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The Top Ten Richest American Idol Contestants – 2018 List

Though American Idol has had it’s swan song as of last season, many of those that have performed in front of the judges remain remarkably successful as performance artists. In fact, some of the most successful musical artists of the decade have started off with a nervous performance after waiting hours in line with other potential contestants. Here, we will take a look at the top ten richest American Idol Contestants. So without further ado check out the 2018 list below.

10. Kellie Pickler Net Worth: $5 Million

pickler Starting off our list of richest American Idol contestants is the country singer Kellie Pickler. Having made it to the 6th spot in the 10th season, Pickler has subsequently released four studio albums to general success, as well as appeared on Dancing With The Stars in 2013. When not touring or recording, Pickler keeps an interest in helping the St. Jude’s Childrens Research Hospital as well as multiple orphanage programs where she has participated actively in fundraisers. She also most recently appeared on the 2016 Celebrity Family Feud, raising $25,000 for the USO charity.

9. David Cook Net Worth: $5 Million

Cook The winner of season 7 of Idol certainly wasted no time in releasing albums, and breaking records. Cook has released four albums, the most recent in 2015, and has also broke 4 billboard records in terms of sales. He has also worked with a myriad of other artists as a guest star, allowing him to make his millions. Off the stage, Cook has recently married his longtime girlfriend Rachael Stump in a small ceremony in 2015.

8. Katharine McPhee Net Worth: $6 Million

McPhee An Idol contestant to find most of their fame away from the stage, McPhee was the runner up in season 5. While her music is by no means a failure, in fact it sparked years of successful touring and quite impressive album sales, in recent years McPhee has found her calling in television acting. Most recently working on the CBS Series Scorpion, previously carrying a role in Smash for 32 episodes. Outside conventional television, McPhee also guest starred in a web series made by Lonelygirl15, making her one of the few to actively seek alternative media exposure in such a way.

7. Clay Aiken Net Worth: $7 Million

Clay One of the most well known Idol alumni, Aiken has proven to be just as much a social and political force as a musical one. This season 2 runner up was one of the first artists to be labeled as a Christian musician (though he never quite identified as such) as well as being openly gay some two years after the birth of his son. Aiken is also well known for winning the democratic nomination for congress in North Carolina, while not quite cinching the general election. Starting off his acting career with the comedy classic Spamalot in theater, Aiken quickly found he both enjoyed performance and had a skill for music. In terms of social change and philanthropy, Aiken has dedicated himself quite often to service, especially in the sectors of LGBT+ acceptance and HIV/AIDS charities, to which he has lended funds, performances, and even his name in terms of an inclusion project (which later became the National Inclusion Project).

6. Jordin Sparks Net Worth: $10 Million

Sparks The daughter of an NFL player and the winner of season 6 of American Idol, Sparks certainly won’t be hurting for money any time soon. With her self titled album reaching certified platinum, Sparks has seen astounding success. However, in 2008 she did suffer several bouts of pneumonia and vocal cord hemorrhaging that could have ended her career had she not taken some time off. Thereafter, while she has returned to singing, she has also taken on acting roles. Having mostly worked in Disney roles, she also played a role in the Left Behind series. Offstage, she also gains income from an Avon endorsement as well as her own signature perfume. In terms of philanthropy, Sparks has shown a special interest in children’s needs as well as the Malaria No More campaign, even traveling to Ghana alongside the Bush family to promote the cause.

5. Daughtry Net Worth: $10 Million

daughtry Barely making the top ten in season 5, it’s often forgotten that Daughtry did in fact find its main start on American Idol. With their self titled debut album reaching certified quadruple platinum, this band has remained quite popular over the years. With a combined over 30 million sales of albums, this band has an incredible sales record. As of April of this year, there has been news that this insane album streak will be continuing, as despite recently releasing a “best of” album, the band has announced through social media that more songs and albums are already well on their way to completion. There is also reports that a new tour will be announced shortly, making Daughtry fans everywhere very excited.

