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What Happened to Casey Reinhardt – 2018 Update

Casey Reinhardt earned her celebrity as the “new girl” on the second season of of MTV’s Laguna Beach. From there, she earned a name producing cosmetics and cupcakes, going on to win an episode of Food Network’s 2011 Cupcake Wars. Recently, she got engaged. What else has Reinhardt been doing since Laguna Beach?

Casey Reinhardt on Laguna Beach

Reinhardt grew up in Laguna Beach, California. In 2002, when she was 16, Casey Reinhardt founded the C.A.S.E.Y. Foundation, short for Children’s Alliance for the Success and Education of Youth in Need. Still in operation, the Foundation promotes the importance of education and its positive lifetime effects. Reinhardt, through the C.A.S.E.Y. Foundation, speaks to children about the importance of extracurricular activities and academic achievement.

When she was 17, Casey Reinhardt participated in numerous pageants, winning titles in several. She was named Miss Congeniality and Miss Laguna Beach at the 2003 Miss Orange County Teen USA, and at Hawaiian Tropic Teen Miss 2003, she won Front Cover Girl, Personality Plus, Most Beautiful Hair, Most Beautiful Eyes, Best Smile, and several others.

With the small notoriety from those wins, she was cast for the reality TV show Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County. For the first two seasons, the series focused on Lauren Conrad and her senior year at Laguna Beach High School. Reinhardt entered the show in the second season. Originally, both Casey and her brother Doug were approached by MTV producers. Doug (who later dated Paris Hilton) declined to begin a career with the Los Angeles Angels baseball team. Casey was interested in the show, so transferred to Laguna Beach High School in 2005.

Reinhardt, probably, on Laguna Beach. They all look incredibly similar
Reinhardt, probably on the right, in Laguna Beach, demonstrates how similar Beverly Hills teens look to each other

While on the show, Casey Reinhardt filled the role of “new girl;” perfectly manicured, charismatic, and portrayed as the antagonist to Lauren Conrad’s main role. The season was criticized for its heavily scripted tone, which was in conflict with its billing as a reality show. Further, the students participating were heavily criticized for their portrayal of drugs and especially sexuality.

The Hills & Cupcake Wars

After Reinhardt and the rest of the cast left Laguna Beach upon graduating, Lauren Conrad went on to star in the spinoff, The Hills. Reinhardt made several appearances on the show, but spent most of her time studying Pscyhology and Pre-Law at Pepperdine University, in Malibu California.

Shortly after The Hills ended in 2010, Casey was in the film Lure. Lure is a horror movie which mashes up the plot of Fight Club and “The Most Dangerous Game,” all being set in Beverly Hills. In an interview to promote the film, Reinhardt discusses her dislike of horror films, which might be why the film was a total flop.

Casey Reinhardt promos her episode of Cupcake Wars
Casey Reinhardt promos her episode of Cupcake Wars

In 2007, Reinhardt created her own cosmetic line, starting with a lip gloss, and two years later opened Casey’s Cupcakes. The store has kept her name on the map, and in 2011, Reinhardt competed and won on a celebrity episode of the Food Network show Cupcake Wars. After her success on Cupcake Wars, Reinhardt opened several more Casey’s Cupcakes locations across Orange County.

Casey Reinhardt's Enchanting Engagement cupcakes
Casey Reinhardt’s Enchanting Engagement cupcakes


Casey Reinhardt Now in 2018

On August 13th, 2015, Casey became engaged to entrepreneur Sean Brown. Casey used her stores to promote the engagement, by creating Casey’s Enchanting Engagement cupcakes. As of December 30, 2015, no wedding date has been set, though it’s a safe bet the wedding desserts have already been figured out.

Morgan Sennhauser
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