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Is Candy Crush Gold Worth it? – Premium Currency Benefits

Candy Crush Saga is a free-to-play mobile and PC game that requires you to match three of the same candy to continue onto the next level. This puzzle game has really become the biggest mobile game out there with people spending hours upon hours trying to beat the levels. Candy Crush Saga also has been one of the biggest games in terms of revenue from in-app purchases.

Even though Candy Crush is completely free to play, a lot of people end up buying the premium currency in the game. In Candy Crush Saga, gold is the premium currency which means that you have to get gold through the in-app store and it costs real money. You can get gold sometimes in the game for various achievements the gold definitely is hard to come by.

candy crush gold bars benefits premium currency

Gold can be used for so many things in Candy Crush Saga, but it does take quite a bit of gold to purchase even just one move or booster. We are going to tell you all of the benefits that come with purchasing gold in Candy Crush such as various boosters and game access benefits.

Benefits of Gold in Candy Crush

Full Set of Lives- Although some people say it isn’t worth it, you can use the gold to get a full set of lives. The reason why this is not important in Candy Crush is that you can set your clock on your device two hours ahead and get a full set of lives that way. For some people though, they do not want to change the time on their clock and think it is better to use gold to get full lives but it is up to you.

Tickets– Tickets can be purchased using gold in Candy Crush and these tickets unlock the next episode of the game for you. If you do not use the gold to get the tickets, you will have to wait for help or ask your friends. If you do not connect Candy Crush to Facebook then you are going to be unable to ask friends for help, which makes purchasing the tickets with gold easier.

Extra Moves- One of the boosters that you can purchase with gold is the Extra Moves booster. This gives you five extra moves in your game, which can be the difference between failing or passing that level.

Free Switch- The Free Switch booster is where you can switch out two candies that do not match and this is where gold can be useful in the later levels.

Lollipop Hammer- You can purchase Lollipop Hammers with gold. These hammers basically smash up candy for you, which is nice if you do not have any matches around that candy.

Sweet Teeth- The Sweet Teeth will get rid of the chocolates that you might encounter in the later episodes, so gold can help you pass the chocolate levels.

Bomb Cooler- If you are in the bomb levels then you might want to use gold to purchase a Bomb Cooler. This booster will add 5 seconds or moves to the countdowns of all of the bombs on your board.

Lucky Candy- You can use the gold in Candy Crush to purchase the Lucky Candy booster. If you use this booster then you will notice when you remove it the candy will then turn into a more useful candy.

Coconut Wheels- Gold allows you to get the Coconut Wheels which are cool because they will get rid of rows and columns of candies for you all in one whack.

Bubblegum Troll- If you are in the chocolate levels you can use gold to buy the Bubblegum Troll. The Bubblegum Troll booster stops the chocolates from forming for five moves.

Striped and Wrapped– Gold gives you the chance to start out your board with both Striped and Wrapped candies.

Moon Struck– Another booster that gold can be used for is the Moon Struck which is when 1 candy color is removed from your board for five moves.

Extra Time- The Extra Time booster means you can add 15 seconds to your time left on the board.

Jelly Fish- The gold can allow you to buy Jelly Fish, which then removes three pieces of jelly from the board.

Bombalicious Fishes- With this combination you can buy with the gold, you can add 6 Color Bombs and Lollipop Hammers to your collection.

Striped & Wrapped Candy + 5 Moves- Gold can be used to purchase this combination in which you get five extra moves plus a Striped & Wrapped candy.

Lollipop Hammers & Switch- Lastly, you can use gold in Candy Crush to purchase a combination of Lollipop Hammers and the Free Switch. You will get 6 free Switches and also several Lollipop Hammers that you can use to complete the board.



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