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Paul McCartney Net Worth – See How Rich Sir Paul Is Now

If you had told people back in the early ’60s that one of The Beatles would still be the richest musician in the world in 2016, they probably wouldn’t have believed you. More than fifty years after Paul McCartney reached global fame for his role in The Beatles, he is still putting out music and is still relevant in pop culture. Since The Beatles split up in 1970, McCartney never slowed down. He put out dozens of records, and sold tens of millions of copies. He has won twenty-one Grammies, and is considered by many people to be the greatest pop songwriter who ever lived. In 1997, McCartney was knighted for his services to music.

No musician, living or dead, has made more money than Paul McCartney. The Beatles music has never really gone out of style, and he continues to make money from plenty of other music that he has ownership over. It seems strange that someone who mostly writes nice little ballads and silly songs could make a billion dollars. There’s clearly something to be said for his supernatural songwriting talents that have appealed to millions of people across a number of generations. Let’s take a look at how Paul McCartney put together his enormous net worth.


Paul McCartney Net Worth In 2018 – $1.2 Billion


How Did Paul McCartney Make His Money And Wealth?

mccartney2 James Paul McCartney was born on June 18th, 1942 in Liverpool, England. He became friends with George Harrison, who would later join him in The Beatles, when he was twelve years old. When he was fourteen years old, his mother died from an embolism. While this was a tragic event in Paul’s life, it would also strengthen the bond he would develop with John Lennon, who’s mother also passed away while Lennon was young. McCartney’s dad was a musician and had a piano and a trumpet around the house. McCartney traded the trumpet for an acoustic guitar and taught himself how to play the guitar by ear. From a young age he was already writing his own songs, and was influenced heavily by American rock and roll musicians like Little Richard and Chuck Berry. He joined the band The Quarrymen when he was fifteen, a band that featured John Lennon and George Harrison. The band had some lineup changes and the name was eventually changed to The Beatles. The band got shows in Hamburg, Germany. In 1962, their hired Brian Epstein as their manager, and brought on Ringo Starr as the drummer. Paul switched from playing the guitar to playing the bass, and thus the famous lineup that brought the group fame was established.

The Beatles, of course, became immensely popular in the year 1963, and their popularity carried on until the band split in 1970, and up until the present time. As the years passed, Paul McCartney’s role within the band became more and more prominent. He developed skills in a number of instruments, playing the bass, guitar, piano, drums, and more on various recordings. His music and lyric partnership with John Lennon is considered one of the great songwriting teams in the history of music. He penned the song Yesterday in 1965, which would become the most covered song in the history of music, and one of the most famous songs of the 20th century. He continued to write an endless seeming number of hits up until the dissolution of the band in 1970, at which time he transitioned seamlessly into a successful solo career.

Paul McCartney formed the band Wings in the early 1970s. He could have hired any of the world’s great musicians and formed a supergroup, but chose instead to do homestyle recordings with less talented musicians as a way to reject some of the fame he had been subjected to as a Beatle. In the years since, there have been a number of huge pop songs released by McCartney. There was Ebony and Ivory, his collaboration with Stevie Wonder. There was The Girl Is Mine, a collaboration with Michael Jackson. He has toured the world, both with Wings and with the touring band he currently uses. He has put out Christmas music, like that Wonderful Christmastime song. He has done orchestral compositions, and music for commercials. He continues to be one of the highest draws when it comes to international touring musicians. He is currently 74 years old and one of two living Beatles. To this day, he frequently plays shows and seems to be in good health. There is seemingly no limit to how much longer Paul McCartney can continue to put out records and go out on high-grossing world tours.


Paul McCartney Personal Life And FAQ


Is Paul McCartney Married?

