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What Happened to Jake Harris From Deadliest Catch? See What He is Doing Now in 2018

Jake Harris, star of the popular reality show Deadliest Catch which airs on Discovery Channel, has been quiet lately. Many are wondering, what happened to Jake Harris?

jake-harris-now The television show, Deadliest Catch, is one of Discovery channel’s most successful TV shows. It is about different crews who go out onto the open seas and attempt to catch large quantities of fish, crabs, and other profitable sea creatures. The main catch they look for is King Crab. Many upscale restaurants around the world contain dishes with this meat, which means it is very profitable. However, going for the big catches is not a simple, easy, or safe job. Fishing for crabs, especially in Alaska, is considered to be up there with the most treacherous and vicious jobs. No one is safe. During the show, Phil Harris, father of Jake and his brother Josh, died of a stroke, on camera. Now Jake Harris and his brother Josh are in control of the Cornelia Marie, the ship formerly manned by their late father. The two make an interesting combination, although they are known to butt heads from time to time. Now, as co-captains, they have no choice but to work together if they want to bring in the next big catch. Everything is on the line for them in the upcoming season.

The death of their father, Phil Harris, caused lots of pain for the two, and Jake seeminglyjake-harris-prime went quiet. In an interview with Diane Anderson Minshall, Josh spoke up about his brother and the death of their father. He also brought up a book written by him and Jake about their father, a sort of memoir of the life of Phil Harris. It seems as if Jake has been busy writing the book with his brother, and is now ready to be all in for the upcoming season of Deadliest Catch.

What is Jake Harris doing now in 2018?

jake-harris-then He is still on the show, in charge of the crew that once belonged to his father. He has not done this, however, without his fair share of criticism. Many of the characters in the show have criticized him, his actions, and his decision making throughout the show. He was made into a bad guy, someone who the fans of the show loved to hate. He did seem to be featured less in the show for a while after his father died, but since then, he not only has written a book, but he has also returned to the show in a greater capacity.

So the answer to the question on many of the show’s viewers’ minds, “What in the world happened to Jake Harris?” Is that Jake Harris is where he’s been all along: manning the crew of the Cornelia Marie. While his latest actions have been controversial and perhaps made him disappear from the spotlight for a bit, Harris is and will continue to be, exactly where he’s been: leading his crew towards finding the deadliest catch.

Assault Update

In late November of 2016, Jake Harris was beaten by multiple men after leaving a casino. He suffered severe injuries including a cracked skull. He was found on the side of a road seemingly left for dead.  He is currently recovering and his family hopes he will be able to begin fishing again in 2017.

Bridget Rogers
Bridget Rogers
Bridget Rogers is an independent freelance writer based out of Madison, Wisconsin. Bridget's work can be found on a variety of sources in both online and print media.


  1. Have you even watched the show? Jake hasn’t been on all season. He’s NOT on the boat, he is home in Washington.

  2. Fluff much? Jake had a serious drug issue that ended with him leaving the show. You can’t write about Jake Harris and avoid DRUG ADDICTION! The Cornielia Marie did not fish nor was on the show for a season+, returning for last years King Crab. Jake was not on the boat nor was there any mention off his involvement or return. He has NOT “returned to the show in a greater capacity”, he has no capacity at all and with the exception of some tragic footage of his battle with addiction? Hasn’t been around for 2 seasons or more. He’s also not “in charge of the crew that once belonged to his father”. The boat was laid up for quite a while and the crew is new! How about you actually watch a show (movie, read a book, etc) or at least talk to someone who has before you write about it? As it stands, there are computer programs that could write a better piece than this. Or the old 12 monkeys banging on typewriters, that would probably be better too.

    • I suspect that the writer of this article mixed Jake up with his brother Josh. Most of what is written is true about Josh.

      • Omg., just had to go on a delete-spree; honestly hadn’t realized that the article ACTUALLY said: “What is Jake Harris doing now? He is still on the show, in charge of the crew that once belonged to his father.”

        Jeeh-sus, it’s been -like- a year (or, something?!), isn’t anybody going to edit it, in order to correct the information??

        Was there a retraction, anyone got a link?.. Maybe someone was able to get in touch with the editors? o.0

  3. Obviously someone is living in dreamland. Jake Harris has been busy, that much is true. He’s been busy robbing his fathers estate to fund his drug habit. He hasn’t been on the show, isn’t involved in the CM and isn’t in charge of anyone or anything, including his own life.

    Wouldn’t it be great if a reporter actually did some research before writing a completely nonsensical article?

          • Ignorance truly is bliss and you are the living proof. Not only was my opinion thoroughly pointed out to be correct in this post but the news and show also explained it quite well. While I’m sure reading comprehension is difficult for you, try asking next time instead of lashing out. There is an old saying that you should learn.It goes like this; “Don’t sit there with you mouth closed letting people think you’re an idiot. Open your mouth and prove it.”

