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How To Repel Fleas with Natural Essential Oils

Fleas are a common household nuisance and once they start breeding getting rid of them can be a hassle as generations will already be laid by the time the infestation becomes noticeable either on your house or animal. While chemicals may be used they can often be detrimental to yourself or pets in the long term. Alternatively essential oils may be used to ward off any existing fleas and other insects as well as keep any other bugs from entering the area. An essential oil is a liquid concentrate form made using various substances. Natural oils are not only useful as repellant but may also be incorporated into cooking, shampoo, soap, and skin lotion. Applying these natural oils as advised will be beneficial to your health, hygiene, and your surroundings making them good for the environment and you.

Use Lavender

repel-fleas-natural-essential-oils-lavender This old world plant spanning from within the Canary Islands of Europe to Africa and Asia is extensively used as an ornamental plant for landscaping and gardening. Other popular usage of the plant is as a taste enhancing herb as well as oil extraction. Lavender is an all-purpose repellent, great for deterring ticks and stopping tick eggs from hatching. It is also very effective at keeping flea populations under control. Lavender is an ingredient in a vast variety of common household objects such as lotions, soaps, potpourris, and spray repellents. This makes lavender a safe and natural must have when it comes to repelling fleas without harming yourself or your pets.

Use Pennyroyal

repel-fleas-natural-essential-oils-pennyroyal Pennyroyal, often noted for producing a strong mint scent, had primarily been used for cooking and as a method of abortion during the Middle Ages, however, use of the plant stems back to ancient times. Today the herb mostly serves as an aromatic solution caused by breaking the plant’s leaves releasing a minty scent which will envelope the air. Pennyroyal is quite toxic to mammals and can potentially be dangerous. The plant should never be applied to the skin or ingested; consuming a large amount can be enough cause liver failure and result in death. The plant itself functions as a considerably powerful insecticide which will not only repel fleas, but a variety of insects. Pennyroyal Oil can be lightly sprayed around the house and to clothing to effectively ward of fleas but direct contact with the skin should be avoided.

Use Cedar

The oil of cedar trees is an essential oil created using all of the tree’s components. There are multiple different variations of trees which are a part of the cedar family, one of the most commonly known are the evergreens. The properties of the oil in question are also very versatile used in colors, perfume, pesticide, and even antibacterial substances. To deter fleas and other insects simply apply the oil, in the form of spray on furniture, clothing, and skin if you’d like to smell great at the same time.

Use Lemongrass

repel-fleas-natural-essential-oils-lemongrass Lemongrass is an herb commonly used in cooking, medicine, hygiene, and of course insect repellent. The oilextract may be applied to the body, furniture, and just about anything. The oil will produce a citrusy scent, hence the name as well as keep your skin healthy. The plant itself may also be used to repel insects in gardens and continue to produce the same scent. While the plant is a successful insect repellant in most cases, it also produces a pheromone which attracts bees so it may be beneficial to use the plant away from any nearby bees.

Use Eucalyptus

The eucalyptus tree is commonly referred to as the gum tree due to the production of kino found within the tree’s bark. Eucalyptus is very commonly found throughout Australia and Indonesia often scrutinized for consuming a habitat endangering amount of water. The tree’s oil is made through the distillation of its leaves and can be used as an antiseptic, fragrance, medicine, and of course, flea repellent. By not only producing a sweet scent and repelling insects at the same time the oil makes for a handy, pleasurable solution. Eucalyptus can be potentially hazardous, while small amounts are quite safe for consumption it should be kept out of reach of children and pets.


Andy Debolt
Andy Debolt
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