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Oberlo Coupon Code January 2020 – Updated Promo Codes

I did a whole series of articles on eCommerce solutions mid last year. I ended up liking Shopify the most, due to the number of options available, chief among them was the quality and quantity of the apps available. Oberlo was the app that really caught my attention. It is a dropshipping tool, and a damn good one. I did another series on dropshipping a while back too, but I’ll go over it here in brief.

Dropshipping is a way to create a storefront and stock it with items very quickly, without needing a warehouse. All of the stock is held by wholesalers in (usually) China. You buy the products on Alibaba or Aliexpress, then list them on your preferred eCommerce solution. The customer buys them, and then you dispatch them from Ali etc.

The difficulty arises when you are trying to keep tabs on your items. Not to mention the cumbersome process of adding items one by one. Oberlo allows you to add items at the click of a mouse, sort them with another, and really construct a niche site, targeting the market you need to. The only issue is that in terms of coupon codes there really aren’t any options out there. I found a few things to compensate for that fact though, and I’ve put them down in the final paragraph.

Oberlo App Coupon Codes July 2018

To check if there are any current deals or coupons you can click here.

Additionally you can follow the link above to get the Starter Package completely free. Other firms offer a free package from the get go too, but a fair number of them do not actually allow you to dropship with them, rendering them literally useless.

Oberlo’s starter package allows you to list 500 items, and make up to 50 sales a month. It is excellent for testing the waters, and you lose literally nothing by giving it a go.

In addition, there is their Pro Trial. The Pro package is really for larger businesses, with more than one user, but I think it is very useful to get a feel for it, especially if you final goal is to succeed, and let’s be honest, who doesn’t have that goal? You gain access to all of the features of the product, and at the end you can select the package that bests suits you, in terms of the features you used most often.

Oberlo App 2018 – A Brief Re-Review

Oberlo in use e1475874131676 The first thing I noticed about Oberlo was its focus. There are other options out there that I feel try to do too much too quickly, and inundate the user with unnecessary information. Oberlo is for dropping items from Aliexpress direct onto your storefront. You get to make a few changes to the item description and name as it goes, but it really is as easy as typing out the explanation.

Oberlo offer three packages, each better than the last, and it is another aspect of their business that is very user-focused. There are clear tiers to move through as your business does better. They are dependant on the number of items you want to list, and your average sales, so you end up never spending more than you need to in a given month. It is a model they mirrored from Shopify themselves, so as you find yourself needing more from one, the other can keep up with you.

Price wise you are looking at $29.90 for the Basic Package and $79.90 for the Pro package. Very reasonable, and I have looked at their competition, in terms of what you are getting for the money it is fantastic. The more expensive the package the more options available to to the user, or as is in the pro package, users. You can click here for more detailed information on all the Oberlo packages. 

Overall Oberlo is the cleanest, most focused and best valued dropshipping app for Shopify around, and I’ve checked.

I’ll be keeping an eye out for more deals in the future, and will update as and when I find them,. If you want to read more about the Oberlo App click here for my full review.

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