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Jurassic World Easily Beats Opening Weekend Estimates

Jurassic World debuted late Thursday but its opening on Friday, brought in around $82.8 million at the box office. The amount includes Thursday’s $18.5 million. The huge opening makes the dinosaur film the third biggest opening day film of all time, behind the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2. The popular film made $91 million. The second is the latest of Marvel, Avengers: Age of Ultron with $84.4 million.

According to Scott Mendelson of Forbes, if you look at the numbers closely, Jurassic World has broken another record at the box office. If you take away the millions from Thursday’s showing and just count the money made Friday, it leaves the film with around $64.3 million. That means the dinosaur film technically had the biggest opening day on a Friday beating blockbusters like Iron Man 3, Furious 7 and the first two Avengers.

New Estimates

Estimates before the weekend started predicted that the film would bring in around $155 million, but that number will be easily beaten the next few days. According to Box Office Mojo, Universal is now estimating a total of $181.4 million, while Deadline reported Saturday morning that weekend estimates were even higher, going from $181.4 to almost $200 million. Those numbers are impressive for a reboot.

The first installment of The Avengers currently holds the top spot for the biggest opening weekend of all time at $207.4 million. The dinosaur film probably won’t get to that amount but is expected to pass Furious 7, which broke several records and brought in millions for weeks. The racing film surpassed the $1 billion mark and holds the record for Universal’s top opening weekend at $147.1 million. But we can’t rule out other records just yet, the film is only two days in and could end up surprising us even more.

Chris Pratt Returning

Movie Poster If you enjoyed his time in Jurassic World then prepare to hear good news.

Entertainment Weekly got to talk with the star of the dinosaur film and they asked him if he has already signed on for a sequel, the famous actor answered, “I am. They have me for I think 38 movies or something.” The interview was part two of the two he agreed to do with the magazine, the other was done 10 months ago.

The actor also spoke about his childhood love for the previous versions of the film, how director Colin Trevorrow contacted him for the reboot and what makes this movie different from the older ones. “When we pick up on our movie, it’s not this exciting park that no one can believe,” he said. “I just liked the idea that the park is open and also attendance is falling off. In this world, dinosaurs have been around for 20 years. So no one thinks they’re fascinating anymore. Kids are bored with them. Instead of being mesmerized by a T. rex, they’re at the park and they’re looking at their iPhones.”

With the recent success, it was a no brainer to bring Pratt back for a sequel. Expect more if the second one is successful too.

Did you like the film? Is it better than previous versions?

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