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What’s the Difference Between Electronic Cigarettes and Vaporizers?

Electronic cigarettes and vaporizers are two relatively new items on the tech scene that are quite popular. Both are used to discreetly and appropriately deliver substance to their user. Both are low-profile, sleek, and stylish. Also… both can be rather expensive. In this article, the one vaporizer I am immediately thinking of in my head is the Ploom PAX vaporizer (both model 1 and 2), a vaporizer used for herbal substances. Vaporizer is a broad term, which will be discussed more, and can include a number of devices, but the one in my head that sticks out clear is the Ploom PAX which you can read more about here. The terms “Vaporizer” and “Electronic Cigarette” are nearly interchangeable, as well; every electronic cigarette is considered a vaporizer, but not every vaporizer is considered an electronic cigarette.


Vaporizers can encompass a number of things, also including electronic cigarettes, but vaporizers are typically thought of as items that vaporize to the level of near incineration/combustion. Electronic cigarettes are devices that are used solely to deliver nicotine replacement in the form of electronic cigarette juice, or “e-liquid.” Vaporizers can hold a wide variety of substances, including leafy substances, sticky substances, juice-like substances, or any mix of the three. Vaporizers utilise an “oven” instead of a cartomizer, atomizer, or coil to do their job, meaning that no parts have to be replaced on a vaporizer, usually. Meanwhile, electronic cigarettes do require a bit of maintenance and care to use; while a vaporizer may just need to be cleaned or polished or de-tarred, electronic cigarettes require new parts to be put in – namely just the coil, but come electronic cigarettes do require users to replace parts every few weeks, dependent on use.


Vaporizers are meant to be used for more tobacco and leafy substances, while electronic cigarettes only handle juice. Vaporizers will typically meant to be disposed of, returned, or maintained when the contents have all been used up. Typically, vaporizers will produce more of a smoke than a vapor; rather, the contents of the “vapor” from the vaporizer will have something contained within other than simply water vapor. This can include THC, CBD, nicotine, alcohol, or any other chemical-based substance.


Electronic cigarettes also usually burn hotter than vaporizers, as well – this is due to the self-contained nature of the electronic cigarette, where the only thing that they are meant to work with is e-juice. This can produce a harsher vaping experience for some users. Electronic cigarettes are often smaller than vaporizers, due to the nature of the mechanics and devices required to power the vaporizer. Vaporizers may hold more e-juice, such as those disposable vaporizers, like the Blu disposable series. Vaporizers are more reminiscent of cig-a-likes, which are electronic cigarettes/vaporizers that are meant to look like, feel like, and emulate like traditional “analog” paper cigarettes.  Electronic cigarettes will usually have some sort of LED or LCD screen which shows information, while a vaporizer might communicate in more unorthodox ways, such as using beeping or a system of flashing lights.

Vaporizers are usually sold unregulated, and are meant for the user to do with whatever they please. Electronic cigarettes are usually on a much more lockdown, with much more literature available for them to understand how they work and which electronic cigarette works the best for what the user desiresWAX GLASS GLOBE VAPORIZER . Vaporizers are made to be an introduction for users to electronic cigarettes, usually, and will usuallyencompass a different look if they do not have the “cig-a-like”qualities. Electronic cigarettes are meant to be a direct replacement for cigarettes, as well; it is in their name exactly what they do. Electronic cigarettes are meant to only deliver nicotine through the use of a properly loaded electronic cigarette juice, while a vaporizer may be made to deliver any sort of chemical from more solid state substances, such as leaf like substances, wax-like substances, or droopy honey-like substances.



  1. Good article but I’m confused by these two statements:

    “Electronic cigarettes are devices that are used solely to deliver nicotine replacement in the form of
    electronic cigarette juice, or “e-liquid.””


    “Electronic cigarettes are meant to only deliver nicotine through the use of a properly loaded electronic cigarette juice,”

    So e-cigs deliver nicotine or deliver a nicotine-replacement?


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