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What Happened to Emilio Estevez – What Is He Doing Now In 2024?

If you grew up in the 90’s, you probably remember Emilio Estevez best as plucky PeeWee hockey coach Gordon Bombay from the Mighty Ducks films. Bombay led the misfit Ducks to victory after victory, after inheriting the team as a punishment for drinking and driving (the 90’s were a very different time for the legal system). Then, in D2: The Mighty Ducks, Bombay brought in new recruits from all over the country and led the team to gold playing against the strangely villainous Icelandic team in the Junior Olympics. In the final movie in the trilogy, D3, he played a less prominent role, appearing only several times in the film and acting as more of a mentor than a coach, leaving most of the work to his now high school aged hockey stars. Yet, as the Ducks skated off into the sunset after D3, the once famous Emilio Estevez left the spotlight with them, and you might be wondering what he’s up to now.

emilio-estevez-what-happened Son of West Wing president Martin Sheen and brother to Hollywood heartthrob and bad boy Charlie Sheen, the rise of Emilio Estevez felt inevitable from an early point in his career. Emilio Estevez became a household name in the 80’s, playing young, oddball characters in classic films like The Outsiders and Repo Man. He was famously a member of the “Brat Pack,” a group of youthful rising A-Listers, appearing alongside other Brat Pack members such as Anthony Michael Hall, Molly Ringwald, and Rob Lowe in the films The Breakfast Club and St. Elmo’s Fire. In the Breakfast Club, Estevez took on his most well-known role, Andy the jock, who couldn’t think for himself, and who was driven to crush all opposition in a misguided attempt to live up to his father’s legacy of athletic domination.

Emilio Estevez continued his run of good-hearted tough guy roles by battling killer trucks as an ex-con in the Stephen King adaptation, Maximum Overdrive. In 1988 and 1990, he “reaped the whirlwind” of violence as the notoriously hot-headed crack shot, Billy the Kid, in the westerns Young Guns and Young Guns II. Estevez then had his first turn of success as a director with the black comedy Men at Work, in which Estevez co-starred with his brother, Charlie Sheen. Estevez and Sheen played slacker-hero garbage men solving a brutal murder and stopping the illegal dumping of toxic waste in their beloved coastal town. Although the film was panned by critics for the lowbrow humor and wacky sight gags, it was a major financial success and has since become a cult classic. Estevez appeared in several other action comedies like Stakeout, Stakeout II, and National Lampoon’s Loaded Weapon, but he struggled to recreate the popularity of his earlier 80’s hits with the Brat Pack.

Estevez attempted to turn his career around by re-inventing himself as the gruff, cynical coach with a heart of gold in 1992’s The Mighty Ducks and its sequels. The Disney family films were major successes for the studio, and they kicked off a wave of family-friendly sports movies like Cool Runnings, Angels in the Outfield, Heavyweights, The Big Green, and Air Bud. Critics were not kind to Coach Gordon Bombay however, and it was the beginning of the end for Estevez’s big screen career.

emilio-estevez-now-2015 After a string of duds, cameos, and made for TV movies like Late Last Night and Rated X, Emilio Estevez fell off the map for many years. The struggling actor was divorced by the 80’s superstar, Paula Abdul. He found work doing voice acting for several cartoon films, but mostly disappeared from public view, at one point claiming “shyness” as the reason for his rare public appearances. In 2006, Emilio wrote and directed the ensemble historical drama, Bobby, about the assassination of the late Robert Kennedy, and received mixed praise from the world. Since then, Estevez has had a TV cameo or two, including one on his brother Charlie’s show, Two and a Half Men. The once lauded teen star also had a minor triumph directing his father in the thoughtful pilgrimage, The Way, in 2010, a movie about family, death, and acceptance.

Emilio Estevez In 2024 – What is He Doing Now?

Emilio Estevez has been busy working on the third installment of the ‘Young Guns’ film franchise, Guns III: Alias Billy the Kid. Directed and written by Estevez himself, the movie will star Christian Slater as Arkansas Dave Rudabaugh and Lou Diamond Phillips as Chavez; he will also be reprising his role as Billy the Kid. While the plot hasn’t been revealed, fans won’t have to wait much longer as the film is scheduled to be released on August 3, 2022.

Last year, he also appeared in the Disney series, The Mighty Duck: Game Changers, which centers around a young boy and the Mighty Ducks junior hockey team. In the series, Estevez plays the role of Gordon Bombay, the team’s original coach. Other cast members include Lauren Graham, Brady Noon, Maxwell Simkins, Taegen Burns, Julee Cerda, and Swayam Bhatia.

the mighty ducks
Emilio Estevez as Gordon Bombay in the Disney series, The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers

In 2018, he also worked on the drama film, The Public, which he directed, wrote, produced, and starred in. Released in theaters on April 5, 2019, the movie revolved around a group of homeless library patrons who refuse to leave after learning that all emergency shelters are full.

