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My Singing Monsters Cheats & Tips

As it stands in our 21st century society, the mobile gaming industry continues to thrive off of our constant use of our smartphones and tablets whether it is at our homes or at our dinner table. This monumental boom in a gaming area has given way to various new hit mobile game titles that use recurring game themes or gameplay such as the ever popular online multiplayer Clash of Clans, where users build their village and attack other players, to collection games like Dragon Story where players collect and breed different types of dragons. While the mobile gaming market is quite massive, these popular mobile titles aren’t exclusive to just your smartphone or tablet as many mobile games are ported over from PC or vice versa where a mobile game will then be available on your PC.

One example of this is the overwhelmingly popular Candy Crush created by King that was just sold to Activision for a whopping $5.9 billion dollars; that’s billion with a b, not million. This addictive match 3 clone is widely popular on both mobile devices and online access from a user’s Facebook account. Due to the massive amount of success mobile games have had in the past, it is no wonder that people/developers want to get in on the action. However rather than creating a whole new game altogether, the developers will create clones of old game archetypes, like match 3, and overlay a new shell or skin on it to give it their own flair.

my-singing-monsters-cheats-tips-tricks-1 A popular example of the aforementioned clone games regarding collecting is the ever growing user base of My Singing Monsters. For those who are unaware of what exactly this mobile game is all about, here is a quick synopsis. In My Singing Monsters your objective is to collect different monsters with each monster makes a different sound or tone or beat thus giving off a wondrous melody of tunes like an orchestra; solely made of monsters. When starting any new game, a person doesn’t want to get halfway, spend a ton of resources, just to realize that they did something wrong and have to restart. Thankfully we are here to help insure that you’re prepared to take on My Singing Monsters with various tips, tricks, and maybe a cheat to help boost your gameplay and maximize your time and efficiency.

Patience is key

Like most collecting video games there are time barriers that you have to wait for. When breeding a new monster the offspring will take X amount of time to hatch and become available. While you can use a form of ingame currency that is far more rare to speed it up, you will surely be out of that currency rather quickly and will be forced to spend real life money on the game which then ruins the fun as the game is then pay to win rather than free to play. While being patient in the game will greatly increase your game play and currency, it will also teach you the real life virtue of patience.

You will subconsciously train your body to be more patient as you wait hours and hours for your monsters to breed and for your eggs to hatch. This virtue can carry on into your everyday life or even other collecting games like Dragon Story. Once you start spending real life money on My Singing Monsters, or any mobile game for that matter, you will be hard pressed to try and stop before the spending becomes out of control. By purchasing items with real money you are enabling yourself to create a habit that will slowly evolve into a massive problem as you sink hundreds of dollars into a mobile game.

Make money quick

my-singing-monsters-cheats-tips-tricks-2 If you want to earn coins quickly in My Singing Monsters, there are some different ways you can do it. One way is to breed two monsters, it doesn’t matter which two, move the egg produced into the nursery and wait for it to hatch. Then when the egg hatches, rather than placing the monster onto your island, immediately sell the offspring and repeat the process til your hearts content.

Another way to earn coins over a longer period of time, is to repeat the aforementioned process with hybrid monsters and sell all of your basic monsters as you fill up of your island with hybrid monsters. This method may seem callous but they are digital monsters that lack feelings so you’re in the clear to do this as long as you want to while insuring that you rack up tons of coins for other in game items.

Guidance can go a long way

SInce My Singing Monsters revolves around collecting new and different monsters, it’s always a bummer when you get a repeat monster that you already own rather than the new and cool monsters. This formula is very similar to the aforementioned Dragon Story where you breed two species in hopes of getting a larger collection. And again similar to Dragon Story is the ample amount of breeding guides available on the internet for My Singing Monsters. You want monster C, well put it into the calculator and see the odds of getting monster C from breeding monsters A and B.

In addition to finding breeding guides that give you the odds of getting a certain type of monster, these guides will also go in depth on how breeding works just in case you’ve been doing it wrong. Armed with the knowledge of what outcomes your breeding of monsters are allows you to plan out your island in greater depth while also maximizing your chances of getting the monsters you want rather than repeats; granted you are bound to get repeats when trying for the rare monsters, you are still increasing your odds of getting the monsters you want.

