Friday, July 19, 2024 Tips, Hacks, Cheats, and Tricks in 201 is a massively-multiplayer top-down strategy game that you play in your browser or either on Android or iOS mobile devices. Interestingly enough, is based on the real substance known as Agar. When you are playing, the point of the game is to enlarge the cells by swallowing the non-player cells that are scattered around on the map, and to do this you need to manipulate the cells by using your mouse and keyboard. has really become a popular game worldwide, with some countries like Turkey using the game in campaign posters and other political environments to show support. If you are playing then you are likely going to need some tips and tricks to get you going through the game, especially if you are new to the game and are not aware of what all is involved in manipulating the circular cells. Here are some really good hacks, tips and tricks to help you out if you are currently playing or are thinking about playing the game in 2017.


Pay Attention in FFA- One thing you want to be careful about if when you are in FFA. Some of the cells you run into might seem passive, like they won’t attack you, but this is not true at all. The cells will definitely be willing to attack you the first chance they get, which means you need to always pay attention. This is one of those tricks that will really help you through the game, especially in the beginning, but it might take a while to get the passive demeanor down well enough to trap the other players.

Don’t Split Cells Into More Than 3- What you really need to do is make sure you are not splitting up the cells into more than 3, unless you need to in order for it to save your life in the game. What happens if you split into more than 3 cells is that the cells will get very small, which means that you will find yourself having trouble managing and controlling them. Since it will be harder for you to control the cells if they are small, this gives the enemy even more opportunities to destroy you. The hostile cells will be able to consume you quicker and easier the more you split your cells. Think of it like a whole pie, with the more times you cut the pie, the smaller the pieces are, and then this makes it harder for you to cut the pie the right way. The bigger pieces of pie, the easier it is for you to cut the pie and control it, so think of the same way when it comes to splitting the cells.

You Can Only Zoom So Much– When you are zooming in and out with your mouse, remember that you can only zoom out so much. Meaning, you cannot zoom out more than the original size was, so while you can zoom somewhat, zooming out only will get you back to the original size. You will just have to fiddle with the zooming in and out so that you know what your limits are with the zoom, and remember that zooming can help you, but in some instances can hurt you if you can’t see what is going on around you. If you zoom in too much, you might not see a larger cell getting ready to attack you, so make sure you are still able to see your surroundings when you are in the zoom mode.

Speed Boost In Team Mode- When you are in Team Mode, you can help your team-mates by giving them a speed boost. This is done by pushing the team-mates from behind, and using this will help your team-mates catch the enemy or escape away from the larger cells. You can also do this trick with your own cells, but you probably will notice it’s harder to control the direction during the boost when it is your own cells compared to the team-mates.

Fake Passive Strategy– When you are trying to catch cells, one way you can do this with ease is to play a fake passive type of strategy. You can see the smaller cells zooming around your cells or trying to split attack when you are trying to split towards them. What you want to do is trick them by going in another direction, and then once they get close, turn the direction you are in and start splitting towards the cells. If your pretty accurate with your aim, you will be able to catch some of the cells off guard using the split attack, and this means that they cannot dodge your movement. You can do this trick when you are playing at any level of mass, but if you are less than 1,000 the trick works better since the bigger cells have a slower movement. You can think of it like this, the bigger cells cannot dodge the cell attacks as well since they have a slower movement.

Maximum Split is 16- When you are playing, you will find out that you cannot split more than 16, but there is a way to sort of get around this. You want to eat a virus, but you need to have a large cell that is bigger than the virus for this to work. You just need to remember that the more you split, the harder the cells are to control, so you are really better off not splitting the cells into 16 unless you have to, but when you do, eat the virus to help you out.

Split Through Your Ally– One cool trick you can do is split through your ally, which works if the ally is in your way or you are trying to do a surprise attack. You need to remember though, when you are splitting through an ally, you need to stay pretty close to the ally in order for it to work. Splitting through your ally is one of the best tips out there, since it can help you surprise attack an enemy without them seeing you, which means there is less of a chance that other cells will also come in for an attack since you can’t be seen behind the ally cell. It makes since that if the enemy cannot see where you are attacking from, they cannot attack you back, and you are more likely to wind up getting off attacks without getting damage yourself.

Split Into Multiple Cells in Beginning– When you are in the beginning of, you can split into multiple cells, especially if you feel you are in an area that is not really under a big threat. This helps you increase your rate of travel, and also helps you improve the speed that you can collect the pellets. This also helps give you a boost to zoom scale, and this can help you evade the other cells. If you do this early, then you will be able to merge your cells quicker when you encounter the enemy, and this also helps you keep the cells off guard so you can consume them.

