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Alesso Net Worth 2018 – How Rich Is Alesso

Alessandro Lindbland, otherwise known as Alesso, is a Swedish DJ who got started out of a small town near Stockholm, Sweden. Alesso practically came out of nowhere in the music scene, making a lot of music until he was finally recognized after he released his first self entitled album. Alesso has since worked with many artists such as Madona, Tove Lo, and Calvin Harris. Alesso defines his style of music as progressive house and electronic house music. In 2015, he was ranked 13th on DJ Magazine’s list of the top 100 musical DJs. Alesso has really taken over the DJ scene in Europe as being ranked in the top 5 of DJs in all of Europe. Alesso’s claim to flame was not any fluke, as he is still currently one of the most popular DJs in all of both America and Europe. He continues to tour all around the world and has no desire to stop any time soon.

Alesso Net Worth 2018 – $6 Million Dollars

How did Alesso Make His Money and Wealth?


Alesso started his music career at a very young age, taking all sorts of music lessons. He eventually was drawn towards electronic music and was set on making music of his own. According to his mother, Alesso actually sold his first vehicle in order to fund his equipment that got him started making music. Alesso would go on to make a lot of music, but it was only in 2010 when he started getting the attention he deserved.

In 2010, Alesso was asked by another European DJ to collaborate and make music together. Alesso accepted his offer and Alesso was sort of an apprentice to him. In the same year that they started working together, Alesso was named in DJ Magazine’s top 100 in the list of European DJs.

In 2011, Alesso produced his first track that would start him on his path to fame. Alesso created “Calling” which reached number two on the Beatport charts. This song would also go on to receive over 20 million hits on YouTube and a record number of order on iTunes for the young Swedish Producer. After this breakthrough, Alesso’s fame was on the rise as many proucers contacted him in the hopes of making a song together. That same year, Alesso was even named by MTV as the DJ to watch out for in the upcoming years.

Obviously MTV’s prediction was spot on because in 2013, Alesso was headlining musical festivals all around the world, the biggest ones being Coachella, Tomorrowland, and Electric Daisy Carnival. It is estimated that each event that Alesso attended, he was paid about $200,000 a show. Keep in mind that while he was doing these events, he was having his own concerts which grossed him about $20,000 a show. Alesso continued to make a lot of money by touring around the world and playing with many other popular artists.

Alesso was even sponsored by Snapchat and released one of his brand new songs solely through this platform. It is estimated that Snapchat paid him 1 million for the rights to release his song on their platform. Obviously, Alesso has been putting in a lot of work and it is all being shown in his networth. Alesso’s most popular song is Heroes which features Tove Lo. This song has more than 140 million views on YouTube alone. Every time someone views this song on his channel, he is paid a small portion in ad revenue. If this song has this many plays on YouTube, one can only imagine how many times the song itself was actually ordered through iTunes or other means.

Let us also not forget that Alesso has a deal with Spotify to release all of his music through their platform. Every time that someone listens to one of his songs through their platform, Alesso is paid a portion. Alesso is making a lot each year with and every time he releases a new song, you can bet that he is making another millon in sales that year.

Alesso Personal Life and FAQ

Where is Alesso From?

Alesso was born in a town outside of Stockholm, Sweden.

What Nationality is Alesso?

Alesso is half Italian and half Swedish.

How Did Alesso Get Noticed?

Alesso was noticed when he remixed one of the most popular electronic songs in 2011. His remix was featured on a radio broadcast and everything spiraled out of control from there. He was contacted by a lot of different producers, and Alesso eventually settled on one that would be best for him.

How Old is Alesso?

Alesso is 25 years old and one of the youngest DJs in the scene. He is rivaled by Martin Garrix, who is the youngest, and wealthiest DJ in the music scene.

What is Alesso’s Zodiac Sign?

Alesso is a Cancer. If you believe in the astrological signs then you might have a chance with him

Is Alesso Married?

Alesso is single! Now is your chance ladies!

What is the Biggest Festival Alesso Has Played?

Alesso played at Coachella which is America’s biggest musical festival. An estimated 100,000 people went to Coachella on each day of the event and the event grossed well over 85 million dollars.

What Kind of Car Does Alesso Drive?


Alesso Drives a 2015, Gallardo. For those unfamiliar, a Gallardo is a Lamborghini and is estimated to cost a whopping $150,000 after all the customization that he made to the car. Alesso does claim that this is his dream car and he only drives it on special occasions. He also has a 2016 Lexus that he drives for more casual and practical usage.

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