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Dragon City Tips, Tricks, & Cheats You Need to Know

Dragon City Mobile is about breeding dragons to feed and level up. Similar to other games like Dragonvale, these dragons can engage in battle with other players and/or against each other to earn bonuses. So If you’re having trouble finding dragons to breed, can’t level up faster, or always short on gold and gems, then be sure to read below to help you progress in the game.

Elemental Dragons

dragon-city-cheats-tips-tricks-1 Every dragon has an elemental class like Terra, Flame, Sea, Nature, Electric, Ice, Metal, Dark, Light, War, Pure, and Legend. There are other dragons types as well like Hybrid (Hot Metal Dragon and Juggernaut Dragon), Rare Hybrid (Leviathan Dragon and Cool Fire Dragon), Legend (Mirror Dragon and Crystal Dragon), and Exclusive (Great White Dragon and Thor Dragon)

Harvest Food

It takes time and money to harvest food for your dragons, so harvest foods that takes less amount of time like dragon chili and dragon balls. If you have more money to spend, then harvest some star shines and spike balls.

The Habitat System

All available habitats have different elements that generate gold, so place your dragons in different habitats to generate gold every minute. Match your elemental dragons with elemental crystal and gain 20% more gold every minute.

The Dragon Market

dragon-city-cheats-tips-tricks-2 Using the Dragon Market the right way can give you huge amounts of gold, and food and adding your friends via Facebook is the best way to get gold and food every few hours. Invite up to 20 a day to be safe (adding too many at once might alert Facebook into thinking something is fishy) and by the end of the month, you’ll have 600 Facebook friends.

If you have more than 100 friends, you can send out Market requests. You can invite your friends to help you in the Market every 5 hours, and it will display the amount of gold or food based on slots that are visible when collecting from the Market.

Neat Trick – For slots that are not visible to count, after collecting from the market (take note the total amount of gold and food you have), visit another friend of yours or you can visit Deus and come right back.

Dragon Evolution

There are four different evolution for your dragons and each form will get a visual effect that tells you its transformation. Here are the four stages of evolution:

  • Egg – Dragons that aren’t hatched yet.
  • Baby – This is the stage where the dragon is in its pure form and always hungry.
  • Teen – In this stage, dragons are a bit tough to handle and they can do battle against other dragons as well. They are strong and can help you through the game.
  • Adult – The final dragon evolution stage. Adult dragons are stronger and tend to win many battles against other dragons.

Training System

dragon-city-cheats-tips-tricks-3 Training your dragon hones their skills that you need in battle, and when your dragon is level 15 and above (Magic Temple is needed to go above the level 10 limit), place them in the training center to learn new moves to master. Learning new moves takes up to 48 hours. It’s best to replace similar elemental attacks with new moves than replace all of it.

Dragon City PVP Battle

You can access player versus player mode by tapping the icon (earth) above the build tab, and you can commence battle to other players and get up the ladder in league rankings. You’ll get a total of three gems every seven wins in the league.

Temple Guide

  • Start by being able to level your dragons up to level 10.
  • Level 20 – for 500,000 gold, you can instantly build the magic temple, but it requires six friends to open and it levels your dragons up to level 15.
  • Level 25 – for 1,500,000 gold, you can instantly build the noble temple, but it requires six friends to open and it levels your dragons up to level 20.
  • Level 30 – for 5,000,000 gold, you can build the knight temple. No additional requirements to open and it levels your dragons up to level 25.
  • Level 35 – for 25 gems, you’ll get the magic temple. No additional requirements to open, but its build time is 24 hours (one day) and it levels your dragons up to the maximum level.

Breeding in Dragon City

Breeding is one way of reproducing new dragons by combining any type of dragon into one. To breed tap “build” + “buildings” + “special”, then build a Breeding Mountain and/or Ultra Breeding Tree.

Using gems on dragon eggs speeds up the process, but if you want to save gems, there are other alternatives like selling dragons that hatched to get XP bonus and gems, completing any Dragon Book collections, and engaging through combat.

Earning Gold in Dragon City

dragon-city-cheats-tips-tricks-4 You can earn more gold without in-app purchase. Below are other methods:

  • Daily Login Rewards – Log in for five consecutive days to get the reward, and in three days of consecutive login, you’ll get 1,500 gold.
  • Expand – Expansion gives you additional room to build your habitat. More expansion, more gold production.
  • Habitats – Upgrading it increases the storage amount of gold and increases the housing capacity for your dragons.

Dragon City Tips

  • When in combat, always use the highest damage attack if you can’t remember the opponent’s weakness.
  • Consider a habitat buy and sell to level up because they are cheap and provide lots of XP bonus.
  • To get a legendary dragon: first, breed an Alpine Dragon and a Medieval Dragon; second, breed a Cool Fire Dragon and an Armadillo Dragon; then combine the two eggs.
  • Combine a Zombie Dragon and a Mud Dragon to get a Petroleum Dragon.
  • By having an Ultra Breeding Tree, it lets you breed two pairs of dragons at the same time.        
  • Dragons you’ve unlocked at level 1 are almost impossible to breed in Breeding Sanctuary levels 7-8, and the same can be applied at level 2 in Breeding Sanctuary level 8, so it’s recommended to breed around the same Breeding Sanctuary level.
  • During battle, only the first element of a dragon counts during critical hit. For example, if a Firebird Dragon has fire as its first element, then it will only take sea and electric critical damage, but it doesn’t count for the second element versus nature, so the damage taken from terra and ice will be normal.
  • The Jade Dragon sells 100,000 gold and has a short breeding time.
  • In order to harvest food to level up your dragons, always build a farm and upgrade it as soon as possible. The higher the dragon level, the more food it eats.
  • A quick way to acquire gold is by visiting the recruitment market, recruit your friends, and then pick the Medieval Dragon reward as it sells for 200,000 gold.
  • You can change your dragon’s name by visiting the habitat, select your dragon, and tap the box that has its name. Now highlight it, type your desired name, and save it by tapping the floppy-like disk icon.
  • The difficulty level at the Combat and Stadium increases when you win more battles, so make sure that you always upgrade the attack of your dragons at the Training Center.
  • Place your unique eggs hatched in the hatchery to their habitats to produce gold, so be sure to tap their habitats to collect it. You can also use the maximum amount of boosts available to earn more. The higher the level of your dragon, the more gold you earn.


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