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MovieStarPlanet VIP Membership Codes For Free – 2024 Update

MovieStarPlanet is a virtual world for children where you can use your movie star avatar to create movies and become famous. You will be able to play games, buy items in the store, chat with friends, create movies, and end up a rich and famous celebrity in this unique Hollywood-esque world. The more movies you make on MovieStarPlanet, the more popular you will get, and the more autographs and fame you will earn.

The best part about MovieStarPlanet is that you can add a lot of friends in the game and get a lot of views on your movies to make yourself an A-list celebrity. If you have a VIP membership to MovieStarPlanet you will be able to do more things and have access to more parts of the game, but did you know you can get a free membership to MovieStarPlanet without paying for it?

Different Tiers of VIP Membership

Prior to October 2022, there were three tiers of VIP: Regular, Elite, and Star. Another level, Super VIP, was discontinued in 2014. While each tier received the same basic benefits, the higher tiers received better perks. For example, those with Star VIP membership would receive more diamonds (x2) than those in the Regular tier.

How to Get MovieStarPlanet VIP Membership For Free In 2024

Currently, the only way to get free VIP membership is by winning the weekly competition in Movie Town.

Participating in the Weekly Competition

Every Thursday, there’s a new weekly theme. New animations, clothes, backgrounds, and items, are also added to the shopping area.

To participate in the contest, you’ll have to buy furniture or props from the week’s theme. From there, all you need to do is create a new Look, Artbook, Movie, or decorate your room. Once you’ve done that, enter the Competition area in MovieTown and you’ll be able to submit your creation.

The most creative movie stars will be rewarded with free VIP, in addition to free StarCoins and Diamonds. Depending on the results, you can win 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, or 17 days of free VIP membership.

For more information, you can check out the official help page here.

Are There Any Free VIP Membership Generators?

The answer is no. The only way to get VIP for free is by participating and winning the weekly competition. There is no such thing as a free VIP membership generator.

Be wary of any websites that ask for your username and password in exchange for a “VIP membership.” You won’t become VIP by sharing your account. Also, never download anything onto your phone (some websites will claim to give you VIP in exchange for downloading an app or program). These are all scams; you’ll only be giving away your account.

If you come across any websites or users claiming to give away free VIP membership, make sure to report them to MovieStarPlanet. If you know their username, click on it to display their personal profile. From there, you can select the “Report bad behavior” button. Alternatively, you can report them on the app. Simply tap on their profile and click on the yellow triangle button. You’ll be asked to select a category (e.g. “talk about cheats”) before submitting the report.


Purchasing VIP Membership

The easiest way to get a VIP membership is to make a direct purchase with a Google Play or iTunes account. You can do this easily in-game as long as your account is linked to a debit, credit, or Paysafe card. Once you’ve done that, your status will change to VIP automatically within a few minutes.

Alternatively, you can get VIP by using a gift certificate purchased from the official MovieStarPlanet website. Simply enter the redemption code into the subscription page and you’ll gain VIP status.

Note: You can only purchase a gift certificate for the top tier of VIP (i.e. Star VIP) at this time.

Giving Another User a VIP Membership

Those who purchase a 1-year Star VIP or Diamond StarCoins Package will receive a free one-week VIP voucher that they can give to a friend.

Assuming that you’re friends with the person that you want to give it to, you can do so via your friend list. Simply select their profile and click on the “Give Gift” button.” Once you’ve done that, a box will open revealing all of your items. Select your shiny VIP voucher and then click “Give Gift” again. You friend will receive a notification that a new gift is on the way. If anything, the process is the same as giving any other item.

To view VIP gifts that you’ve received, go to your profile and click “Gifts”. Don’t be alarmed if you don’t see your VIP voucher on the default page—they have their own page to the right-hand side! Click on it and you’ll be able to see all of the VIP vouchers that you’ve gotten from other players. You’ll have three options: you can claim and activate the voucher right away, send it back to the user who gave it to you, or keep it in your inventory (you can always activate it at a later date).

Note: You will not be able to send the VIP voucher back once you’ve already claimed it.

