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What Happened To The Midnight Club Series – Game Updates

Midnight Club is a popular series of racing games for the PS2, Xbox and PC. The games, which featured hundreds of races and cars, made its last appearance on the Xbox 360 and PS3. But fans are still waiting for the next game in the series.

It all started with Midnight Club, which was developed by Rockstar San Diego, and focused on competitive street racing in cities around the world. The first game was the beginning of a long series, which featured lots of cars and types of races.

The sequel, Midnight Club II, was released two years later. The game is similar in many ways but featured online multiplayer. The success led to the release of a third game, which added even more cars and a longer soundtrack.

The third game, Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition, brought many changes. The game focused on racing once again but the partnership between the game developer and DUB Maganize made it a little more interesting. As part of the partnership, the title featured DUB sponsored races and customized vehicles, which you could win at tournaments and events around the three cities.

Midnight Club Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition has three locations: San Diego, Atlanta and Detroit. The game also had Tokyo as a fourth location. The city was added as part of the Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition Remix, a second version of the game that included more cars, soundtrack and races. The title received positive reviews and it sold at least 1.1 million copies around the world.

The series continued after the success of the third game with Midnight Club: Los Angeles. The title brought more of the same but had an open world map that was the size of all three cities from the previous games combined. Midnight Club: Los Angeles received positive reviews and kept players entertained with a Complete and Remix edition. There were also a number of updates and expansions that added new vehicles.

Midnight Club 5?

The series has sold over 13 million copies but nothing has been said about a fifth game. Rumors say the game developer is not working on new Midnight Club titles since they are focusing on other games. This has not been confirmed but the last release was almost eight years ago, so it’s been a long time.

A Midnight Club 5 would look even better today but the game developer must be working on something big. Will we hear about Midnight Club 5 this year? Are you a fan of the series? Let us know in the comments.

Sean Farlow
Sean Farlow
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  1. Yes do i swear everytime i race on gta i haye it because it reminds me of midnight club and i use too love racing on that game like id take midnight club over gta anyday and over need for speed like u guys at rockstar got bring out another one before ps4 is over with or atleast remaster los Angeles remix to the ps4

    • if it is going to be remastered its gonnna be for the xbox one x, we all know racing games are best on xbox, and plastation simply cannot handle crash bandicoot remastered, i highly doubt it can handle such an amazing game like midnight club, plus xbox has the best car racing game titles on it already, why not have all the best, unlike playstation which only has need for speed which is an overated dead game anyway.

      • godiexboxwins u reek of fanboyism, how are u gonna say crash bandicoot cant be handled on ps4 when they created it? did u also forget project cars, Dirt, Assetto Corsa, and drive club(ps4 exclusive) are on ps4, and are just as visually good on the ps4 as they are on the xbox one, theirs also more games that play in a higher res, and frame-rate on the ps4 than the xbox one. I also bet you think Midnight club started on the xbox, if u do your wrong, it started out on Playstation/PC and they got ported to the xbox just like every other Rockstar game like gta, you xbox sheep.

  2. bro midnight club was life online now its like everybody leaving do too next gen. consoles so y not make a midnight club for next gen. it would not just have more people buying next gen. consoles but think about how much the gaming community will grow and increase over time. i know people that said the only reason they stopped playing video games is do to the fact midnight club stopped an nobody never spoke of it…i believe its bout time we speak up an give them ideas on what to do in the game lets help them build the game we all have radical ideas on what to do with the cars and ideas with vinyls an rims an interior/exterior y not get ideas from the community and let the community help its only right……Also Subscribe To My Youtube Channel @ 3MK NationTv Add On XB1 @ THA KiDD112

  3. I love the midnight series. I have bought every midnight club that has came out and I would love to see the series continue. I heard that there was a problem with the game developers getting paid or something to that nature, but the game is such a success, I feel that paying the developers is more than worth to continue the series. Its just a shame for Rockstar games to just put this game on the shelf, when you have millions of Midnight Club fans waiting for the next game to come out. Its been 8 years since this game came out and I haven’t played a video game since Midnight Club: Los Angeles. Just bring the game back.

  4. I loved midnight club, it was the only racing game I played. The car mods and the story line was always cool too. I hope they make another, and will definitely buy it if they do.

  5. What I would like to see is MC3 Dub Edition Remix released on PC. Doesn’t even have to be a remaster. A port of the game would be just fine. Haven’t played LA but I suppose for it to be released for PC as well would be a nice bonus. Why hasn’t Rockstar done this already? I’d definitely buy them.

  6. Midnight club was the best racing game in my opinion, have all of them. I’m not a big gamer but I enjoy the NHL games and some racing games. With the lack of midnight club for PS4 I decided to buy The Crew, very disappointed. The game sucks, I don’t recommend it to anyone who is a fan of the midnight club series.. It’s nothing like it

  7. Midnight Club LA was the best Racing game ever I rememeber playing online alot of the time ,it was the only game I would play It was cool how there would be people playing online at 2 in the morning racing and also having crews compete with each other in the game ,the mods and tricks on that game were lit.Cruising online was the best mode in the game I still remember the map from the back of my head .The reason I stoped playing games was because they had shut down their ps3 online servers for midnight club.It would be cool if they brought this game back to ps4 updated ,the only things I hope stay the same if they do bring it back is the graphics and the music even though the graphics werent good compared to now the game was still fun ,and the graphics racing games have now are too realistic.

  8. A new Midnight Club would look AMAZING with this new technology like 4K TV’s & VIRTUAL REALITY HEAD SETS!!! I’M WAITING FOR A NEW MIDNIGHT CLUB 5,6,7 LOL

  9. My favorite racing, arcady but still really fun as an rpg, developing and customizing cars was the greatest fun in the last game. Love the rating system too, finding the right car mods to just keep it in class was a really fun puzzle aspect to everything. midnight club 5 with more licenses and custom parts / paints with online racing by the same class system would be soooooo sick!

  10. You guys better make a new midnight club
    You sold 13 million copies on the last1…… when it comes out ill buy 12 copies just make the foolen game

  11. Yeah make a new one ! It’s insane to think that one hasn’t been released yet. Now I’m wanting to play it again.

  12. I really want to see Midnight Club come back with a brand new racing game I would buy without hesitation I want see what they come up with cause I love the crazy customization on all vehicles especially on cars and I love the races in the franchise just as much as the story of the game it would be a huge turning point of the midnight club franchise if they let you create your own character of the next game like would really be awesome also with cars you can customize heavily and I would also like to see several cities in the next midnight club like Tokyo Los Angeles San Francisco New York Miami Atlanta and all the cities in Europe cause it’s really been a long time since the franchise release a single midnight club game ever since Midnight club Los Angeles came out but I would really like to see what rock star games can do

  13. I don’t consider myself a gamer, I played Midnight Club, dub edition, on a PSP and loved it. I had never heard of it, I asked for Need for Speed, it wasn’t available at the time and was given the Midnight Club to try out, I took it reluctantly…long story short, it’s the best racing game I’ve played to date, you actually can feel the car; it’s grip, it’s weight, holding a drift… phenomenal game. It’s the reason I got a PS Vita, and I’m still waiting.

  14. Please make a new one already.. I’ve played them all and have completed Midnight Club LA numerous times. I would SO love to see a new MC game. I love NFS and Forza games but Midnight Club is still my favorite. Please bring this series back!


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