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Ben Stiller Net Worth- How Rich is Ben Stiller

Ben Stiller is a celebrity well-known for his comedic roles and directorial efforts. He has tickled the funny bones of millions of people around the globe through a slew of different characters. With all the money he’s made from his movies, Stiller has not forgotten to give back to the needy through his many philanthropic efforts.

Read on and find out more how Ben Stiller became one of the greatest names in comedy and how he made his fortune in making people laugh.

Ben Stiller Net Worth in 2018 – $150 million

How did Ben Stiller make his money & wealth?

Born on November 30, 1965, Benjamin Edward Meara Stiller had an early exposure to the realm of entertainment thanks to his parents who were both comedians (Jerry Stiller and Anne Meara), and this helped cultivate his interest in acting and filmmaking. Stiller started first with homemade films in collaboration with his friends and sister, followed by acting roles in theatres. His debut in front of the camera was in the 1975 legal drama series Kate McShane where his mother starred. Stiller attended the University of California, Los Angeles and took a film degree but he only stayed for a semester and a half before dropping out of college.

ben-stiller-net-worth-show  During the 80s Stiller appeared in movies and television series. He also tried his hand on being both actor and producer on the TV short The Hustler of Money. His efforts landed him a job in the variety show Saturday Night Live as a writer, although he left after five weeks due to the “negative backstage atmosphere”. Stiller continued working on shorts like Elvis Stories and Going Back to Brooklyn until he had his own sketch comedy show named The Ben Stiller Show. It gathered positive critical reception and earned Stiller an Emmy Award but was axed due to very low ratings. Throughout the 90s Stiller worked as actor and director in a handful of movies, and his appearance on the hit 1998 comedy There’s Something About Mary further propelled his acting career to greater heights.

Stiller’s filmography throughout the years was populated by comedy films, and some of his most popular roles were in Meet the Parents, Dodgeball, Zoolander, and Tropic Thunder, the last two films also had him as the director. Stiller also lent his voice in the animated film Madagascar and its two sequels as Alex the lion. Recently he has worked as an executive producer in television series like The Birthday Boys and The Meltdown with Jonah and Kumail.

Stiller’s income is primarily derived from his acting and directing work, and a small trickle of funds come from his investment and endorsements. In 2001 he endorsed Heineken Beer and the Japanese lemon drink Chu-Hi (you can watch its weird dubbed advertisement on YouTube). In 2013 he and his wife Christine Taylor made an investment in personal care company Sensible Organics. Stiller was among the celebrities who fell prey to the scam perpetrated by the late celebrity financial advisor Dana Giacchetto. The actor lost a reported amount of $250,000.

Ben Stiller Personal Life & FAQ’s:

Is Ben Stiller married?

Yes. Stiller tied the knot with actress Christine Joan Taylor in 2000. He met the actress during the filming of Heat Vision and Jack, a short also directed by Stiller. Prior to Taylor, Stiller was linked to other actresses like Amanda Peet, Jeanne Tripplehorn, and Calista Flockhart.

Does Ben Stiller have kids?

Yes. First is daughter Ella Olivia (2002) followed by son Quinlin Dempsey (2010).

How much money does Ben Stiller make per movie?

Stiller commands a $34 million salary per movie.

ben-stiller-net-worth-apartment Ben Stiller’s House

Stiller moved to a $15.31 million apartment in New York. It spans 3,400 square feet with multiple bedrooms and a stunning view of the Hudson River.


ben-stiller-net-worth-car Ben Stiller’s Car

Stiller has been spotted on the streets aboard his black Audi Q7.

Ben Stiller’s charity, donations and philanthropy

In 2001 Stiller was a contestant in Who Wants to be a Millionaire where he won $32,000. He donated his winnings to the non-profit Project ALS. This organization conducts research in finding a cure for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. He is an avid supporter of Project ALS and had participated in fundraisers and benefits along with other celebrities in honor of the organization.

In 2009 he helped in the construction of Ceverine School in Haiti where more than 200 students are now enrolled. He also spoofed Lance Armstrong’s “Livestrong” campaign with his own “Stillerstrong” where he raised funds for the organization Save the Children.

A year later he founded the Stiller Foundation which focuses on initiatives that benefit children around the world, as inspired by his trips in Africa and Haiti and seeing the plight of the young ones.

Stiller was among the celebrities who visited Haiti in the same year during the aftermath of a devastating earthquake. He teamed up with other non-profits in the fulfillment of the school reconstruction projects all around Haiti. The following year Stiller collaborated with Artists for Haiti and held an auction which raised around $10 million. The proceeds were donated to various charities that operated in the recovering country.

The Stiller Foundation donated funds to the Balfour Education Center in 2012. The center helps students who are facing different challenges that commonly plague the youth. In the same year the foundation donated a grant to Bicycles for Humanity which was used to procure used bicycles to be delivered to Uganda.

Stiller donated $25,000 to Covenant House, a charity that helps homeless children, in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

Recently Stiller helped the Department of Homeland Services recruit volunteers for their annual HOPE outreach in 2016. The star utilized social media and urged his fans to lend a hand.

Stiller supports a good number of foundations like Starlight Children’s Foundation, Artists for Peace and Justice, Entertainment Industry Foundation, Last Chance for Animals, Small Steps Project, and Unite for Japan.

Ben Stiller’s Accomplishments

Stiller was among the recipients of the “Outstanding Writing for a Variety Series” award during the 1993 Emmy Awards.

Stiller bagged the “Choice Hissy Fit” award in 2002 at the Teen Choice Awards. He also had 12 nominations ranging from 1999 to 2010.

Stiller was awarded with the “Wannabe Award” during the 2007 Kids’ Choice Awards. The award honors the celebrity whom kids would want to be when they grow up. Eight years later he bags the “Favorite Movie Actor” award for his work at Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb. Also in that same year Stiller was the recipient of the “Man of the Year” award given by Harvard University’s theatrical society called The Pudding.

In 2009 Stiller took home the “MTV Generation Award” during the MTV Movie Awards. It is considered as the greatest accolade in the ceremony which honors its recipient’s talents in the big screen. In other years he received thirteen nominations and won three other awards namely “Best Villain” (Dodgeball), “Best Fight” (There’s Something About Mary), and “Best Comedic Performance” (Meet the Parents).

Stiller was included in the annual TIME 100 list of Time magazine which honors the most influential individuals around the globe. It was for the recognition of the actor’s philanthropic endeavors.

He was given the “Charlie Chaplin Britannia Award for Excellence in Comedy” accolade in 2011 during the Britannia Awards.

Stiller earns a place in the Guinness World Records in 2016 during the premiere of Zoolander 2 for having the longest selfie stick which measured 28 feet and an inch.

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