Paul McCartney’s romantic relationships and marriages have naturally been a subject of great interest over SONY DSC the years. After a series of fairly short lived relationships in the early 60s, he met Linda Eastman at a Beatles concert in 1966. She was a concert photographer at the time for a number of high profile artists like The Doors and Jimi Hendrix. The two of them were married only two years later, in 1969. According to McCartney, the two of them had a wild, spontaneous relationship. In 1971, Linda joined Paul’s new band, Wings. She was not a musicians, so he taught her how to play the piano, and her musicianship was widely criticized, even by members of the band itself. Sadly, Linda died at the age of 56 in 1998 from cancer.
In 2002, Paul McCartney remarried, to Heather Mills, who was a model. The two of them were separated in 2006 and divorced in 2008. The separation and divorce of the two of them was seen as being bitter and difficult, with Heather citing the behaviour one of Paul’s daughters as contributing to the divorce. The financial terms of their divorce were heavily publicized. Initially, Mills asked for 125 million pounds, with McCartney offering her 15.8 million pounds. She was eventually awarded 24.3 million pounds, plus yearly payments for child care.

In 2011, Paul McCartney married Nancy Shevell, a New Yorker in a small ceremony. The couple had been dating since 2007, and remain together to this day.

Does Paul McCartney Have Children?

Paul McCartney had four kids with his first wife, Linda. There was Linda’s daughter Heather, who Paul later legally adopted. Paul’s daughter Stella would go on to be a fashion designer. His daughter Mary is a photographer. His son James is an unsuccessful musician. He had another daughter with Heather Mills in 2003, named Beatrice Milly.

Where Does Paul McCartney Live? Picture Of Paul McCartney’s House

pccartney-apartment As you could expect from a man worth over a billion dollars, Paul McCartney has many homes. He is said to have a townhouse in New York, a mansion in Beverly Hills, a house in Arizona, and a house in the Hamptons. Outside of the United States, he has a mansion in London, and a house on a farm in East Sussex. The residence pictured is considered by most to be his most impressive. It’s a $15.5 million triple penthouse with a huge library and views over Central Park.


Does Paul McCartney Have Any Nicknames?

Over the years, Paul McCartney has amassed a few nicknames. In the early days of The Beatles, he was referred to as The Cute One. John was considered The Smart One and George was considered The Quiet One. Ringo was just called Ringo; that was good enough of its own. Paul has often been called “Macca” which is a pretty common nickname in England for anyone who’s last name begins with “Mc” or “Mac.” He has also been called Sir Paul ever since he was knighted for his service to music in the ’90s.

How Much Did Paul McCartney Earn Last Year?

Paul McCartney is said to have only really made around five million dollars during his time with The Beatles. While that’s obviously still a lot of money to anyone, it is dwarfed by the amounts of money he is capable of making these days. Last year, Paul made $51.5 million dollars. He continues to sell huge amounts of records and go on world tours, so it doesn’t seem like his money earning capabilities will be slowing down any time soon. On top of that, Paul’s current wife comes from a family that made itself rich through the trucking industry, so she has millions of dollars of her own.

Paul McCartney’s Charity Work And Philanthropy

Paul McCartney has been a fairly outspoken advocate for animal rights for most of his career, and has been a mccartney4 vegetarian since 1975. Back in 1999, after the death of his first wife Linda, he donated three million pounds to a food company she had established, called Linda McCartney foods. Paul has supported the campaigns of a number of animal rights based organizations, including PETA.

His ex-wife Heather Mills is a strong anti-landmine advocate, and McCartney became involved in mine related issues after their relationship began. He went to television to oppose the seal hunt off the coast of  Canada, and continues to support the Make Poverty History campaign. He has been part of some of the biggest charity festivals and concerts of all time, including Band Aid and Live Aid.

He is opposed to fracking, and supports an organization called Save The Arctic, that aims to do what the name says.

Death Rumours

Ever since the 1960s, conspiracy theorists have made the claim that Paul McCartney died in a car crash in the late ’60s and was replaced by an impostor. People searched Beatles album artwork, lyrics, and other media searching for clues that Paul had died, and they often found things that supported their theories. The idea behind the theory was that Paul had crashed his car on the way home from a recording session, and that The Beatles’ management had held a secret lookalike contest to find a replacement for Paul so that fans wouldn’t be distraught.

Paul himself has address and picked fun at the rumours over the years, even titling one of his albums “Paul Is Live.” Various low budget books and movies were also published to try to convince audiences that the rumours had merit.

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