          • Yea, uh-huh, because everything we see and hear on TV must be the truth, right.

            Anyway, that RjD fella looks like a big guy, so it’s easy to join his side in an argument – you’d think. However, with all of the insults flying around (he looks a little older than 12, I don’t get why do it :)), I’d like to crack a baseball bat over his head and then ask him again if he’d like to call me a moron, you know.

            Sometimes, if people are smart, their views can change – once hospitalized – but, this isn’t always the case unfortunately. Sometimes you just can’t argue with stupid..;) 🙂

  4. WOW, Someone should be fired for this story. It is so copy and past from 2011 that its sick to know someone even was paid for this article. Jake has no ownership in the boat and continues his fight with addiction. And is totally out of the spotlight and no longer part of Deadliest Catch because he cant work for any boat on or off the show with his well known addiction issues. I think this person who wrote this article may need to put down the crack pipe at the office.

  5. I do hope this article was done for free? If the author has been paid, shame on this publication! Been a couple years now with no Jake Harris. The reasons for his absence, are his own. On a show as visual as Deadliest Catch you can’t add a character, who you say helps run a boat, that is not present. It’s about as credible as that old salesman who has some ocean front property for sale in Arizona. Oh… and you almost made me snort coffee out of my nose while reading. This pathetic article should come with a spew alert!

  6. Wow, way to botch this research on this article. JOSH is manning the Cornelia Marie now and JAKE has not been seen on the show since he took off to enter rehab while Phil Harris was in the hospital where he later died. One has to wonder if this article and headline was intentionally written in error to draw eyes to your site, as Deadliest Catch fans have always been curious about the lives of the cast off the show. Shame on you for the egregious errors.

    • OIC, so they must’ve edited the article – since all of (your) comments say the opposite. It isn’t written anywhere, on the page(s), that they had made a mistake with the names?! Is that what had happened?.. They wrote the brothers’ names wrong and then switched them? o.0

      (Because, right now, everything seems correct: Josh Harris, became captain, never had a problem; & Jake Harris was the thugged-out smuggler… Way to go, btw., LOL!)

  7. This article is totally inaccurate. I want to use some four letter words to better make my point but I better not.

    • the only kid I know that can run from the cops and get away with it while driving drunk. wow. Heard he was in Oak Harbor, Wa and was a complete jerk.

  8. And I might add, that Mickey Mouse is the engineer. I, Yogie Bear, have also been the relief captain, and we fish for King Crabs south of Maui on the off season.

  9. Dude you are an idiot. Jake harris hasnt been on the show since season 8. I guess you are to busy having cocks rammed up your poop chute. Jake is sucking Peter for drugs and has no connection with the show or his dead fathers boat. So maybe next tim you should do some research instead of being a gobbler.

  10. It’s sad for both sides of this whole thing. Obviously what Josh said is pray for his brother and him because prayer is more powerful then anything in this world and he and his brother need that more than anything to conquer this whole thing not all the mean things in life. I have been dealing with a daughter who for 16 years been addicted to drugs and she has lost everything and her 3 kids who are with me right now. It’s not easy to deal with people like this just pray that God will let them see the light before they really see the light of death.

    • Karla Gierer, I’m sorry to hear about your daughter. That is a shame.
      I got sucked into pain killers for a while, and I got out before it got bad. Some of my friends didn’t make it out and went on to do meth and heroin. Some are in real bad shape.
      I turned my life around and now have a great job, own my house, and have two kids.
      I am glad that I went through what I did. It made me the man that I am today. I decided that I was done, and I quit.
      Hopefully she pulls her head out of her ass, and decides to stop. Addicts will never stop until they are ready. You can’t tell them to stop, they don’t want to hear it. Addicts quit when they are ready, or they are dead.

  11. The real question, is who let Jake write for Gazette Review? Or why did this lunatic publish ‘his’ article? Or what did this article cost Jake?

    • Hah! I don’t get if you guys are joking, or what… Josh is a captain now & Jake (the younger brother) was the one with the problem, yo (so it seems all good, just that cush can get ppl confused?! :))

  12. he has an addiction problem and as most will probably die from it but still Id like to do him just once cause He is cute or at least used to be??

  13. I think this author does not know who Jake Harris is. This article reads more like she is talking about Josh.

    • Nah, they mention both of them. Also Josh never had the problems. They are just using a 3-4 year old article

  14. If anyone of you guys actually fished in alaska during the winter, you wouldnt cut it. To be on this dramafied deadliest catch show id prolly have to get as high as jake did to fish with those jokes. Actually most of you would probably make it cause your a bunch of wimps who prolly never worked a hard day in your lives so im sure you would be great on this reality show of fake ass, written show. Fishing is not as hard as the discovery channel makes it. Lower 48’s, shut ur mouth.

  15. Someone got Jake and Josh confused it seems.
    Bridget Rogers might want to watch the show before writing something about it 😉


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