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MovieStarPlanet VIP Membership Codes For Free

MovieStarPlanet is a virtual world for children where you can use your movie star avatar to create movies and become famous. You will be able to play games, buy items in the store, chat with friends, create movies, and end up a rich and famous celebrity in this unique Hollywood-esque world. The more movies you make on MovieStarPlanet, the more popular you will get, and the more autographs and fame you will earn. The best part about MovieStarPlanet is that you can add a lot of friends in the game and get a lot of views on your movies to make yourself an A-list celebrity. If you have a VIP membership to MovieStarPlanet you will be able to do more things and have access to more parts of the game, but did you know you can get a free membership to MovieStarPlanet without paying for it?

You can get your free VIP membership to MovieStarPlanet by heading over to and signing up for an account. This will only take about 60 seconds to make an account and then you will see various offers and surveys available for you to complete. You want to complete these surveys and offers using real information or else your work might not be accepted. Once your surveys and offers have been accepted, the points will automatically go into your account. You will be able to use these points towards a MovieStarPlanet Free VIP membership, which comes in lengths such as 1-month, 3-month, and 1-year. The higher the membership duration the more points you will need to have, which means the more surveys you will need to complete. These points do not expire so you can save them in your account for as long as you want to until you are ready to redeem them towards the free MovieStarPlanet membership.


The benefits of the MovieStarPlanet membership are endless, and you will find out that there are many more things you can do in the game with your membership. There are three different types of memberships to choose from including the Normal VIP, Elite VIP, and Star VIP membership packages. Each package allows you to have certain benefits, although the best benefits are with the Star VIP membership. We are going to detail some of the best benefits of having a MovieStarPlanet membership so you will know whether it is right for you.

Daily Diamonds and StarCoins– If you have a membership to MovieStarPlanet you will get daily Diamonds and StarCoins just for signing up. This is neat because you will need both the Diamonds and StarCoins in the virtual world to purchase items, such as clothing, backgrounds and accessories. These free Diamonds and StarCoins will be available to you everyday for the duration of your VIP membership. The Diamonds are the VIP currency of MovieStarPlanet so they are not handed out very often and is something you usually only get if you pay for them.

Exclusive VIP Items– You will find exclusive VIP items in the shop if you have a membership to MovieStarPlanet. These are items that are only available for members and it will give you another way to be unique and personalize your experience in the game. Not to mention it is also handy because it will help you make your movies stand out from the rest since you have these VIP member-only items available to you.

More Fame– In MovieStarPlanet, you need Fame to level up so you will be able to level up quicker since you will have the ability to earn more Fame. The more Fame you have the more famous you are, and that means more friends and more fun! If you do not have the VIP membership it will take you longer to earn the fame, which means it will take you longer to level up.

More Friends– If you are not a VIP member on MovieStarPlanet you are limited to the amount of friends you can have on your Friend List. If you head to and get a free VIP membership to MovieStarPlanet though, you will have the chance to make unlimited friends and put them on your Friend List. This is cool because it can help you become more famous, earn more autographs, and level up in the game.

More Autographs– You will be able to hand out more autographs everyday with the VIP membership than if you are not a member. These autographs are a really fun part of the game and helps you become more popular overall.

More StarCoin Wheel Spins– There is a Daily StarCoin Wheel in MovieStarPlanet, which you will be allowed to spin more times if you have a VIP membership. The non-members only get one spin on this wheel everyday, but you will be able to spin at least two or three times. This means you will earn more free StarCoins and then can use those to buy cool items from the store.



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