when suicide comes up, they won’t back down from talking about it. After the incident with Arnie, they are only more aware and more ready than ever to give advice to people.

Williams considers Arnie his best friend, and a loyal partner on the radio show for the greater part of the past two decades. He calls him “the funniest person I’ve ever met” and someone who has problems, and has struggled to overcome his demons for a long time. He has seen Arnie overcome these demons before, and he knew he could do it again.

After his return, Arnie said that he feels that he is “a really blessed and lucky guy” to work with his coworkers. He considers them some of his best friends, and he says during this event in his life they never once judged him.

November 13th, 2012 was the day Arnie returned to the show. Everything was normal again, with him talking about the usual subjects and the crew arguing along with him. Fans, producer, sponsors, and everyone else were happy. It seemed like everything was back to normal, and it was, for a while.

Then, three years later on March 10th, 2015, Arnie took a month long leave of absence from The Rob, Arnie, and Dawn Show. The show mysteriously removed all traces of Arnie’s name, and the website followed suit. The show changed its name to The Rob, Nobody, and Dawn Show, and then The Rob, Anybody, and Dawn Show. Shortly after this happened, Rob released a statement saying, “In the interest of Arnie’s privacy, I can’t talk about the circumstances (which is why it cannot and will not be addressed publicly beyond this), but I can confirm that Arnie is no longer on the show.”

arnie-states-now After the announcement, many fans had strong opinions against the removal of Arnie from the show. People were calling for Rob to retire, saying that without his former partner, he was nothing. Some said that if Arnie releases his own show, everyone would move there.

Others were more civil, saying that they loved Arnie’s rants and they are saddened to see him leave, and they wished him the best in his future endeavors.

So what has Arnie States been up to since then? Where is he now? On April 13th, 2015, Arnie returned to the same radio station, but not to his former radio show. He joined a local afternoon radio show called “The Dog Pound”. During the show, some of his new partners would criticize Rob Williams; however Arnie would stay silent during these moments. It shows Arnie’s character, and how professional he really is. The show is still going, and Arnie is in a good place mentally.

He has also appeared on the Travel Channel show “Man vs. Food”, and he has a comedy show called “Too Fat to Stand Up”, and his CD from the show peaked at number three on the United States iTunes Comedy Charts and number four on the Billboard Comedy Albums chart. It seems as if Arnie has continued his career and is pursuing different things, however, his legendary time on The Rob, Arnie, and Dawn Show seems to be over. However, his time on the show generated many fans, and many people grew up hearing Arnie’s voice each morning. He changed the world for the better, improved many people’s lives, and most likely helped many other depressed people by sharing his own experiences with his demons.

When you find yourself asking, “Whatever happened to Arnie States? Where is he now?” You will realize that he is on a new radio show, and pursuing new things. He is improving himself, and continuing to improve the world, too.

What’s Arnie States Doing Now in 2024 – Recent Updates

Arnie States, a well-known name in the radio industry, particularly for his contribution to “The Rob, Anybody, and Dawn Show,” has been a subject of curiosity among many of his fans and listeners. So exactly what happened to Arnie States?

Arnie States was an integral part of “The Rob, Anybody, and Dawn Show,” a popular radio show that aired on KRXQ in Sacramento, California. He had been part of this show for nearly two decades, providing listeners with his unique perspective on various topics and engaging in lively debates with the other hosts. His wit, humor, and distinctive voice made him a beloved figure on the show and a favorite among many listeners.

However, Arnie States suddenly disappeared from the radio show in 2016. This abrupt departure left many fans puzzled and wondering about his whereabouts. If anything, it was alarming for his regular listeners who were used to tuning into his banter every morning.

Eventually, it was revealed that he decided to leave the “The Rob, Anybody, and Dawn Show” to pursue other opportunities; he wanted to explore new horizons and to do that, he had to step away from the show.

After moving on, he eventually launched his own podcast show called “The Arnie States Show,” where he continues to entertain his fans with his unique humor and perspective. As of 2024, the show is still ongoing with live weekdays.

While Arnie’s departure from “The Rob, Anybody, and Dawn Show” was unexpected and surprising for many, it’s clear that he hasn’t left the world of radio entirely.

