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Kerry’s Sports Pub Update 2018 – What Happened After Bar Rescue

Kerry’s Sports Pub before Bar Rescue

In 2009 businessman Bill David spent $4 million to purchase the prominent Las Vegas sports bar Kenny’s Sports Pub after some encouragement from the locals that such business is a hit in the area. Bill also brought in his daughter Kim into the fold as general manager and his grandkids Justin and Lacey as managers.

bar rescue kerrys bill david
Bill David

Unfortunately in 2011 Bill was sent to the sidelines after suffering a stroke and things started to go downhill for Kerry’s Sports Pub. Overpouring and stealing became rampant among employees and Justin flirted with the female staff and patrons. Kim was too focused on her job behind the counter that she failed to reprimand her employees for their actions. As time passed profits were stuck in the red, the clientele dwindled, the staff became more rowdy, and the rift between Justin and Lacey widened.

To help save both bar and family from trouble Bill called for Jon Taffer and Bar Rescue before Kerry’s Sports Pub closed down for good.

Kerry’s Sports Pub on Bar Rescue

bar rescue kerrys old outside
The old exterior

Bill joined Taffer and expert bartender Phil Wills outside the bar and the Bar Rescue host explained that there was nothing on the façade that could entice a customer into entering the establishment. For the recon Taffer sent in three hospitality employees and when they vocalized their not-so-positive feedback towards the drinks Justin took it personally and made inappropriate comments of his own. Kim was in the premises as well but she didn’t lift a finger to correct Justin’s ways. Taffer entered the bar with Bill for a meeting with the brass and he showed them footage of the grandkids pocketing money from the cash register. Lacey ratted out the other thieving bartenders and Kim still found herself unable to enact justice upon the erring staff.

The next morning Taffer huddled with the staff and revealed the BevIntel reports that detailed the staggering amount of cash lost in a single day. After much pressure Kim axed the two erring employees without giving them another chance, leaving cook Ken as the only remaining staff. Expert chef Brendan Collins stepped into the scene and assessed Ken’s culinary skills which proved to be commendable and only lacked presentation. Wills trained Justin and Lacey how to prepare multiple drinks in a row of empty cups. That night Kerry’s Sports Pub was opened for a stress test to find out what the bar’s strengths and weaknesses were.

Patrons stormed into the bar and pressure quickly swamped Justin and Lacey, the former refused to smile at the customers and the latter forgot the right amount of ounces on a margarita.  Justin walked out of the bar area after taking offense on Wills’ demonstration on how to bartend, and Kim substituted her son to help keep things afloat. After the test Taffer praised Lacey for her fortitude and Justin’s macho attitude had the Bar Rescue host walk out in anger.

The following day Justin apologized for his actions during the test and proved that the bar and his family were more important than his ego. Taffer then explained his new concept for the bar which revolved around bacon and he also brought in an additional bartender to their roster. Wills whipped out cocktails that, true to their new theme, have a strip of bacon floating along with the concoction, while Collins introduced a unique bacon sandwich to Ken.

bar rescue kerrys new outside
The new exterior

After the renovation Kerry’s Sports Pub was now known as Bacon Bar. The exterior now had two signs that broadcasted the bar’s supply of bacon, beer, and Bloody Mary cocktails. The interior was splashed mostly in red and orange with a lot of bacon-related décor on the walls. The back bar displayed rows of premium liquor bottles with focused lighting to help draw the eyes of patrons towards the booze. Taffer installed a card-operated beer tap system so patrons can manually pour in drinks on their mugs.

Bacon lovers were in for a treat during the grand reopening night as their favorite strip of pork was both in their food and in their drinks. Jason now served cocktails in a cheerful note and Kim finally learned how to check the bar’s cash during a shift and she also made sure that the employees no longer mixed up business transactions and tips.

With the bar rescued, attitudes adjusted, and family brought closer together, Taffer left the Bacon Bar with his mission accomplished.

Kerry’s Sports Pub Now in 2018 – The After Bar Rescue Update

A month after the episode aired Bacon Bar reported a 35% increase in sales.

The bar has a lot of four to five star reviews on Facebook and Yelp. People loved the concept especially the self-service beer tap while criticism seemed to have come from Kerry’s loyalists as they didn’t like the new bacon-fueled incarnation.

bar rescue kerrys beer tap
Self-service beer

One of their most famous menu items is the Man Candy which is composed of thick pork belly slices, glazed and seasoned, then served with a Jim Beam Maple reduction. The Man Candy alone has a great number of positive reviews from those who have tried it. They have a good amount of other menu items that do not have bacon on it and still they were positively received.

On March 7 Bacon Bar held a Beer Dinner which featured a gastronomic feast from chef group Culinary Bullies coupled by beer from Able Baker and a visit from Five Finger Death Punch bassist Chris Kael.

Bacon Bar maintains an active Facebook page which you can visit by clicking here. You can also check out their official website at


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