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What Happened To Alex Murrel – Now in 2018 Update

Alex Murrel, star of “Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County” is so relevant that her Wikipedia entry still has a link to her MySpace page. All of the information is nearly ten years out of date, either that or she hasn’t done anything of note for the last ten years. Besides getting married. But you know what? That’s okay. For reality stars, not being constantly in the headlines can be seen as a good thing. I mean, at least she isn’t taking copious amounts of drugs or attacking people on the street or just being an a**hole for no reason like most of the rest of them.

Alex Murrel Early Life and Fame

Alex Murrel
On Laguna Beach

Alex Murrel was born on January 29th 1987 in Laguna Beach California. She came to national attention with her appearance on “Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County”. A teen reality show that dramatized the trials and tribulations of a group of students attending Laguna Beach High School. The show was popular enough to spawn a few spin-offs, though Alex was not a cast member in any of them.

Before “Laguna Beach” had finished airing Alex Murrel pursued a career in music. Growing up in a musical family, she joined both the Drama Club and the Chorus in High School. Her first single, Hello, saw airtime on Laguna Beach radio and was featured on the show. She would go on to perform the song at the Fight the Slide Benefit Auction. Her follow-up single, Best Friend, saw limited airtime, neither were a success.

She continued to make music in the years following “Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County”, releasing two singles via MySpace. There was talk of an album in mid 2006, but nothing ever came of it. She was also briefly signed to Warner Bros Records. She founded and ran ALM Productions in Los Angeles for four years, though the company was unsuccessful and there is no information online as to what they actually did.

Alex Murrel appeared in a few films after “Laguna Beach”, including “The Guardians”, a 2010 super hero film that got terrible reviews. It may have been shot in 2006 though. And 2009’s “American High School”. A straight to DVD romantic comedy. Her acting career stalled here, appearing in “Action News 5” in 2011 and “Love Written in Blood” in 2012. Both films were poorly received and Alex Murrel did not have a large role in either of them.

Alex Murrel
Alex Murrel and Kyle Johnson

She graduated from Chapman University with a degree in Communications with a minor in English. This landed her a position with Shine America as a casting associate before moving on to a job with Gorjana & Griffin Inc. as a Promotional Sales Expert. Using the knowledge and experience she gained from those firms she started her own company in 2013, Social Pacific Consulting, a marketing consultancy. The company dissolved in 2014.

What is Alex Murrel Doing Now in 2018?

Alex Murrel married Kyle Mark Johnson in 2014, several “Laguna Beach” alumni were in attendance.

Since 2014 Alex has been the owner and director of the MOX Agency, a full service boutique media and marketing agency. The firm focuses on helping fashion companies build their online presence. Can’t help but feel in a few years all these “Social Media Expert” positions will disappear, but in the meantime there is still a few slices of the pie left.

This year she is pitching a new reality show, starring herself and two of her former “Laguna Beach” co-stars, Taylor Cole and Morgan Olsen. Though it seems it won’t be picked up. Her most recent public event was the birth of her child. Wherever she is I hope she’s having a nice life.

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