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Rick Smith Jr. Vegas Magic Show Update – See What Happened After Shark Tank

Rick Smith Jr. Vegas Magic Show on Shark Tank

Rick Smith Jr. Magic Show was started by Rick Smith. Rick became well known for his card-throwing tricks which all started back in college when he threw a playing card in a locker room for fun and gave a kid a paper cut. Although awkward in the moment, this impressed many of Rick’s friends which inspired Rick to expand his skills in card throwing by learning new tricks which helped him start his company.

It was not too long before Rick was able to take his skills and demonstrate them to the world as he able to claim the Guinness World Record for the longest card throw at 216 feet and 4 inches. Rick than took his business full-time as he was doing hundreds of shows per year for a good amount of money. Rick knew he needed an investment as he wanted to take his skills to the next level so he applied to be on Shark Tank and was invited for season three.


Rick Smith Jr. Vegas Magic Show on Shark Tank

Rick Smith Jr. entered the Tank by magically switching places with his assistant Tiffany and then releasing her from a box which she somehow got trapped inside. Rick was seeking $1,500,000 for 20% of the company. Rick explained his mission of getting his magic show into Las Vegas with unique characteristics such as juggling and singers. He then asked Mark to hold a piece of celery, threw a playing card at it, and cut it in half! Rick finished his pitch by asking Kevin and Mark to sit in a chair, and it appeared as if he was going to burn Mark’s behind when in reality he did Kevin’s.

Rick giving Mark the celery for his trick
Rick giving Mark the celery for his trick

Kevin immediately addressed the valuation of $7,500,000. Rick brought up his projected sales of $12,000,000 with potential numbers to back it up such as ticket prices and how many shows he would do in a week. In reality, however, Rick has only done $200,000 in sales the previous year. Kevin also brought up his common argument taking the money asked for and doing the idea the entrepreneur suggested, in this case creating a magic show in Vegas, himself where he could just hire Rick.

Robert brought up the risk of investing in potential ideas like Rick’s because no one knows the person or brand behind the show. Mark tried to address this concern by asking Rick why he would not start in a smaller town so there would be less risk and he could build a brand. Rick immediately mentioned he was open to anything, but, as seen in future seasons, this actually upset the Sharks because it portrays the entrepreneur is unsure about what they want to do which adds even more risk to the investment. Rick went back to defending his dream of getting into Vegas and how he had been planning this for years, but Mark said if that is true, he should know Vegas costs a lot of money and that $1,500,000 would not be enough to make it.

Mark explaining Rick's mistake
Mark explaining Rick’s mistake

Daymond jumped in and said that he was friends with Siegfried and Roy, but how even they couldn’t get anyone into Vegas because the market is so challenging. Because of this, Daymond went out. Kevin addressed the risk once again and went out before Rick could get another word in. Mark felt Rick set his dreams too high and that if he came in asking for a reasonable amount, he might have invested and that he could Rick help grow his career, but knew the risk-reward was not there at $1,500,000 and went out. Robert was the first to specifically mention he was impressed with Rick’s performance especially when he cut the celery by throwing a card, but knew that it would take too long for Rick to become successful and went out. Barbara was also impressed, but agreed with Mark that Rick asked for too much and went out as well.


Rick Smith Jr. Vegas Magic Show after Shark Tank

Although Rick did not get an investment on the show, he is still an active magician bringing entertainment to thousands of people. Areas where Rick still entertains for a living include birthdays and weddings. However, Rick has not been able to make his Vegas dreams come true yet.

Rick has also appeared on multiple other media outlets outside of Shark Tank such as America’s Got Talent and the Tonight Show. This has helped Rick build his brand as Robert mentioned. Rick also still holds the Guinness World Record for card throwing at a horizontal distance and added another record recently for throwing a card vertically at sixty-seven feet.  Skills like these along with media presence have allowed Rick to grow his company since airing. It does not appear that Rick has gotten an investment since airing on the show which makes his dreams for Vegas in the next couple years doubtful, but with the potential Rick has, there is no hesitation that he will continue to grow his business and bring his entertainment to more people around the world.


Where can I buy this service and what do the reviews look like?

Rick's website
Rick’s website

People can book shows with Rick directly at his website at http://ricksmithjr.com.  Almost everyone has given Rick positive feedback from the viewers who have watched him air on several media show to those who have actually seen his show in person. Rick is very active on his social media pages which shows his passion for providing good service.

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