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Best Valentines Day Gift Ideas for your Girlfriend

Valentines Day is going to be here before you know it! I mean, really, it will SERIOUSLY be here before you know it (that is your final warning!). Chances are if you are reading this article you are either having a hard time thinking of something special to get your SO or you have procrastinated up until the last second and are now scrambling to get something that shows just the opposite. Either way, you are in luck because listed below are five great gifts for your beautiful, amazing and deserving girlfriend this V-day. It’s important to note that you should try to not get wrapped up in finding the MOST exciting, expensive or outrageous gift to demonstrate your love, but rather dig in to the real message behind Valentines Day and find something that represents that instead. Translation: the point of Valentine’s Day is making sure someone knows how much you care about them and how you can’t picture your life without them. Hopefully something from the list below catches your eye or at least gets the ball rolling to make this the best Valentines Day yet!!

1. Moscow Mule Mugs

If you have yet to hear of this delicious vodka drink, you are seriously missing out! The Moscow Mule drink concoction is made up of vodka, ginger beer and a splash of lime. The coppermoscow-mule-valentines-day-girlfriend  mug that the beverage comes in has been around since the 1940’s and is believed to enhance the beverage in a number of ways. First and foremost, because the mug is copper it enables the beverage to remain at a cool temperature for a longer period of time. I mean, who doesn’t love that?! Another reason people prefer the copper mugs is because they are actually known to make the drink taste better. Obviously this varies amongst individuals, but the thought is that the copper helps to enhance the flavors included within the drink. Last, but not least, copper mugs are just down right “cool” to look at. They are aesthetically pleasing to the eye and are sure to be a hit with the gal that likes to throw one or two back after a long day. Go the extra mile and include the ingredients to make the drinks as well. Moscow Mule Mugs can be purchased at Amazon here.

2. Plant Nite Gift Voucher

Plant Nite is the hottest new DIY class to hit neighborhoods across the country. Most people have become familiar with the DIY painting classes that are popping up everywhere at various restaurants and bars. This class takes a new spin on the old DIY classes and provides instruction on how to create your own terrariums, floral arrangements and more. Plant Nite provides all of the materials for your special creation while you are able to purchase food and drinks at your local restaurant where the class is held. Plant Nite gift vouchers can be purchased on Groupon for $35. This is the perfect gift for the girlfriend who loves to spend quality time with you. Buy two gift vouchers for the both of you to spend a fun night out doing something different. She is sure to be smiling from ear to ear when she finds out the initiative you took in order to find something fun for the two of you to do together. You’ll be sure to have lots of fun and will even have some treasures to take home with you! Find different classes at


3. Vacu Vin Wine Saver Pump

vacu-vin-wine-stopper-valentines-day This is the perfect gift for the girlfriend who possibly loves wine as much as she loves you. The Vacu Vin wine saver pump is designed to create an air tight seal that helps preserve the wine once the bottle has been open. It is super user-friendly and helps prevent the oxidation process that is responsible for the deterioration of wine once the bottle is opened. In fact, according to Amazon, the product is so popular that it is used in over 35 million households in 80 different countries. The wine saver pump can be purchased on Amazon here for under $20 and comes with one pump and two vacuum bottle stoppers. It can be purchased in either black, white or stainless steel. Match the Vacu Vin wine saver pump with a few bottles of wine plus some chocolate truffles and you will be all set for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift!

4. Flowers & Chocolate & a Teddy Bear

Alright so this is pretty much the standard gift when it comes to Valentine’s Day. Personally, I say skip the cute little stuffed animal that will end up being in the free pile at the garage sale next spring, but that’s up to you. However, as far as the flowers and chocolate go, you really can’t go wrong. Not to mention you can put a unique spin on these traditional gifts that will help make your girl feel even more loved this Valentine’s Day.

First of all, you can stray away from the typical dozen red roses and purchase a bouquet of flowers that you believe represent your girl or include her favorite flower. If that idea sounds really hard, then look into what the different colors or roses mean and purchase a dozen of them that way (make sure to tell her why you picked the color you did!). As far as the chocolates go, really anything is good. One awesome idea is to customize M&M’s with either your initials together or even a photo of the two of you! This can be done online at The candy will be such a hit she may not want to eat it!


5. Last ditch effort…


There are tons of other standard ideas such as a massage certificate, pedicure/manicure, facial, perfume, gift card, etc. However, if you want you can try this little trick (listed in the meme above) to see if you can figure out something she really wants. If she doesn’t bite at least it was worth a try, and if she does then you can use one idea for Valentine’s day and other ideas she listed for future gifts! (Hint: make sure to write them down)

Bridget Rogers
Bridget Rogers
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  1. We got this as a house warming gift which is what introduced us to Moscow Mules last summer. One day we ordered the Moscow Mule at a hip LA bar just across the street from the Pamtages Theater (can’t remember the name) where they served their Moscow Mule on a larger heavier cup and the experience was just Superb and the Bartender schooled us with why the particular they had was just above others. Christmas time came and my wife got the same exact mug from the bar. It turns out she said that I’ve been less enthusiastic about Moscow Mules since we had them at that LA bar. She was right and called the Bar and just googled searched the brand PURISTS ONLY and purchased a set. Now, we proudly entertain friends and family. It’s always a hit during parties, but we always tell everyone to get the best mug.


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