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What Happened to Haylie Johnson – 2024 Updates & News

Haylie Johnson is a former actress best known for playing Haylie on the 80s and 90s show Kids Incorporated. She’s also the sister of Ashley Johnson, who starred in the ABC sitcom Growing Pains. What happened to Haylie? Where is she now in 2024? Let’s find out.

Haylie Johnson’s Early Life

Haylie Johnson was born on January 29, 1980, in Thousand Oaks, California. She is the oldest daughter of ship captain Cliff Johnson and former test pilot Nancy. She is of Scottish, Swedish, and Norwegian descent, and has an older brother named Chris and a younger sister named Ashley, both of whom have also acted on television.

As a young child, her father was often away due to work; he would bring back souvenirs from the countries that he visited, such as Japan, upon returning home.

When Haylie was three years old, her father landed a new job, which prompted the entire family to move to Franklin Michigan, where they lived for a couple of years before moving back to Los Angeles, California (Haylie attended Kindergarten and first grade in Michigan) to further her and her sibling’s careers; it was there that she and her siblings attended school in the Burbank area.

Around the same time, she started her career as a child model for a local children’s clothing store called Loretta Loroin. Both her sister and brother were also featured in the ads. From there, Haylie landed a number of commercial and print ad gigs, including one for The Original Cookie Company.

Eventually, she began to land a few commercial roles on television. She even played an extra in Ashley’s ABC sitcom Growing Pains in 1985. However, it wasn’t until 1991, when she was eleven years old, that she landed her big break, after being cast in the popular kids’ musical series Kids Incorporated.

Haylie Johnson on Kids Incorporated

Haylie joined the cast of Kids Incorporated during the seventh season, which premiered in November 1991. She made her debut in the eighth episode titled “New Twist” replacing Stacy Ferguson who left in the sixth season, and like many of the other characters, her character, Haylie, was also named after her. She joined fellow child actresses Renee Sands, Mario Lopez, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Brian Friedman, and Martika, many of whom had been on the show since the beginning.

haylie johnson
Haylie Johnson joined the cast of Kids Incorporated at the age of eleven. Her character, also named Haylie, was introduced in the seventh season, which aired in 1991

After the seventh season, she returned as Haylie for the eighth, which aired in 1992. In total, she appeared in 33 episodes; her last appearance was in the thirteenth episode of the eighth season titled, “The Boy of La Mancha.”

While she was on Kids Incorporated, Haylie was also in a band called Blessed With Soul with fellow Kids Incorporated co-star Brian Friedman, Eric Balfour, and the late Brittany Murphy. Brian later left the group to pursue a dance career while the others continued performing music together.

After the show was canceled in 1996, mainly due to budget cuts and Disney’s lease with MGM expiring, the rest of the group broke up.

Guest Appearances on Television and Film Debut

After Kids Incorporated, Haylie made a guest appearance in the popular teen drama Beverly Hills, 90210, where she played the role of Cousin Lindsey. From there, she guest starred as Linda in an episode of Boys Meets World.

In 1997, she made her big screen debut in the romance comedy film Father’s Day, which centers around a woman who cons two boyfriends (played by Billy Crystal and Robin Williams) into looking for her runaway son. In it, Haylie played a minor character named Nikki Trainor, who appears in a brief scene in the film.

Haylie Johnson on Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman

A year after leaving Kids Incorporated, Haylie landed her second break after being cast in the Western drama Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman. Created by Beth Sullivan, the series revolves around Dr. Michaela Quinn (played by Jane Seymour), a doctor who leaves her practice in Boston for the Old West lifestyle in Colorado Springs.

Premiered on January 1, 1993, the series also starred Joe Lando, Erika Flores, Shawn Toovey, Jessica Bowman, and Chad Allen. As for Haylie, she played the supporting role of Becky Bonner, who made her debut in the first season. She would ultimately remain on the show for six years; her final appearance was in the eighth episode of the sixth season titled, “A Time to Heal: Part 1”, which aired on November 15, 1997.

dr quinn
Haylie landed her second big role in the western drama series, Dr Quinn., Medicine Woman

A huge hit, the television series ran for a total of 150 episodes, in addition to two TV films that were made after the show’s cancellation. The show also aired in more than 100 different countries including the UK, Canada, Denmark, Italy, France, Bulgaria, Australia, and Poland.

Even after the show ended, reruns continued in syndication, CBS, Hallmark Drama, PAX, Freeform, and other television networks.

While Haylie only played a supporting character in the series, it remains to be one of her best-known roles on television to date (the other being Kids Incorporated).

Her Later Acting Roles and Eventual Retirement

A couple of months after leaving Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, Haylie landed a guest role in the romance comedy series Caroline in the City, which starred Lea Thompson, Amy Pietz, and Malcolm Gets. Introduced in the third season, she played the role of Jennifer, who appeared in the episode “Caroline and the Councilman.”

Not long afterward, she made a guest appearance in the family drama series Smart Guy, which centers around a 10-year-old genius (played by T.J. Henderson) who goes to high school. In the show, Haylie played the character of Hannah, who appeared in the eighth episode of the third season, “Boomerang.”

After appearing in the film, Haylie took what appeared to be a short break from acting. It wasn’t until 2001, three years after Smart Guy, that she landed her next and final acting role, in the drama film Social Misfits.

Premiered in 2001, the film starred Tyrone Tann, Ryan Francis, and Gabriel Damon, and revolved around a group of teens who are forced to work in a place called “Camp Resurrection” for 48 consecutive hours. One of the supporting characters, Haylie played the role of Debra and was joined by fellow actors Boris Cabrera, Charlie Talbert, Kaili Hollister, Chachi Pittman, and Joe Michaels, among others.

What’s Haylie Johnson Doing Now in 2024 – Recent Updates

Haylie married singer-songwriter, Jonny Lang, on June 8, 2001, not long after appearing in Social Misfits. Interestingly enough, they both share the same birthday, though she is older than him by a year.

haylie johnson wedding
Haylie Johnson with her husband Jonny Lang on their wedding day in 2001

A Grammy award-winning musician, her husband has released numerous albums over the years including Turn Around, Fight For My Soul, Wander This World, Lie to Me, and Signs, many of which had charted on the Billboard 200. Not only that but he has also made several television appearances over the years. For example, he has appeared on Late Night with Conan O’Brien, The Drew Carey Show, and Late Show with David Letterman. If anything, his fanbase is even bigger than Haylie’s, which isn’t surprising seeing as how he’s still active in the music scene.

Together, the pair have five children: fraternal twins Saylow Monroe and Raimy Lee, daughters Lilou James and Rennix Belle, and son Tevi Flynn.

haylie johnson kids
Haylie and her husband have five children together, the youngest of whom was born in 2017

Since the birth of her children, she has become a stay-at-home mom (she and her husband homeschool their five children). However, she does occasionally perform on stage with Johnny.

She also has her own blog called The Ranting Housewife, which she updates on a regular basis. For example, she regularly shares tidbits from her life, including stories and videos of her children. Not only that but she has also written about some of her early acting experiences as well. For those who are interested, you can check it out her website at

haylie johnson instagram
Haylie Johnson runs an active Instagram account at @therantinghousewife

Not only that but she’s also active on social media- Instagram, to be more specific. In fact, she updates her account almost every day with new pictures and videos, most of which include her five children. Every now and then, she’ll also post throwback pictures of herself and her fellow Kids Incorporated co-stars.

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