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Scoreboard Update 2018 – What Happened After Bar Rescue

Scoreboard before Bar Rescue

bar rescue scoreboard owners
Bryan and Michelle

In 2010 Scoreboard opened in Norwalk, California. Larry Herrick purchased the bar for his daughter Michelle who thought that it was fun to own a bar. As Larry owned the building Michelle and her husband Bryan paid him back the $300 grand spent in Scoreboard. Things were smooth at first but neglect soon followed despite Michelle’s management degree.

Customers gave the bar negative scores as they were repelled by the blatant mismanagement, and soon enough income bled red and the couple was unable to pay Larry anymore. Bryan’s efforts in balancing multiple jobs to help with the expenses were not enough to get them out of their accumulated debt. As their situation became increasingly dire Bryan and Michelle began to consider the thought of selling the bar.

With no other better options on the table the couple decided to call for Jon Taffer and Bar Rescue.

Scoreboard on Bar Rescue

Taffer and expert bartender Mia Mastroianni arrive in front of Scoreboard and watch the recon as television personality Maria Menounos and her fiance media producer Keven Undergaro act as tonight’s spies. The pair sat idly for a few minutes as nobody tended to them, and when they were finally served they got the wrong drink. When they did get their correct drinks the cocktails tasted like dish soap and their food orders were either soggy or raw.

bar rescue scoreboard old outdoor
The old exterior

After the recon Mastroianni began her assessment of the bar area. Aside from the filth the expert uncovered an expired Margarita mix that Menounos ordered earlier. Dead insects drifted in whiskey bottles and in the bug traps placed on the counter which indicated the failure of hiring a professional exterminator to get the job done. The sanitary problems extended into the kitchen which further incensed Taffer as these neglects led to bad tasting and potentially unhealthy dishes. Taffer left Scoreboard with the threat of a canceled rescue if things weren’t cleaned up.

The Bar Rescue host returned the next day and was impressed at the cleanliness of every nook and cranny. In the staff meeting Michelle’s inexperience was unraveled by the staff who complained about her mismanagement. She had a bad habit of going home at night even when most of the profit came at sundown. Mastroianni stepped into the scene with expert chef Anthony Lamas to train the employees. Security personnel Corey was taught by Lamas how to cook while Michelle was hesitant to try her hand on the culinary arts. Mastroianni guided the bartenders in making a perfect glass of Margarita and tequila. Taffer sat down with the couple and Larry straight up told Michelle that she was a lousy manager, but he still had faith in her. Michelle vowed to change her ways and be better in her job.

That night a hundred people stormed the place for a stress test. Corey whipped out excellent dishes in record time but the problem lay in the lack of a table system. Bartenders were closely watched by Mastroianni and every wrong cocktail was dumped in a pitcher which was almost filled to the brim, although bartender Robert showed promising mixing ability. Bryan worked hard in keeping the bar from sinking but Michelle wasn’t contributing much to the team effort. Scoreboard’s stock of tequila was almost drying up thanks to overpouring and the kitchen stopped taking orders as it was too buried in orders.  After the test Taffer revealed that Bryan and Robert were bound to Mexico for a visit to the Don Julio Distillery.

Taffer’s new concept for Scoreboard featured Mexican cuisine and tequila-based booze. Mastroianni introduced the cocktails The Midnight Trip and the Mangria Sunrise courtesy of television personality Adam Caroulla. In the kitchen Lamas came up with a number of unique Mexican dishes that were perfectly paired with alcohol to help douse the burning induced by peppers.

bar rescue scoreboard new outdoor
The new exterior

36 hours later Scoreboard was renamed to Agave Junction Cantina, a name that exclaimed great Mexican chow and tequila. The previous red tinting of the facade was replaced with greens that made the exterior more eye catching. Dark brown walls adorn the bar area and decor related to the tequila industry brought life to the place. The equipment behind the counter were cleaned up by a professional team to finally eliminate the soapy taste. Patrons loved the new concept as they came during the reopening night and praise all went to the menu items and the atmosphere.

Taffer left the bar with the couple basking in renewed confidence towards a brighter future.

Scoreboard Now in 2018 – The After Bar Rescue Update

Agave Junction Cantina amassed a good number of positive reviews throughout the years after the rescue. People loved every aspect of the bar, from the food, the friendly staff, and the music, and the few negative reviews were mostly about the occasional bad service or complaints about food price and quality. Also a good amount of reviews praised the bartender named Princess Diana for her excellent customer service and mixing skills.

bar rescue scoreboard rescue remembrance
A remembrance of the episode in the bar

The owners held a watch party of the Bar Rescue episode and they also reported a huge boost in food sales thanks to the makeover.

On December 09, 2016 an incident occurred at the bar wherein a man stabbed three other patrons. The suspect fled the scene afterwards and is yet to be apprehended. A violent altercation also took place in the Agave Junction Cantina two years ago where a man was stabbed multiple times.

The bar hosts live music and beats from guest DJs, themed nights such as Wednesday night karaoke and 80’s for the Ladies on Thursday nights, and a St. Patrick’s Day Bash on March 17.

Click here to visit their Facebook page which is regularly updated with events and food specials.

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