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Star Stable Tips and Cheats Released – A Strategy Guide For New Players

Star Stable is an online virtual horse racing game where you can take care of your horse, do quests, socialize with friends and, of course, compete against other players. It is a free to play game (up to level 5) and the target audience are mostly girls ages 6 and up, but that doesn’t stop the boys who loves horse racing to also play it.

So without further ado (or horseplay?), here are some neat tips and tricks to help you progress in the game and win competitive races.

Equip Your Best Gear

Before you race, always put your best racing gear that will give you an overall stats boost for you and your horse, especially in championship races. Always choose gears in your inventory that will make your horse run faster. Sure you’ll look good wearing those fancy vanity gears, but it’ll not win you many races.

You can buy racing gears at a shopping mall, but the best place (or places) to find really good stuff are at the Golden Hills Valley, Valley of the Hidden Dinosaur, and Harvest Counties.


Horses run faster when you’re taking the main road. If you go off the marked pathsstar-stable-horse-ride , there are lots of shortcuts you can take. For example, the fastest way to get from Moorland to the Winery is by cutting through Nimler’s Highland where the tent or the circus wagons are located. You can also jump across the Southsilver Rivers and Silversong at narrow places to proceed to other areas quickly. This is extremely useful if you’re going between Goldenhills Valley and Harvest Counties.

Most, if not all, tracks have shortcuts that will save you a lot of time once you’ve discovered it. Keep in mind that some of the shortcuts are not that easy to find. You will also notice that when you jump, it slows you down a bit, so don’t jump around way too often.

Lagging Problems

If you’re lagging while playing the game, try to adjust the graphic settings. Under options, move the slider all the way down, but keep in mind that you’ll have to repeat this every time you log in.

You can also uncheck the post effect and vertical sync options for smoother gameplay.

The Best Stats to Boost

When you need to choose a horse that is best for a race and to maximize your winning chances, always remember that the best stats to boost are Swiftness and Speed, followed by Discipline, Agility and Command. You can also boost Jumping to get over the fences with ease.

Training and Practice

As your horse levels up, so are most of your stats. Always train your horse as you lstar-stable-horse-stats evel up. Keep your horse’s level at the same range or above your rider’s level to maximize your chances of winning against other riders with the same level as yours. For example, if you’re a level 10 rider, train your horse up to level 10 or higher.

Always practice if you have a spare time. Discover which route is the best and where shortcuts are located through the course to save time. Try using different paths, different gear combos and horses to see which is best suited in a course. Keep track of your time to determine what works best for that course or race.

Stable Chores

You can speed up the time when doing stable chores by starting on the barn’s right side and working towards left. In front of the end stall, you can remove the dirt from the pile, then go to star-stable-horse the middle stall. Through the stall wall, you can put hay and water. You can also turn around to put hay and water in the stall you’re in, and you can remove the dirt from the big stall to put hay in it. On the far left, you can put water through the stall wall and remove the dirt from the last pile. Control your movements by using arrow keys, and use the mouse to move the shovel, hay, and/or water while working.

If your horse gets thirsty while working (stable chores), do the chores first using the water in your bucket, then give it to your horse when you’re done. This will save you visits to the well, because you use less water when doing stable chores.

Save Money on Short Rides

If you want to go back to your home stable as fast as possible, you can call for a pickup instead of paying 100 Jorvik Shillings per ride. The only time you pay for 100 Jorvik Shillings is for long distance travels (examples of long distance travels are from Firgrove to Silverglade Equestrian Center, Valedale to Fort Pinta, or Valedale Lake to Moorland). Save your shillings if you’re having a short distance ride (from Moorland to Fort Pinta or Steve’s to Moorland).

Avoid Hiccups During The Race

There are times when you cannot see where you’re going or what you’re doing during the race (because there are too many riders competing at the same time, or riders wear colorful gears to look cool and to distract you). The best way to avoid this is to add people in your group to your ignore list, then remove them from your ignore list (not your friend list, mind you) after the race.




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