What Perks Do You Get With VIP Membership?

There are a number of perks that you get as a VIP member. Here’s a brief overview:

You Will Recieve Free Diamonds and StarCoins Every Day

VIP members will receive free Diamonds and StarCoins every day. These are two types of in-game currency that can be used to purchase a variety of items such as backgrounds, furniture, clothing, and accessories. While StarCoins can be earned in-game (e.g. you can earn them by watching and producing movies), the only way to get Diamonds is by buying a VIP membership. If anything, you can think of them as the “VIP currency” of the game.

You Can Get Exclusive VIP Items In-Game

There are several items in the shop that you can only get if you have a VIP membership. For example, some clothes and backgrounds are only available to VIPs. You can tell whether or not an item is VIP exclusive by looking at the price. If the tag is yellow with a small “VIP banner”, it’s an exclusive VIP item.

If anything, using them can help make your movies stand out from the rest as not everyone has access to them.

You’ll Get More Fame

If anything, you can think of Fame as experience points; it determines your progress in the game. Once you’ve earned enough, you will level up. In terms of how to earn fame, there are several things that you can do. For example, you can earn fame by buying an item, accepting a friend request, completing a career, giving or receiving autographs, or spinning the Fame Wheel.

By being a VIP member, you’ll receive more fame every time you complete these objectives. There’s also the Piggy Bank, which allows VIP players to collect VIP fame bonuses, in addition to daily Starcoins and diamonds. The best part? There’s no limit; it’ll keep collecting bonuses until you empty it.

Note: The Piggy Bank will still collect fame and StarCoin bonuses for non-VIP members, however, you won’t be able to open it until you’ve obtained VIP status. There’s also a limit—it’ll automatically stop collecting bonuses once it reaches 2,500 StarCoins and 5,000 Fame.

You’ll Be Able to Add More Friends

Non-VIP members are limited as to how many friends they can have on their Friend List (the number will go up every time you level). Those with VIP status, however, don’t have a limit. You can add as many people as you’d like to your Friend List.

To see how many friends you can have, open up the “My Friends” tab in the “Friends” area. It’ll say how many friends you can have in the top left-hand corner.

To add someone as a friend, click on the Friend button in the top bar. Type in their username in the search field and the person you’re looking for should pop up. Click on their avatar to open their profile. From there, you can send them a friend request by clicking on the “Ask to be Friends” icon. Once they’ve accepted your friend request, they will appear in your activity bar. You’ll also receive notifications each time they send you a chat message or make new content.

To accept a friend request, go to the “Friends” area. You should see the invitation. Click on the green check mark to accept it. Alternatively, you can click on the red X to deny the friend request.

You’ll Be Able to Hand Out More Autographs

Giving autographs is one of the best way to gain Fame in the game. To give someone an autograph, simply click on their profile and tap on the “Give Autograph” button.

Keep in mind, however, that there’s a limit as to how many autographs that you can give. For Non-VIP members, you can only give one out every hour. For VIP members, however, you can give an autograph once every 15 minutes. This will greatly increase the amount of Fame that you’ll receive and that, in return, will help you progress through the game.

You’ll Get More Rewards From Spinning the Wheel of Fortune

Spinning the Wheel of Fortune is one way to earn StarCoins in the game. Currently, non-VIP members can spin it for free once a day (the window will automatically pop up). VIP members, on the other hand, can spin each wheel twice a day.

While both non-VIP and VIP members can earn StarCoins from the wheel, the amount that can be won differs depending on your membership status.

For non-VIP members, there’s a 1/8 chance of winning 80 or 120 StarCoins, a 1/4 chance of winning 40 StarCoins, and a 1/2 chance of winning 20 StarCoins.

For VIP members, there’s a 1/8 chance of winning 100 or 200 StarCoins, a 1/4 chance of winning 50 StarCoins, and a 1/2 chance of winning 25 StarCoins.

So Is VIP Membership Worth It?

At the end of the day, it’s up to you. The game is definitely playable without a VIP membership but it can make certain things, such as leveling up, a little easier. Not to mention that you’ll get other perks as well.



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