Rather, he has chosen to make use of his talents on a different platform- one where he can have more control over the content that he delivers. Ultimately, the decision seems to have paid off as “The Arnie States Show” has been well received by his fans who continue to support him in this new venture.

In conclusion, while Arnie States may no longer be a part of “The Rob, Anybody, and Dawn Show,” he is still very much active in the world of radio. His absence from the show was merely a stepping stone towards bigger things for him. His fans can still tune into his podcast and enjoy the unique humor and perspective that made him popular in the first place.


Bridget Rogers
Bridget Rogers
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  1. This should be labled an editorial. It’s awfully bias.
    “We provide the most recent, unbiased accounts of the news that matters to you.”

    • The real reason…. and I know this to be factual information from a VERY close source –
      The shows ratings were dropping as it was just the same stuff over and over again on a different day. Rob’s advisers said that Arnie was dragging the show down due to being too conservative & negative for today’s radio listeners. Simultaneously, Arnie was seeking a raise. Rob decided to part ways with Arnie & ratings initially drop pretty significantly but like all radio shows, the ratings have improved to high levels.

      The show always had Dawn as the “liberal”, Arnie was the conservative & Rob the more neutral party…. but with all things media… and in the world for that matter, being a conservative is criminal.
      And that is why Arnie is no longer on the show

  2. Never listened to Rob, Arnie and Dawn (well a few times) I didn’t find it to be terribly funny…humorous but not gut busting. I am glad Arnie is on with the Dog Pound….they are funny and their show is way better than “RAD”. The RAD show when I have listened to it comes across as being an EGO thing for Rob….talks about his expensive truck and corvette. Dawn’s laughing seems forced and is always laughing at Rob like a good little soldier. Brandon is cool and Amanda is good…but Rob…..tone it down and stop bagging on the “flagship station” that hosts your show… wouldn’t have a show without them!

  3. Rob sees himself as an intellectual way above the average Joe. Arnie, on the other hand, was/is much more down to earth with a no fuss attitude. Then there is Dawn, the queen of ignorance and a worthless excuses of a radio personality. Not my favorite show but now that Arnie is no longer on I do not see how they will stay on for much longer.

          • Because it is really hard to inflate your numbers with fake accounts from India right? The new show is dog stuff compared to the golden years. f Rob. I really hope they didn’t f Arnie over. If he was really “Close friends” with other members of the show, as was purported, his suicide attempt wouldn’t have come as a “shock” to the other members of the show. I was just a listener and could EASILY tell that Arnie was hurting inside…you may have had to listen for the full 5 hours each day to pick up on it but…it was there. Then to be released a month later and have all references to his name scrubbed…I mean, I really hope that decision was Arnie’s, because if the crew of the show or the station fooled him over…fool them. Karma comes around.

          • Everyone knew he was depressed. I remember everyone on the show getting on Arnie’s case about his pill addiction. Nick was the first one to immediately voice his concern. It went on for a while. And then he got addicted to his nose spray, and Dawn kept telling him to go to the doctor and he wouldn’t listen. They weren’t completely blind to his depression. And seeing that Rob immediately went to Arnie’s house when he attempted suicide, says to me that Rob did know Arnie very well. The thought that Arnie might have committed suicide immediately crossed Rob’s mind. He even said it was either suicide or a heart attack.

            Don’t get me wrong, I used to like Arnie. But it was all for comedy reasons. He wasn’t that good of a person, if you were really paying attention. He would seriously complain about helping his friends (it was a running gag, but there was seriousness to it). He was pretty inconsiderate (an example of this would be his chewing inside the building and not cleaning up after himself). He got married, and he complained all the time about the wife, and then he divorced her, and then he wouldn’t shut up about how much of a fool she was. Now, she may very well have been a fool, but he did choose her. He supposedly loved her at one point, yet he spoke so badly of her very openly. This says a lot of his character.

            I agree the show is not the same. It’s not as funny. I don’t laugh as much. But I enjoy it for other reasons now: it’s more adult talk radio with interesting topics.

  4. I used to listen to them every morning when I lived in Sacramento. Arnie was always a closed minded prick. To say he has changed the world for the better is bull. He’s a sexist, and bigoted bully. Not to mention, I’ve personally experienced him treating his fans like something.
    The things this guy says about people he has no experience with or knowledge of is beyond stupid. He’s a perfect example of the brainwashed sheep and willfully ignorant.


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