Careful where you put that

my-singing-monsters-cheats-tips-tricks-3 Like most other collection or island/village based games, My Singing Monsters puts you in charge of an island where you place and organize your various items and monsters to whatever design you desire; however the island isn’t fully available when you first start your game. Rather than the whole island being completely open, various pieces of debris lay about your island that require you to spend coins on to clear which in turn gives you more space to arrange your monsters and items.

While this may seem tedious, having an adequate amount of space while you are playing is heavily required as you don’t want to run out of space when you level up and have more access to more monsters and items. Look at the overlay of the island and try to plan out where you are going to put everything in addition to checking every part of the island as you may have missed some debris or have some wasted space strewn about. Also the layout of your island/islands affects the tune played by your monsters; the game is My Singing Monsters after all. Only after you place a newly hatched monster will you hear how it changes the orchestra of tunes already present on your island.

You can change the location of monsters at any time by rearranging your islands. Finally each island you own has a castle. These castles are the “homes” of your monsters; think of it like a hotel where each monster gets a room for themselves. If your castle is full then you cannot add any new monsters to the island as you are out of room. You then need to upgrade your castle to add more monsters to the island. While this may seem like a place to upgrade last, by upgrading your castle’s first, you get access to more monsters which provide more coins which in turn can be used for more items, monsters, etc…

Monster happiness

A key part in My Singing Monsters is keeping your monsters happy so they earn you more coins as you play the game. By placing monsters near items or monsters they like, their happiness level will be much higher. If you don’t know what your monster finds happy just select your monster and hit the “?” which will show you what your monster enjoys. That way you can always make sure your monsters are at peak happiness. While this feature may seem a bit lackluster, you should still keep it in mind. Not only will it help you organize your islands more efficiently but you will also receive the most out of your monsters.

Monster leveling

my-singing-monsters-cheats-tips-tricks-4 As well as keeping your monsters happy you also want to periodically level them up in order to earn more gold and maximize your island. In order to level up a monster you need to have sweets which can be made from the bakery or bought from the market. All you have to do is tap your monster and click on the cupcake icon until the monster is fed enough to level up. Side note, you should have all of your monsters to at least level 4 as that is when they can be bred with other monsters. When you upgrade your monsters not only do the monsters produce more coins for your island but they also change in physical appearance growing bigger and bigger the more you level it up. This gives an added bonus to consistently upgrade your monsters as the physical design of the monster become more and more visually pleasing the higher the monsters level.

Being goal oriented

Again borrowing from various different games, My Singing Monsters also implements a way to help players gain materials throughout their gameplay to help keep them interested. In My Singing Monsters you have a “goals” screen with different objectives for you to do. Once the requirements for the “goal” are met you can then collect the reward. When you are low on resources or are stuck at a level while needing to collect resources, the “goals” offer a remedial task with various rewards for you to complete. On your passive game screen look at the top left at the “goals” icon. If you have numbers visible on the icon then you have some completed goals awaiting for you to go and reap the rewards and benefits. Some items available from “goals” are as follows; gems, food, XP (experience points), and coins. Once you complete a single goal another goal will immediately replace it. I recommend completing the quests generously all the way up to level 15 to insure that your early game play is smooth as you prepare for the late game.

Maximize your food productions

As mentioned earlier your monsters need food to level up and earn more coins. In order to maximize your food productions you will have to upgrade your bakeries. To purchase a bakery, open up the market and click on the “structures” tab and select a bakery. Once you purchase the bakery, select it then hit upgrade. To upgrade the bakery you need to use coins. Upgrading your bakery won’t be cheap at all but will be worth it when you are able to make a ton of food for your monsters. Upgrading these bakeries should always be a priority as you can upgrade your monsters quicker with a larger food supply. The faster you upgrade your monsters, the faster you get coins, the faster you get to do anything in My Singing Monsters.

Hopefully this guide of tips and tricks helps you and your various islands. Now armed with the knowledge of everything My Singing Monsters, okay not all of it but a fair amount of information, you can maximize your productions and leveling in order to play through the game without wasting time. After all wasting time just prolongs your chances of boredom rather than the fun that My Singing Monsters has to offer you. So get out there and create your favorite composition of monsters as they all create sounds in a coinciding melody that will leave you wanting more.

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