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Loom and Leaf Vs Saatva

This is going to be a fun article. The Loom and Leaf is one of my favorite mattress builds, and the Saatva is not far behind it, but that’s not what makes this fun. These two mattresses are made by the same folk, the company is actually called Saatva. So no matter who comes out ahead in this head to head, the company still wins. Saatva pride themselves on variety, and are one of the few firms that offer more than one kind of mattress. The Loom and Leaf is their cutting edge foam tech build, and it’s one that the Pope says feels great, seriously, you can look that up. The Saatva is a coil spring mattress, and its insides are some of the most impressive on the market. Both foam and spring have advantages over each other, but I am quite certain I can call a winner here.

Read on for the full breakdown.

Company Vs Company – Saatva Vs Saatva

Told this would be a fun article. How do I compare the impressive charity work of Saatva with the commendable philanthropy of Saatva? On one hand Saatva makes sure to donate all returned mattresses to charity, but that act is matched by Saatva. I have it on good authority that Saatva donated mattresses to thee victims of Hurricane Sandy, something that few other mattress makers can claim, but Saatva can claim the same. Overall this is a hard one to judge. it seems to me that they both do a lot to help their community, and the country at large. I have to call this one a draw.

Winner – Draw.

Saatva Vs Loom and Leaf Mattress Build Quality and Materials

saatva No other mattress company makes their toppers out of cotton, or at least very few of the direct to consumer mattress companies do so. Saatva do, and seen as both of these mattresses are made by Saatva we will for once have to dig deeper than the material to pick a winner. There a some small differences between these two mattresses here though. The Loom and Leaf uses a quilted topper material, and it feels great, but I can’t help but feel that is to compensate for the lack of pillow topper. You cannot fit a pillow topper into a foam mattress after all. the Saatva has a Euro-Style pillow topper, and extra layer of comfort fit flush into the mattress proper and overall provides better support and a more luxurious experience. I have to pick a winner here, I know, so I have to give it to Saatva, the bed no the company, but also the company I guess.

Winner  – Saatva

loom and leaf The Saatva is a classic coil spring mattress while the Loom and Leaf is a more modern many tiers of foam mattress. both provide excellent comfort and support, but how they go about achieving this could not be more different. Let’s start with the Loom and Leaf. At base we have 5.5 inches of support foam. Next up is a transition layer, that allows the memory foam that is on top of that and the support foam beneath to conform to your contours more naturally. In most mattresses the support foam acts as heavy resistance to the movements of the memory foam, not the case here. Next up is another layer of memory foam, this time gel-infused. All foam based mattresses have to do something to mitigate the heat build up issues of memory foam, and with two memory foam layers in the Loom and Leaf they had to do something drastic. That’s where the gel inserts come into play. they dissipate heat far faster than any other solution, with the possible exception of gel-infused topper materials. It allows the Loom and Leaf to provide unmatched memory foam based comfort, while not baking you into the bed.

The Saatva’s coil springs offer many benefits over the now more common foam based builds. for a start the coiled base layer provides unmatched support, doing away with the need for transition layers. This is topped with Saatva’s patented individually wrapped contour coils, which beat memory foam for body contouring. There is no other mattress on the market that uses this tech, and seeing it in action is sure to impress. All beds need a little memory foam these days, and the Saatva has a nice 2 inch layer above the wrapped contour coils. heat build up isn’t as issue here due to the amount of metal in the bed. Finishing this build off is the edge support system, that maintains durability. In all an impressive build.

Winner – Draw

Loom and Leaf Vs Saatva Overall Review

Judging by the winners in the previous section this looks like a win for the Saatva, but I wouldn’t say so for sure. the Loom and Leaf is the more versatile product, though the Saatva does come in a variety of firmness levels. I think I have to call this one a draw. Each mattress does the same thing in different ways. If you have severe trouble sleeping due to back pains the the vanilla Saatva might be the best bet, for everyone else I would go for the Loom and Leaf.

Winner – Draw

Saatva Vs Loom and Leaf – Pricing & Returns Policy

How do we pick a winner here. The Saatva is the cheaper of the two mattresses across the board, with the Queen in the Loom and Leaf being a hundred bucks more expensive. there are no real discounts to apply here, as far as I can find, but there is another expense to take into account. The Delivery fee. The vast majority of direct to consumer mattress companies do not charge for delivery, but Saatva do. $99 has to be added to the final price, and that assumes you do not partake of their other services, such as foundation selling and old mattress removal. In all, I would expect the prices to be a little lower, or at least for Saatva to do away with their delivery fee.

 Size Loom and LeafSaatva
Twin XL$799$699
Cal King$1399$1299


On the customer service policy side of things Saatva is one of the most impressive. Most direct to consumer mattress companies offer a money back guarantee trial period i addition to a robust, and lengthy, warranty. Saatva is no different. they offer a 75 night trial period on both the Loom and Leaf and the trad Saatva. If you don’t like the bed after that they will return to pick up the mattress free of charge and donate it to charity. The warranty is longer than most companies too, being a full 5 years longer than the industry average at 15 years. Bear in mind that warranties in the mattress industry cover all kinds of stuff, including sag.

Winner – Saatva

Loom and Leaf Vs Saatva – Conclusion

I love both of these products, and Saatva as a company by extension. The Loom and Leaf is still one of the most advanced mattress on the market right now, and it is very competitively priced to boot. The Saatva is a novel spin on the classic mattress style and it is cheaper than the Loom and Leaf. If I were to pick my overall favorite, and it is kinda my job to do so, I have to give it to the Loom and Leaf. I realize it did not win as many sections as the Saatva, but the tech behind it impresses me more, and the comfort on offer is slightly better? I would recommend you try them both, it’s easy and will only take you around 2 months.

Overall Winner – Loom and Leaf

Saatva & Loom and Leaf – 2018 Coupons & Discounts

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