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Cooking Fever Cheats, Tips, & Tricks

Cooking Fever is a free mobile game where you manage the tasks of both chef and restaurant owner as you go from owning a simple fast food joint to an entire empire of virtual eateries. Here we will go over tips and tricks to overcome the bigger challenges of the game and best your friends in both score and expansion.

Stay at the Fast Food Court Until Level 5, Then Boost the Bakery

This one may seem a little odd at first, but if you want to have a running start at the next level, all the while acquiring much needed gems and coins, run through the Fast Food Court levels a few times. Do keep in mind that there are “Gem Traps” within this introductory level that you should avoid. Especially notable is within level 17, there will be an offer for an automatic Burger and Hot Dog Machine for 15 gems. It is by no means needed to get the three stars for each stage, and those 15 gems will come in handy for future restaurants. In general, keep your gems and just upgrade using coin for this level, with the exception of the Disco Ball which will give you a higher client rate.

This will give you the coin and experience to get the rather profitable bakery, with significant upgrades before your first level. It is recommended to save at least 12,200 coin over the cost of the bakery for the following upgrades:

Espresso Machine
Milkshake Mixer
Vanilla Cream
Bar Stools
Floor Lamps

Waiting until you can upgrade your bakery can have some sweet results.
Waiting to buy your bakery until you can upgrade it a bit can have some sweet results.

Not only will these upgrades be cathartic in the process of leveling up your bakery, it will make the rounds significantly easier as patrons are more willing to wait and give you time to prepare multiple plates at a time meaning more income and tips. In terms of general strategy for this level, be sure to keep at least a few Vanilla Cakes prepared at the start of the level, as at least one Shake, as these are the most common orders. In Particular, within level 4 of the bakery, there is an opportunity to get two achievements by serving only milkshakes and coffee, and serving 5 milkshakes in 8 seconds. These will both reward you with XP and extra coin which are both very useful.

Use Daily Income and Welcome Back to Your Advantage

Cooking Fever comes with a reward system for logging in daily, which can increase the ease of play. For the daily player, clicking on the “Claim” button on the top right side of the main screen will give a small bonus of coins which in the long run may be of great use. Furthermore, if you log in for at least 7 days in a row, you will begin to receive 2 gems per day until the attendance streak has ended. Gems are the primary resource for sale by the game developer, so don’t expect any large windfalls; Likewise, any one that claims that they found a “hack” to get more should be viewed with suspicion, especially if giving a link. This could easily be malware and ought to be avoided. Stick with our tips and cheats as they are safe and won’t get your account banned.

Get Experience and Take Your Chances.

As mentioned before, gems are hard to come by but not impossible to get, especially when you have our cheats on your side. Another two great ways to get more gems would be through leveling up and through the casino. Leveling up your XP can increase your gem count by 7 per level, which is nothing to sneeze at. However, this pales at the potential earnings from the Casino which opens at level 7. If you regularly place $500 bets, you can gain 15 gems per every 12 hours, making your total earned gems per day very close to 40. Do note that this usually takes about 8 spins to complete, with a 1000 coin payout around midway. This will make the higher level upgrades, and thus the higher scores much easier to attain. Of course if you’d prefer to not go through the hassle, you could always purchase the gems as well.

Like in Life, Preparation and Organization are Key.

In Cooking Fever, you do have some advantages over the levels. While they remain rather stable in demands, you can quickly tailor your strategy to become exceedingly effective in conquering them. One of the easiest ways to go about this would be to “pre-play” some of the levels. This would entail opening up the level, and observing the first 4 or 5 customers, and making a quick mental note of their orders. Then, quickly restart the level and within the first few second gap of prep time that the game gives, prepare the dishes you know will be requested. As a general rule, keeping these 4 or 5 combinations on hand throughout the level will generally lead to low serving times, higher tips and a higher score. To shave even more time off, it’s a good idea to have a plan for your cooking table top. Keeping rows of similar foods together can avoid mistakes that can ruin customer experiences, as well.

Use Secret Achievements for a Quick Coin and XP Boost.

When first starting the game, it may prove handy to get some achievements out of the way for the bonuses they allow. Cooking Fever has four such achievements, two of which you can do the first time opening the game. First of these is called “Negative Balance”, and rewards the player 20 XP and 50 Coin for simply tossing out a dish before serving any customers. Another you could do to prove your initial situation is yet another counter-intuitive action: Put a burger on the pan and let it burn through an entire level. For your trouble you will be 25XP and 100 Coin. Two other achievements which are hidden from the player are “Other Way To Win” which requires you to not use any main dishes but pass the level. The easiest manner to do this is to come back to the Fast Food level after opening the bakery, and using the Cupcakes as a means of serving customers. The other, “Burn them all” requires 9 dishes to be way past crispy, which will be possible in the Seafood, Chinese or Breakfast levels. Both of these achievements provide more than adequate rewards for your time.

Seafood Strategies.

Between impatient customers and food that must be delicately timed, the Crab house is among the hardest levels. However, in a few simple steps you can tip the scales back in your favor.
Between impatient customers and food that must be delicately timed, the Crab house is among the hardest levels. However, in a few simple steps you can tip the scales back in your favor.

In Cooking Fever, the hardest levels are often the Seafood Bistro, The House of Crab, and the Sushi Restaurant. For all of these levels, there are a few tricks you can pull to make your life much easier. First and foremost, much like the bakery, open up each of these with at least a spare 10,000 coin, and upgrade all the non-gem upgrades. Then, in terms of the Seafood Bistro and House of Crab, always keep an eye on your shellfish pots. These tend to give almost no indication when the food is done, and it is incredibly easy to overcook the dishes, costing you time, money and clients. Lastly, in terms of guests, keep a quick tally of how rapidly the customers appear. If many are showing up in rapid succession, this means most will only order one or at most two items, making them easy to deal with in that sense. Slower customer flows typically mean more combination based orders, so in these situations, handle to occasional one to two item customer quickly and then go onto the bigger orders. This will give you bigger tips, and though it may cost you one or two orders, the profits will heavily outweigh the losses in this method.

Finally, there are some general rules that can be adhered to for a more successful play through. When given the chance, improve the quality of the food, and then increase the price as much as is feasible without severely impacting your customer moods. Unlike in real life, a sudden price spike isn’t likely to make you lose customers, and when counteracted with more tables and non-kitchen upgrades, there is little effect except for higher profit. This is particularly handy if you find yourself low on coin, especially after a go on the slot machines.

With these cheats, tips & strategies implemented, it is certain you will become the king or queen of the kitchen. Best of luck, and happy cooking!

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