4. Adam Lambert Net Worth: $16 Million

Lambert The runner up to the season 8 finale, Adam Lambert is frequently cited as the top male pop voice of the past few years. A big time glam rock fan, Lambert is surely living his childhood dreams in that as of 2016, Adam and Queen are performing together for Formula One racing, and have been working together for the past several years to astounding international success. Known for his extreme fashion sensibilities, Lambert has maintained a massive stage presence, both in music and in several theater roles. Off the stage, he has fully dedicated himself to the cause of raising money for clean water initiatives and has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for the cause. He has also worked with Queen and Elton John to stage concerts to help support research and care for HIV/AIDS patients.

3. Jennifer Hudson Net Worth: $20 Million

Hudson While not winning in her appearance on the third season of American Idol, Hudson certainly has become a winner in many other rights. One of the few American Idol contestants (and people in general) to ever win a SAG award, a Grammy, an Oscar and Golden Globe, Hudson has found immense fortune in acting alongside her singing talents. However, for all the good that has transpired for Jennifer Hudson, tradgedy has also unfortunately reared its ugly head. In 2008, three of her family members to include her mother were brutally murdered. This caused her to take a brief hiatus from performing. Thereafter, she has seemed to throw herself into her acting and musical work, alongside a foundation founded in honor of her slain family.

2. Kelly Clarkson Net Worth: $28 Million

Kelly Clarkson The first winner of the American Idol series, Kelly Clarkson has gone on to make seven albums, three songs of which garnered her Emmy awards. Naturally a Soprano in tone, Clarkson has used her voice to bend genres and pair with everyone from R&B to Pop Punk artists throughout her career, as well as blending Gospel and Pop sensibilities. This has made her an artist with very wide appeal, and thus enormous success. When not making hits, Clarkson has dedicated much of her time to a fair amount of philanthropies both linked to her Idol past, and her own passions (especially education). She is also the owner of a very rare item indeed: One of Jane Austen’s rings worth over a quarter of a million dollars.

1. Carrie Underwood Net Worth: $75 Million

Carrie A contestant and winner of the fourth season of American Idol, Carrie Underwood has truly lived up to the title. A country singer, Underwood has managed to take both it and the pop world by storm year after year, garnering her Emmy awards and literally dozens of other music awards including the top spot on many music charts. Outside of her performance career, Carrie has remained a vocal animal rights activist throughout her life, as well as being rated by PETA as the world’s sexiest vegan. Underwood has also made significant figures with product endorsements ranging from Target to Hershey Chocolate and even Nintendo. Most recently, she has opened her own line of sporting wear named CALIA which also works great as casual wear and is for sale through Dick’s Sporting Goods locations.

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  1. Question re Daughtry; net worth $10M – is that just his share or the group? Because as a group, all the money they make is divided among the # of band members. So if Daughtry alone net worth is $10M then you are saying Daughtry “the group” made $50M? Just wondering.

    • Hi Purplegrass,
      The financial information gathered indicated that the $10M net worth is in fact Chris Daughtry. The other band members make considerably less in terms of net worth. Thank you so much for your question.

  2. Good to see that Adam’s charitable interests are mentioned.. often ignored in the “he’s gay” “sings with Queen” media buzz.

  3. Re: Adam Lambert. You seemed to leave out that Adam toured the world promoting his own music from The Original High. He has three albums under his belt and working on the third one

    • Actually working on the 4th album. He’s been a busy man with a strong work ethic. I’ve seen him in a few concerts unrelated to a tour in Florida, which he does around the country while working on an album. I’ve been a fan since Idol & he’s a genuine superstar because of talent instead of hype.

  4. Not so sure about #4 Adam Lambert I read an article that Adam’s net worth is $25 Million which sounds more likely with solo tour and Queen tour plus his role in The Rocky Horror Picture Show and most recently Macy’s promotions in store and on TV. He was also spokeman for Oreo Cookies.


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