Outside of acting, he has also appeared on the talk shows The Kelly Clarkson Show, SportsNation, and Entertainment Tonight.

the public
The promotional movie poster for his film, The Public

As far as his personal life goes, it was revealed in November 2021 that he had tested positive for COVID-19 back in March 2020, when the pandemic first started, and that he had suffered from Long COVID while filming the Mighty Ducks: Game Changers film in the fall of 2020.

For those who’d like to keep up with the actor, you can check out his Instagram page at @akawilliamhbonney. As of 2024, he has more than 8.4K followers. He also has a Twitter account, though it hasn’t been updated since 2011.

Nick Cobb
Nick Cobb
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  1. Sorry to hear about Sinor Estevez’s problems with acting as I thought him to be terrific in all his roles.. I would have thought that with all his family being in the entertainment industry, that his acting would have been almost second nature… I guess you need to be bad to be good, to be socially acceptable within the motion picture industry as equally as in television.. I don’t ever listen to critics for their reviews on a movie as most times they are wrong anyway… Those people are in entertainment as actors as well, and every once in awhile should be equally critiqued, as they are not untouchable from public media for the roles they take on as critics… Basically we the people should be the critic, we already have the final word, for when we walk out of a theater people ask us well how did you like it, and it is then that we too critique the works of those who work hard to perform for us, the public masses, who have the final word… Emilio if you’re out there and reading this, don’t take the critics to heart, as I said it is the people who make the final cut…! You are a terrific actor and have millions of people who are private citizens who love you for the many roles you have performed, and it is we who make the judgement call as to what we like and what we don’t like, as such we make the recommendations to others on what we enjoyed or not…. Speaking personally I think I have truly enjoyed all but one of your roles, and I believe it was in loaded weapon, but not for the lack of belief in your character but for the writing of the movie it self, it just was not the perfect role for you, and i blame the director for excepting the script…. Best of luck to Sinor Estevez’s in his future endeavors as i’m sure they will be equally a challenge up caliber as an actor….

  2. Love Emilio! He rocked it in young guns! It was perfect for him! Hope he turns it around… Travolta did he disappeared for yrs and came back stronger than ever…

  3. wish he would come back to the movie scene, young guns, Thrash trash guys movie, loved him that. heck bout ever movie he done was great, even thou the haters didnt like it or what not,. Piss on them, come back. love to see you acting again. And direct on the side, when not in roles. I thought that if anyone could make it out of the two brother in movies it would damn sure be Emilio Estevez, but i was wrong. would like to see in a role in a western movie again or maybe a trash guy again. that stuff was funny. and the acting in young guns, pretty damn good as Billy the Kid, love to see you reprise the role again, and bring back the cast for one last Ha Ra .. in the last epic days of Billy the Kid, Young Guns three .. Wish you the best of luck. but you really do need to make a come back..

  4. I would love to Emilio in a sequel to Loaded Weapon along with Sam L.
    One of my favorite spoof movies before spoof movies turned to sh…..

  5. What about the movie he wrote and directed The War at Home? It seems that there’s some sort of ill intention when it comes to Emilio Estévez, because his work as a director and actor in The War at Home movie, Robbie and The Way are amazing, not just Fine. He is a great actor and director and has been screwed over by the industry and critics and I don’t know why.

  6. Emilio has a great resume…no reason he can’t take some time off. Why is Hollywood so unforgiving of actors who lay low? He’s probably busy dealing with all the people who help put movies together and reading scripts. It takes a lot of management skills to be a director.

  7. Always loved Emilio and never cared for Charlie or watched his tv show exploiting and objectifying women as the main plot which i pretty disgusting. I like shy and hope Emilio simply enjoys his life whether that is in front of the camera or not.

  8. There’s a lot of “old big names” reinventing themselves nowadays in tv-shows and i would love to see Emilio do the same. He’s a cool actor.

  9. One of his best movies was Wisdom with Demi Moore.
    He plays an ex-con fed up with the system who travels across the heartland holding up banks, not to rob them, but to burn all the morgage and loan records. This was before the digital age, so it bought people time to get money before their homes, farms, and businesses were forclosed on.

    They were heroes.

    Remake Wisdom Emilio!!! Only this time with hackers who crash the banks.

  10. if that was him I talked to twice today but as in different people then I’d say he’s doing just fine as a normal person and father should be proud because I saw him in anne of green gables so if he hit on me he’d prolly score

  11. I love Emilio estevez he is one of the greatest actors I’ve ever seen ! I put him up there with al pacino Robert redford and Robert Di’nero i love him as an actor and a person! I really wish he would make more movies. My favorite movie was Wisdom!!! Loved it!!


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