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Spy Evasion and Escape Update – What Happened After Shark Tank

Spy Evasion and Escape Before Shark Tank

The venture became very famous for Jason Hansen's simple tip of how to break out of duct tape when it is binding your hands

Jason Hansen is the head of Spy Escape and Evasion – but all is not as it appears for this investment-seeker. Jason Hansen made an extremely memorable entrance into Shark Tank, having a man step forward in sunglasses and introduce himself as Jason Hansen and explain more about Spy Escape and Evasion. However, the man steps back, and the real Jason Hansen steps forward in a dramatic fashion, ripping off his pants and disguise to reveal he is wearing a slick suit and tie. Just like James Bond. Jason Hansen is actually a former CIA agent, as well.

Spy Evasion and Escape on Shark Tank

Jason Hansen is seeking $100,000 in exchange for 15% of his stock.

Hansen then moves on to mention that the world of espionage is very dangerous and cunning, and asks for Barbara to step forward and demonstrate to duct tape his hands in front of him. He then rips apart the duct tape, mentioning that civilians should know certain things to save their lives. The purpose of Spy Escape and Evasion is to instruct civilians on certain tactical measures and methods that might not be common, just like ripping the duct tape off his two bound hands in front of him. These measures would help the civilians avoid things like being followed/stalked, being kidnapped, some martial arts measures, and many more.

Jason then asks for another example for additional training, and Robert steps forward. Jason then binds Robert’s hands with a ziptie in front of him. Jason mentions his shoes, and the laces – the laces appear as regular, black laces. However, Jason has changed his shoelaces out for parachute cord, which is also known as 550 cord. Jason folds two loops out of his “shoelaces”, wrapping them around the zipties of Robert’s hands, and instructs him to “pedal” his feet like a bicycle. The zipties then pop off with little effort.

The sharks then ask for more details, including if he is actually a member of the CIA, to which Jason mentions that he is indeed ex-CIA. The sharks then wonder about the legality of it, since the techniques seem like they could be proprietary to the government and dangerous should these little techniques slip out to the public. Jason insists that he’s already talked to the agency and that everything is alright, but the sharks want more official details about the business.

The venture was invested upon by Damon, who wanted to completely change the model; the new model appears to be working quite well, however
The venture was invested upon by Damon, who wanted to completely change the model; the new model appears to be working quite well, however

Jason starts by saying that Spy Escape and Evasion is a two-day course, where the first day is about spy escape and evasion skills, such as how to escape rope and duct-tape, how to avoid being detected, how to do basic surveillance and more reconnaissance skills. Day two is a skill training exercise, which actually are a series of missions that call for the participants of Spy Escape and Evasion to actually put to test what they learned on the previous day. Jason mentions that he does have people out in the field, tracking the participants.

The sharks ask who the course is aimed for; Jason says that it started for high-priority executives, CEOs and such, but then regular people began to take the course. The course costs $600 for two days, but is based out of Cedar City, Utah. Jason says that he has 328 acres and wants to make this entire experience into a ranch, which includes more features such as evasive driving, a spy obstacle course, a place to stay, and many more features. Jason says that he currently flies around the country for instruction, finding customers through the magazine and the internet.

The sharks then begin to fold, saying that the business is too inconvenient and too expensive for the average person to fly out and participate at the ranch. The idea of selling the seminar as itself without the requirement of people attending a single location and bringing seminars to people. Jason is offered a $100,000 investment at a 50% stake with the insistence of changing the business model entirely by Robert. Robert says that he is only making this offer because it is an entirely different model than what Robert had in mind. Mark says that he likes the idea and has more ideas in mind, but he is on the fence and insists that Damon goes next – Damon finds the idea attractive, and says that he must accept an offer of $150,000 right now for 45%. Damon said that he must focus the seminar on areas for moms and suburban areas for people with families.

Spy Escape and Evasion in 2016- The After Shark Tank Update

Shark_Tank_Logo Spy Escape and Evasion has evolved massively since its appearance on Shark Tank. Upon visiting the website, the results of Damon’s investment are now immediately viewable – there are a series of blog posts on the main page, but these have not been updated since 2014 on the main page – going to other pages reveal that articles have been published every week. The business model is still incredibly popular – Jason Hansen has appeared on Dateline NBC, Rachael Ray’s talk show Rachael, The Today Show, and has appeared numerous times on Forbes’s website. The 2016 spy camp is actually completely sold out, but spots are now being accepted for 2018.
Spy Escape and Evasion also now offers an expanded variety of experiences, offering an Advanced Spy Course, an Escape & Evasion Driving Experience, and the Ultimate Spy Week. Blogs and articles are periodically posted on the Spy Escape and Evasion discussing further topics that are similar to the instruction offered by Spy Escape and Evasion, as well as materials that are related to self defense. The website also has a link to the companion store, even offering 10% off the entire Spy store.



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