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Atman Starlight Dry Herbal Vaporizer Review

The Atman Starlight is a refreshing take on portable herbal vaporizers, and for a price under $100, it’s not a bad purchase. The Starlight is a much cheaper alternative to options like the PAX Labs PAX or PAX 2, or the FireFly 2; instead, the Starlight instead aims to do things differently.


Like most vaporizers, let alone most herbal vaporizers, the Atman Starlight is controlled through a series of clicks. To turn the device on or off, click five separate times. There are actually a series of four LEDs on the front that will communicate the temperature – this starts at 230 degrees, but can go to 320 degrees, 410 degrees, or even 500 degrees fahrenheit. Three rapid clicks on the power button will change the temperature level, allowing you to cycle through the temperature settings. In order to actually get the device to begin heating, you must hold the button for two seconds.

When turned on, the four LEDs at the very top of the device will glow to communicate how much battery remains – with four different lights, this means that each light represents 25% of overall charge. Once the device has successfully heated itself to the desired temperature, the front LED will turn green, indicating that the oven is properly heated and ready for use. Until the chamber is a proper temperature, it will glow a red-orangish color, indicating that it is not ready.


The design of the Starlight is sleek – almost everything is magnetic, meaning that it should never come apart and feel loose. The very top of the piece is a glass mouthpiece, which allows for you to inhale vapor generated in the metal oven. Each of the four corners of the mouthpiece are magnetized, which makes it feel very secure and snug. When you take off the mouthpiece, the oven is set just below the mouthpiece, which is perfect for taking any draws as your product begins to vaporize. The chamber cover features a metal grid, which allows for the vapor to pass through without any issue. Inside the chamber is a canister, which can be removed and filled with product – you can use either herbal product or a waxy product, as both will heat quite nicely. The Atman Starlight vaporizer box is powered by a 2800 mAH battery lithium battery, which means that you can easily expect to charge the unit no more than once every five days, depending on how frequent your usage is.
Unfortunately, the metal canister inside of the chamber can get quite hot, meaning that you must typically wait for the unit to cool down prior to changing out the chamber contents or cleaning it. However, the chamber and canister can hold a good amount of product, depending on how finely ground it is – be sure not to pack the chamber too tight, as it will not heat in a proper fashion, or too loose, as that will cause the product to heat too quickly and you will burn through the product without getting a proper vaping experience.

3 When purchasing an Atman Starlight Unit, you will receive the actual vaporizer unit itself, an extra heating chamber (one is already included inside the unit), a packaging tool useful for making sure that your product is snugly packed, a cleaning brush for maintaining the unit, a USB charger (micro-USB, charged through the port on the front), and a user manual. The Atman Starlight vaporizer also includes very nice packaging, which is appropriate for immediately handing off as a gift.


The Atman Starlight vaporizer is an impressive unit, and for the price of $100, the performance is outstanding. In addition to an outstanding, cheap vaporizer unit, Atman allows for you to customize your unit with any desired logos on the side of the unit. This only costs an extra $5, which is not a bad deal for anyone looking to make their unit a little more customized – although, the design can only go up to 35×45 millimeters. However, the customization option is amazing considering that the entire purchase would only cost $105 before shipping, although Atman does offer free shipping on any purchases that are greater than $99.

For the price of $100, the Atman Starlight vaporizer is a great purchase – it is a very simple vaporizing box that does not have any fancy features, like a “party mode” or anything that is mundane and redundant. The Atman Starlight sets out to deliver a fantastic vape, and that it does – there have been very few, if any, reports of the product not only fulfilling expectations, but exceeding them by a long shot.

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