Take Warnings from Other Player Cells Seriously– Sometimes you will get signals from other player cells which might be partially off of your screen. You want to take these warnings and signals seriously because a player cell might be ignoring you while coming at you because it could mean they are being chased by the bigger cell that might then end up coming after you. You also want to take notice of the position of the bigger cells which can help you stay out of sight, and this then helps you avoid being attacked by the bigger cells. It is important that if you see a player cell coming towards you quickly but not really seeming like they are interested in you that you take this as a sign an enemy might be close. If the player does interact with you that would then make you a target for the cell they are being chased by, so always pay attention to the subtle signals the other player cells might be giving you.

The Bigger You Become The Less Competitive The Game- One thing to keep in mind while playing is that the bigger you become, the less competitive the game will get. This is because the majority of the cells that are around you become less valuable in terms of a profit if you split. Once you get around the top 5 slots, the game will immensely slow down for you, and you might have to end up roaming around to find some action instead of having the action coming towards you. You can give out mass to the smaller cells around you in order to keep the game going, especially if you do not really want to roam around, and you can end up befriending cells by doing this, just remember to give the mass to the smaller cells.

Low Player Cell Areas Are a Waste- While it does depend on your own playing style in, you will probably notice that the low player cell areas are not worth it to you. You can go into the low player cell areas if you want a break for a little bit from the action, such as if you just got a big catch after splitting to eat a cell. If you stay in the low player cell areas long enough though, you will end up finding out that you are decaying in mass, and then you end up not really making any progress in the game or even finding yourself going into the negative since you are not really feeding. It is really best just to stay out of these low player cell areas most of the time, especially if you are someone that likes a lot of competitiveness and action.

Lure Enemies By Ejecting Mass- You can actually lure your enemies into your area by ejecting some mass into the direction of the enemy. You basically are fooling them into coming into your direction so that you can eat them, and they likely won’t even notice until it’s too late. You can think of the ejection of some mass as being like a worm on a fishing pole, because it lures the enemy to you so you can catch them. If you are in Teams Mode, then you will find out that this is even better since you have allies that can back you up as well, but you can do it by yourself as well and it works great.

Gauge Size of Your Enemy- When you are getting ready to target the enemy with a split-grab, you want to gauge the size of the cell in order to see whether it’s worth it. If you split into a smaller cell and the other orbs are not immediately absorbed, then your enemy will absorb your split up orbs. It’s basically a risk to target with the split-grab, so try not to do this unless you are 100 percent sure that you will instantaneously absorb the other orb.

Larger Cells Can Block Small Ones From Getting Away- As you play the game, you might find a player who has a very large cell around a smaller cell. If the smaller cell is facing you, with the larger cell being larger than you, you can catch and eat the smaller cell without it being able to get away. The issue is that if the one cell is bigger than the other by quite a bit, it blocks the smaller cell from being able to get away, and then you will be able to go after the smaller cell without much repercussion. The only issue is that if you see the larger cell is over twice your size, then it could split you and kill you, which is a way to save the smaller cell. This means that you should only do this when the larger cell is less than twice your own size, because there is a risk the larger will attack you to protect the smaller. The enemy might be setting you up by having the cells positioned that way, since the other player knows you will be going after the smaller cell, so just remember it can be a bit of a risk.

Cells Can Stay Safe By Going In Between Two Larger Cells– In this game, you can avoid being eaten by going in between two larger cells, but this goes for your enemy too. You cannot get too close to either side since this could get you eaten, but you can use this trick to avoid being eaten when you are cornered. You can also use this method to help you maneuver around the viruses, but be aware that players will try to eat you as you are in between their bigger cells.

Attack Bigger Cells with Virus- You can attack the bigger cells with a virus, but the bad part about this is that it is a risky maneuver in terms of dealing with the bigger cells. You need to check how much mass you will be left with after ejecting the mass into the virus. It can take up to 7 times for you to get the mass into the virus, so you will need to keep a pen and paper handy to write down the amounts of mass you will have left after each time if it takes more than one try.

You Don’t Have Infinite Space- In, you need to remember that there are walls in the game that are used in order to box in the players, and the field in the game is not infinite. This means that you need to utilize the corners and walls to your advantage, especially when it comes to trying to consume cells. You can corner a player when the player thinks they will be able to get away, then you can split and cut off the pathway for them entirely, and this basically means they cannot go anywhere. A lot of players think the play field is infinite, so the other player will think they can get away when they are cornered, especially around the edges, so use the fact you know something they don’t to your own advantage to kill them.

It Takes Time to Reform Orb- As you are playing the game, you need to remember that it takes a while to reform your whole orb after you split. If you are splitting when a larger enemy is around you are risking being eaten yourself since reforming takes a while. You really need to keep this in mind when you are splitting your orbs to absorb the smaller faster orbs around you, which is something you will do often in the game. While splitting does allow you to grab the smaller orbs and absorb them, of course there are repercussions to this method in the game, so just remember that you need to hold off on this until the larger cells are gone from your area. The larger cells will know that you are vulnerable during this period, and will be going after you every chance they get, so keep your eyes open.

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