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How Can I Play OMGPOP Games Now – 2018 Updates for Iminlikewithyou

Gaming, both online and offline, has evolved to massive proportions that many people could never have guessed. What once started as a person confined to arcades as they wait in line to play pac-man has now transformed into a massive cult followed life style that people can make a living off of. Many gamers taking advantage of the rise of popular video platform YouTube as they post gameplay of the hottest gaming titles. But gaming isn’t just for an elitist class of individuals, it is open to anyone and everyone with a tv and a gaming console. From various consoles like the Xbox One, Playstation 4, Wii U, PSP, Nintendo 3ds, etc anyone can have an enjoyable time playing hit gaming titles like Mario and Call of Duty. The rise of gaming has even brought with it the creation of eSports, a competitive sport where gamers play their respected game title, mainly Dota 2 and other moba’s, in tournaments. If you are interested in this up and coming sport a movie is actually being released soon that documents the rise of eSports and an eSports tournament.

OMGPOP – Free Games for All

omgpop-prime With the increase of focus on the gaming market, there are thousands upon thousands of games for anyone to play. If you like horror games then Outlast, Silent Hill, and a plethora of other horror titles are for you. Maybe first person shooter games are more your style, if so go check out the entire Call of Duty franchise, the Counter Strike franchise, and the Halo franchise. What if you like RPG’s you ask, well check out Fallout 3, Fallout: New Vegas, and the Elder Scrolls franchise. The list goes on and on and on with a game for every conceivable genre and interest. Want to run around as a goat or be a piece of bread? You’re in luck with Goat Simulator and I Am Bread! Don’t have a next generation console or a gaming PC? Don’t worry, there are thousands of games available on mobile devices on both ios and Android. From Clash of Clans to Minecraft Pocket Edition to Five Nights at Freddy’s your heart’s desire for gaming can easily be fulfilled. With the extensive, and I mean extensive amount of games on mobile, consoles, PC, and on websites, we are living in a golden age of gaming.

While the development of console games has heavily progressed along through the past 10 years, what was there in the way of gaming before the Xbox and Playstation. You can’t bring those to school and play those during class and if you’re messing around on your phone, it will more than likely get taken away. How are students in study halls or in a class with a substitute teacher supposed to game without their favorite titles? Thankfully a plethora of online web based gaming titles exist on numerous gaming sites such as Miniclip. You can hop on over to Miniclip and play games ranging from 8 ball pool to arcade style classics. But Miniclip isn’t the only big name online gaming site; although I should say wasn’t as one of the largest online game sites no longer exists today. That website was OMGPOP.

For those who are unaware of what OMGPOP was, it was an online gaming website much like Miniclip where people can go to play and various online games that would quell their gaming needs. With games including classics like checkers, chess, and pool, to trivia and hangman, OMGPOP was your place for online gaming needs. In addition to online web games OMGPOP also developed the hit mobile game Draw Something and Draw Something 2. Originally founded in 2006, OMGPOP received funds in its startup phase by seed funding from Y Combinator. In 2009 OMGPOP was listed in Time magazine’s 50 best websites of 2009. Clearly OMGPOP was doing something right to make that esteemed magazines list of best websites. But with a website like OMGPOP doing so well for itself, how could it ever fail.

What Happened to OMGPOP – Zynga Inc (NASDAQ:ZNGA) Purchase

Now I keep saying “was” and referring to OMGPOP in the past tense so you may be asking yourself did theyomgpop-now-2016 close down. Well after developing the aforementioned hit mobile game Draw Something in February of 2012, the company Zynga had purchased OMGPOP for a whopping $180 million in March of the same year. With Zynga claiming “it is our mission to provide consumers with fun, free games. We believe OMGPOP will help us fulfill our promise.” It is after this purchase that OMGPOP would see its downfall. After the sale to Zynga 18 percent of OMGPOP employees were let go in 2013 thus diminishing nearly ⅕ of OMGPOP original company. The reasoning by Zynga was “restructuring and finance reason.” And then in the same year Zynga would close down OMGPOPs online gaming website permanently. Following this Zynga, the new owners of OMGPOP, experienced a heavy decline of their playerbase that was combined from OMGPOP users and original Zynga game users. From 2012 to 2014 Zynga would then lose upwards of $472 million; nearly 1.5 times the money they had spent to purchase OMGPOP. As of recent news, Zynga reported that in the first quarter of 2015 alone they had lost $26.8 million.

Where is OMGPOP in 2016?

omgpop-then What was once a proud and popular online gaming site was shut down by the parent company that bought it. Following the buyout by Zynga, the parent company just couldn’t muster up profits as their player base rapidly diminished along with their investment. Despite this rapid downfall of a once popular online gaming site, OMGPOP still did develop Draw Something, the massively popular mobile game that was popular enough that it earned itself an expansion in Draw Something 2. For those unaware, Draw Something is a mobile game in which players play with other players, generally 1v1, where a player draws something and the other must guess what the drawing is from a letter bank very similar to hangman. Unfortunately Draw Somethings immense success could not save OMGPOP from their rapid downfall.

Bridget Rogers
Bridget Rogers
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  1. I really miss Hover Cart Battle AKA “Super Mario Kart SNES Online Multiplayer” lol. wahhh For a while there was a site that hosted for a few of the ripped Adobe Player games. Why can’t Zynga just release them all in a simple $1.99 app or something??

  2. Please change the title of this article. The reason why I clicked on this link is because I thought there was an alternative service to this that was just as good as OMGPOP.


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