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Top 10 Highest Paid Tech Jobs in 2018

Technology has been developing rapidly over the past few decades, and even more so in the last couple of years. Everywhere you go, and everything you do, is related to technology. Internet, computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones, apps… all of those and more is what we are all surrounded with, daily. And to create each piece of technology is a skill that not everyone has. It takes a lot of education and experience to successfully create and develop tech-related products and services.

And as such, it’s obvious that tech jobs are some of the highest paid jobs right now. They also tend to have some of the best benefits packages in the world (we’re looking at you Google…) Anways today, we’re going to take a look at the top paid tech jobs in 2018, so pay attention if you’re interested in the field and want to maximize your earning potential.

#10 – Analytics Manager – $106,000

analyst-manager Analytics is the discovery and interpretation of patterns in certain data. Analytics Manager is the person in charge of a certain data analysis solution. Software that analytics managers use in their everyday work is built to gather huge amounts of information related to the industry. Their job is to configure and implement the tool, as well as develop it further and offer support to their colleagues and other users.

With a median base payment of $106,000, this position is very lucrative. However, to get there you usually need past experience, as well as good education background.


#9 – Product Manager – $107,000

product-manager Product Manager’s job is to turn leadership’s product vision into reality, by communicating with and managing the development teams. In tech companies, these guys have to manage engineers and developers, and guide them to create a new gadget, phone, app, or whatever else the high executives want.

However, there are other definitions of this position, and they vary from field to field. Sometimes they are called the “CEOs of a product”, because they need to define a strategy and a clear roadmap for everyone to follow.


#8 – Data Architect – $113,000

data-architect Data architects must research and define how data will be stored, managed and consumed by various entities and IT systems. They must look into all of input data sources, and figure out how to manage them properly, in order for the business to work.

Of course, they must constantly monitor, support and, if needed, further develop data management systems.


#7 – Data Scientist – $115,000

Similar, but different from a Data Architect, a Data Scientist must be capable of looking at massive amounts data-scientist of data,  spot certain trends, and using them as a business advantage. Data scientists have to look at the data from many different angles and aspects, in order to get the full insight.

That’s why their base payment is $115,000, and keeps growing afterwards.


#6 – Systems Architect – $117,000

system-architect System Architects must know how to breakdown a certain system into components, must understand their interactions and interfaces, and obviously, how to use them. They divide big, complicated systems into smaller sections that can be used by engineers and others who don’t have the knowledge about complex systems. Basically, these guys have to fully understand a certain system, to its core and dumb it down for everyone else.


#5 – Applications Development Manager – $119,000

application-development-manager Web, computer and mobile applications are all the fuss these days. The developers of such apps must be guided and managed, in order to successfully produce an application that would take off. And that is the job of an Applications Development Manager, as you probably could have figured out from the title itself.


#4 – Solutions Architect – $120,000

solutions-manager Similar to the Product Manager, a Solutions Architect must find a way to complete a job (making a product or a service) in such a way that the customers can easily understand and use the product/service. SA is a part of the development, because he needs to make sure that things are going as planned, and that the final solution will be usable and accessible.


#4 – IT Manager – $120,000

it-manager IT manager has the same base wage as a Solution Architect, but their jobs are much different. IT Managers must coordinate tech-related matters with the high executives, plan hardware and software upgrades, negotiate with new vendors, etc. Their title pretty much explains their tasks (as it should).


#2 – Software Architect – $128,000

software-architect A Software Architect must be familiar with complex software tools and methods, in order to do his job – design highly advanced software. Designing such software includes experimentation with alternative options, conceptualization, making a vision (…), and is well paid.

#1 – Software Development Manager – $132,000

software-development-manager Another self-explanatory title. SDM has to oversee all the aspects of developing a certain software, from the starting phase until the launch. As such, they have great responsibilities throughout the whole design, development and manufacturing process. Responsibilities that are worth over $130,000 when they’re first starting out.

So there you have the top paid tech jobs in 2018. Disagree with the list, or have something to add? Feel free to let us know in the comments below.

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