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Lickety Split Now in 2018 – After Bar Rescue Update

Lickety Split before Bar Rescue

After 27 years in the force, detective Tom Gaylord hung up his boots in 2003 and settled for a quieter life by buying Lickety Split for $100 grand with his 401k. The bar was situated in Philadelphia’s bustling South Street and Lickety Split enjoyed long lines of thirsty tourists outside and no vacant chair inside.

bar rescue lickety split owner
The owner Tom Gaylord

In his almost three decades of work as a detective Tom had a fair share of traumatizing experiences which he coped with through alcohol, and as the years passed his drinking eventually got the best of his behavior. Patrons were repulsed by Tom’s abrasive nature and soon enough Lickety Split became a ghost town.

Tom’s daughter Laura, who was also eight months pregnant, was worried about the detrimental effects of Lickety Split’s rocky situation on her father’s overall health, hence her decision to call for Jon Taffer and Bar Rescue

Lickety Split on Bar Rescue

The Problems

If you look at Lickety Split from the outside you won’t think that it is a bar but rather a pizza parlor as it had no signage or anything that mentioned the availability of booze. Tom was unable to properly capitalize having a second story on the establishment and instead the top floor was just a bland extension of the first with nothing unique that could give guests downstairs a reason to climb up.

bar rescue lickety split old outside
The old outside

Some of Lickety Split’s cocktails had questionable names like the Pink Vagina and the Blue Veiny Monster, and the beer they served was too foamy due to incorrect temperatures on the kegs. Contrary to the bar’s claim of having the best pizza on South Street, the one ordered by the spies during recon had a funky taste and was visually unappealing. They also served cheese steaks despite being across renowned restaurant Jim’s which served the same food but with far superior quality.

The refrigerator in the kitchen was not set in the correct temperature and, to add insult to injury, the food items contained inside were in horrible shape due to improper storage.  The basement was also used as storage space for food and the high temperature deformed the pizza doughs as heat roused yeast activity inside these ingredients.

Tom was hanging around the second floor during recon night. He chugged down beer, spewed vulgarities on the female patrons and racist remarks on the bartenders, and he was too inebriated to lend a hand. He was behind some of the things in the bar he thought funny like the Pink Vagina’s name and a signage behind the counter on the second floor which condemned patrons who didn’t give tips.

During the stress test the first floor was packed with tourists while the second story was barely given any notice. Since the bar had no ticketing system Tom had to go up and down all night long just to get the orders to the kitchen. One of the bartenders named Sam cracked under pressure and fled from the line of duty, and Tom struggled with the temptation of grabbing a cold one before ultimately resorting to just a bottle of water.

The Solutions

Expert bartender Phil Wills removed the ridiculously-named cocktails and replaced them with a trio of drinks that were easy to make. He also came up with a drink menu for each floor like The Pizza Mary for downstairs and the 2nd State Punch for upstairs, in tall and short glasses respectively.

Pizza expert Frank Pinello taught the cooks how to avoid undercooked pizza by using smaller dough with a proportionate amount of sauce. A pan of clam pizza was prepared for downstairs while dishes with smaller portions were reserved for upstairs. Taffer had the eye-grabbing menu items with height reserved on the first floor so outsiders can easily spot the food and drink.

Tom was reminded of his habit’s effects on the business and on his health. He vowed to stop drinking for the sake of his coming grandchild and his fortitude during the stress test earned him praise from Taffer and the employees. The Bar Rescue host had the owner sit down with a psychologist who helped Tom how to cope with his past without resorting to drinking.

The Transformation

Two days later the Lickety Split was torn down and turned to Alleged Bar & Pizza / 2nd State Lounge.

bar rescue lickety split new outside
The new outside

Alleged Bar & Pizza was in the first floor with white walls and a balance of red and green colors. A new beer tap system ensured every drop is at the right temperature and on the side stood a pizza station right next to the windows so the public can watch the chefs spin and toss dough.

Upstairs the 2nd State Lounge had soft lighting, brick walls, and dark furniture. Wood prints and other related décor on the floor celebrated Pennsylvania’s history, and the liquor bottles behind the bar were placed on aged wooden shelves. Both floors were connected by a POS system in terminal and tablet forms so Tom no longer had to run back and forth.

During the grand reopening night the customers were treated with the best of both worlds. Tom showcased his leadership skills and worked cohesively with his employees in providing excellent service.

Lickety Split Now in 2018 – The After Bar Rescue Update

The Bar Rescue changes lasted for only a month as management took down most of these like the Alleged Bar & Pizza décor and the drink specials. They did keep the 2nd State Lounge name though. Management also brought back music acts and comedy nights in the bar.

Tom was unhappy with Taffer’s changes and has posted comments on his Facebook account about the reality show, although these were already deleted. He also had an issue with the improper storage of his old bar stools and furniture courtesy of the Bar Rescue staff as the items were unceremoniously dumped in a storage unit that Tom had to pay for himself.

The reviews on Yelp were mostly three stars with praise going to the entertainment acts and the pizza while criticism targeted poor customer service, dirty surroundings, and badly made cocktails. 2nd State Lounge used to have a Facebook page and an official website bbar rescue lickety split milkboy ut these were taken down long ago.

2nd State Lounge closed around 2015. A year later a branch of bar / restaurant Milkboy opened in the same building.

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